October 18

Bus Evacuation–Friday, October 20th

On Friday, we will be having a Bus Evacuation Drill.  This evacuation is to practice skills needed if concerns arise on a field trip or on the daily trip to school and home.  We usually watch a movie to review the drills and then proceed outside where we load a bus and go through an evacuation from the bus out the back exit.  If you would like to chat with your child about the upcoming drill to ready them, it would be helpful.  Also, I’m not sure what the temperature is predicted to be on Friday so it would be helpful if you would remind them to dress for the weather.  Thank you!


October 16

Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Here is an excellent video that explains the kinds of mental math strategies we are using in our classroom.  We use different names-break apart, leaps of ten, splitting but they are the same strategies.  This is a very different way to do these kinds of questions than the way we learned. We learned to carry and borrow and were told step by step what to do, often without an understanding of why we did it (at least that was true for me).  These strategies build understanding with students.  If you have any questions about Number Talks please don’t hesitate to ask.



Stay tuned as we post examples of our thinking on our student blogs!

October 15

Learning Skills Reflections

Progress Reports are currently being developed.  It is always important to have the students own perspective when reflecting on their skills and learning.  Keep your eyes open for posts where your child will be sharing his or her thoughts on the following learning skills-Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work and Collaboration.  I am asking them to comment based on the following items.


I use learning materials and tools responsibly.

I take responsibility for completing my tasks.

I control my behaviour without supervision.



I use my time well (for example, when I transition to another task, when I am working independently, when I am collaborating with a classmate).

I organize my belonging in the morning and in my bin so I can be efficient.


Independent Work

I am able to focus during independent work times (independent reading, writing and math) by choosing a location where I can focus.

I can try to figure out things first and then ask for assistance after I have tried many strategies.



I can volunteer my thoughts and opinions in class.

I can share tools, ideas and materials with my classmates.

I can resolve difficulties peacefully.


Students will complete this form at school this week with ideas and reflections for us to discuss  during Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences.





October 5


Subitizing is the ability to recognize a small group of objects without counting. It’s a similar skill as knowing your sight words automatically when reading.  It is also a fundamental skill in the development of number sense. It’s lots of fun! Here are a few to try at home.  


Here is a video that represents the double addition facts.  Try it out!