Traveling to Africa with Mr. & Mrs. Homewood

This week we took some time to explore Mr. & Mrs. Homewoods blog. They have travelled to so many beautiful  places and have had some amazing experiences.

We are so fortunate that they have invited us to join them on their travels and follow them on their blog while they are in Africa.

Today Mr. & Mrs. Homewood came to visit our class and tell us a little bit about their trip.

They are traveling to South Africa. While they are there they are going to be visiting a school. Our class has sent along a few school supplies for them to take with them.

We are very excited to follow Mr. & Mrs. Homewood on this adventure and learn so much along the way!

Thank you so much for inviting us to join you.

Today they brought along their blog business cards! This was so exciting for our class to see and use someone else’s blog business cards!

Please check out their blog:

Health Experiment

This week in Health Mr. McCutcheon started an awesome experiment with us to see what the effect of sugary drinks has on our teeth. We will be sure to share the results with you when we take them out next week!

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