June 13


  1.  Thank you for the prompt returning of the permission forms for our trip to Camp Kintail.  There are two sheets to fill out on this trip.  One form is from the camp. One is the school form. We will need both forms signed and returned.  Also, thank you for all the volunteers for our trip.  We have sufficient numbers for the day.  Thank you for offering to help.  It is greatly appreciated.
  2. Reminder:  Tomorrow is our walk to visit the yard at the Christian School where Police and Emergency services personnel will be doing various demonstrations for students.  The weather forecast looks sunny.  Please dress according to the weather with a hat, bring a water bottle and apply sunscreen in the morning.
May 22

EQAO Begins Wednesday

Reminder:  Grade 3 students will begin writing EQAO on Wednesday. It will continue on Thursday and Friday and then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of the following week.    It is recommended that students bring a water bottle to use up during the assessment.  We are ready and we will do our very best!

May 16

Reminder: EQAO Dates

Next week the Grade 3’s will begin EQAO.  The assessment dates are Wed. (23), Thurs. (24), Fri. (25) and Tues. (29), Wed. (30) and Thurs. (31).  The assessments will be completed in each of those mornings. Grade 4’s will be doing a similar assessment, developed by me, on those days as well.  We have had discussions about what the assessment looks like and how it will proceed.  It looks very much like our day to day work and so students should have minimal anxiety about the process.  Please reassure them that they are up for the challenge and like every day, we rise to the challenge and do our best.

It is very important that students arrive on time as it becomes very challenging to provide make up times for them.   Also, please try to ensure that students are well rested and have had a filling breakfast.  Students should be encouraged to bring a full water bottle daily.

Students sometimes express concerns about loss of recess or gym time.  If they express any of those concerns to you, please let them know that I will make sure that they have the 20 minutes of outside recess time and also a full 20 minutes to eat lunch. We sometimes need to adjust the time they occur but they will happen.   They will also participate in all the usual activities that we do everyday.

Information regarding the assessment can be found on

EQAO Website—Click Here!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me or call.



May 2


Here are some recent photos from all of our adventures! Thank you to Water and Agriculture organizers, The Foundation for Education for our trip to Blyth Theatre and our painting workshop and Rural Response for Heathy children workshops on friendship!