10 things you might not know about me

10. I am 5 feet tall.


9. When I have hockey practice in the morning I am up and ready in 3 minutes. When I have school it takes me at least 10 minutes to get out of bed.


8. I used to live in St. Mary’s.


7. I have broken my ankle.


6. I have been skating for almost 9 years now


5. My family used to take in foster dogs until we found one we liked.

4. I have a dog named maxi. She is pretty old and has arthritis.

3. I’ve never got bit by an animal.

2. I hate the winter wether.

1. I am the captain of the PeeWee AE Mitchell Meteors team.

Learning in Pakistan vs Learning in Canada

I am Canadian, I am so lucky to be in Canada and be in a nice school; kids in Pakistan are not as lucky. First, I have paper and a pencil, but kids in Pakistan have wood planks and a piece of charcoal. Next, In my school I have air conditioning, heating, walls and a floor. Want me to go on? Kids in Pakistan have to learn in dirt and no walls. Last, we don’t have to worry about not being allowed to go to school, getting a away to get to school and being in danger when we are at school, like the Pakistan kids do. Now the next time you say “I don’t have wifi” or “my feet hurt so bad” , think of the kids without shoes or technology.




Top 5 NHL Goalies

Mike Smith is a goaltender in the National Hockey League. He plays for the Arizona Coyotes and scored a goal against the Detroit Red Wings in the 2013-14 season. He won the gold medal in Sochi. He was drafted 161st overall in 2001 by Dallas Stars. He was born in Kingston Ontario.



Pekka Rinne is a goaltender for the National Hockey League who plays for the Nashville Predators. He was nominated for the Vezina Trophy in the 2011-12 season. He was born in Kempele Finland and drafted 258th overall by Nashville in 2004.


Carey Price is a goaltender in the National Hockey League. He plays for the Montreal Canadiens. He was born in Vancouver BC and drafted 5th overall by Montreal in 2005. He won gold at Sochi. He has 27 shutouts in his career.


Henrik Lundqvist is a goalie in he National Hockey League. He was drafted 205th by New York Rangers and plays for them today. He won he Vezina Trophy in 2012. He was born in Are, Sweden. In his career he has 55 shutouts.


Jonathan Quick is a goal tender in the National Hockey League. He plays for the Los Angeles Kings. He has won the Stanley Cup two times. He was born in Milford,CT,USA. He was drafted 72ed overall in 2005 by the Kings. He was named MVP of the 2012 Stanly Cup Playoffs


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