April 18


  1.  We would very much appreciate your input!  If you can,  please complete the parent survey found in the recent  blog post.
  2. Also, Dreambox has been an excellent learning tool.  I encourage you to explore it at home.  I send very little work home as homework but encourage this program to be used for 15 minutes several nights a week, if possible.  Please see the following document to clarify the log in process.  If you need help, logging in please email me.



April 11

Jersey Day Tomorrow

Sorry for the lateness of this message. 

A message has been sent out by our Director of Education that encourages students to wear a jersey tomorrow to show support to the Humboldt Broncos and their community.  It will be our way of standing up and letting people in Saskatchewan know we are thinking of them.  In our classroom, there has been a very brief discussion about the incident.  If you do not have a jersey, please don’t be concerned, there are other ways that we can show our support.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me – 




April 10

Reminders for Our Trip Tomorrow

  1.  Please remember to bring a lunch that is easy to carry and eat and a portable water bottle.  Make sure you have snacks as we will have a snack when we get there at approx. 9:15.
  2.  Please wear comfortable shoes as we will be doing a lot of walking.
  3. This event is run by volunteers so remember to be kind and courteous.  We want everyone to know that Clinton Public School is the most polite school.

Here are a few things that we might see!

Huron Perth Agricultural and Water Festival

See everyone tomorrow!

April 10

EQAO Information for Parents

As you know and have heard, this year students in Grade 3 will be writing the EQAO assessment.  EQAO means Education Quality and Accountability Office.  

This link will take you to the website that explains the purpose and process of this assessment.

EQAO Information for Parents


Here is a link that connects  you to examples of previous year’s assessments. 

Examples of Previous Assessments

Please click on “Reading” to see the kinds of texts that students will read.  Click on “Language Answers” to see the types of questions students will be asked to answer.  If you click on “Mathematics  Booklet”  you will see the kinds of Math questions students will be asked to complete.  There are also examples of scoring guides to explain how each answer is scored.

Please reassure your child that we are preparing for this assessment and we will be ready for it.  

The assessment will be completed in late May and Early June.  We typically work on one section every day (either Language or Math).  It typically takes the full morning.  Students will continue to receive recess but it may be at an alternative time than usual.

The Grade 4s will continue to be present in our classroom during this assessment.  They will be working on similar activities.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!



April 5

Thank You for Volunteering

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to assist with our trips next week.  We appreciate it a great deal.  I had a number of offers and so did a draw. Space is very limited so only those notified are able to attend.  Volunteers have been contacted. Thanks again for your offer.



April 2

Upcoming Trips

1.  Our first trip is the trip to Seaforth Agriplex on April 11th.  It is the Agriculture and Water Festival.  I have had a number of parents volunteer for the trip so I will have a draw and let parents know on Tuesday, April 3rd.

2.  Our second trip will happen on on Friday, April 13th.  It is a trip to the Blyth Festival for Robert Munsch Plays.  I anticipate that a number of parents would like to accompany us but again, there is only room for 1 parent.  I will have a draw to determine who will attend.  The permission notes will be coming home on Tuesday.

Please be on the watch for both permission forms and return as soon as possible.