“I Wanna Iguana”: 1st Place for Choral Speaking

Our class won first place and received the David Strahan trophy for the highest mark in Gr. 4-6 choral speaking. We spent weeks practicing and performing our interpretation of Karen Kaufman Orloff’s “I Wanna Iguana”. The boys performed Alex’s lines and the girls responded as his mother. I hope that my students will remember this positive experience working together as a team and performing fantastically!


Photo 10: Simple Things


One day this airplane flew into my room.  My son didn’t say anything, just opened the door, threw it in and it sailed right on to my bed.  I love how simple the plane is.  I love how simple the message is.  I love how it was a simple little thing that made a huge impression on my heart.

I didn’t use any effects on this photo because I wanted to keep it simple too!

Day 6: Popcorn


I love popcorn. I love it so much if I see someone eating it on tv or I hear someone talk about it, I want some. I love the crunch between my teeth. I love the butter, melted over the top. It reminds me of movies and cuddling on the couch with my family. Does this photo make you want popcorn too?

Photo Challenge 5: Smiling Because of My Kids


Thomas and Lauren make me smile! I took the photo of Thomas at the piano because I love hearing the songs he plays; it makes me smile all the time. I took the photo of Lauren while she was on her iPad. I love the intensity Lauren has in everything she does. She makes me smile and often reminds me of myself.

For these photos I used the app “Superphoto”. I like how the photos look like pointalism.

Kid President Inspired Assembly

kid president

This month our Spirit Assembly was about thinking carefully about what you say to others.  It was inspired by Kid President’s video: Twenty Things You Should Say More Often.  We loved his line: “If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.”  Yesterday we traced twelve of us and then painted them in bright colours, so our Spirit Teams would have colourful figures to add their speech bubbles with positive sayings around.  Trent N. and Arianna E. did an incredible job as announcers for the day.