Forest Exploration

Have you ever wondered what we do when we visit the forest?
So much learning is happening when we spend time exploring in the forest.

20181231-224211.jpgThe children create a camp fire in the forest and pretend to roast marshmallows.

20181231-224231.jpgThe children work together to roll a large log. They use their strong arms and legs to complete this task.

20181231-224247.jpgUsing a stick to point, counting the logs is another fun thing to do in the forest.

20181231-224256.jpgIt is also lots of fun to build habitats for the animals, birds and critters that live in the forest.

20181231-224304.jpgWe keep the forest safe by moving rocks out of the way so that no one trips.

Play dough making fun!

This week the children enjoyed measuring and mixing play dough for the classroom! We used a recipe and measuring cups and spoons. We took turns adding ingredients to the bowl. Lots of great math and sensory fun!







Sun safety

Kindergarten B made special sun safety bracelets. When you go out in the sun they change colour if the suns rays are strong. We also have been playing with an awesome colour changing frisbee that changes colour if the sun is strong. We learned all about the 5 S’s of sun safety. A big thank you to the Huron county health unit for providing us with these awesome learning materials.




Math story fun!

During math centres a group of children chose to create a math story.

Scotty had 4 transport trucks. 2 crashed. How many were safe and sound? 2

20180612-144730.jpgGrant had 4 tractors and 2 tipped over. There were 2 left in the field.

20180612-144941.jpgLaurelei had 3 American girl dolls and 1 walked away. How many does she have now? 2!

Kyla had 5 owls. 3 of them were bad so the good ones shooed them away. How many were left? 2!

20180612-145141.jpgIf Emma got 20 cotton candies and she gave 10 to Gracelyn and Carter. How many are left? 10

20180612-145431.jpgClara had 3 puppies. She gave one to Mrs.Anderson. How many puppies are left at Clara’s house? 2

20180612-145518.jpgLainey had 6 heart cars. 3 of them got stolen. How many were left? 3

20180612-145618.jpgLucia had 4 kitties. 1 was adopted by Mrs.Blanchard (Liz). How many kitties did Lucia have left? 3!

20180612-145753.jpgSummer had 2 monkeys. They both ran away when a wolf came. How many monkeys were left for the wolf to eat for lunch? 0

20180612-145931.jpgCallie went for a walk through the forest with her class. There was 23 students and 3 teachers. On the walk we met up with 6 chickens. How many of us are in the woods? 23 up to 26 and then up to 32. (True story- this really happened!)


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