The BIG Crunch

This morning we participated in “The Big Crunch” with the whole school. Everyone took a big bite of a healthy, red, juicy apple at the same time. When we were finished eating the apples we collected the apple cores so they can be delivered to a chicken farm for the chickens to eat. What a great way to recycle all of the left over apple cores.

A huge thank you to everyone who volunteers in running our snack program here at Westfield and everyone who donates to the program.

Phase 2 -Marble Roller Coasters are Complete!

Phase 2 is complete! The marble roller coasters are a success. We are ready to begin phase 3 next week. Please watch for updates to our personal blogs where we will explain our understanding of pushing forces, pulling forces and gravity.  We hope you enjoy watching our roller coasters in action!

The Terry Fox Walk

Our class is really enjoying being big buddies to Mrs. Nelson’s Kindergarten class. Our class was so excited to help our kindergarten buddies during the Terry Fox Walk. Our students demonstrated great leadership qualities as they modelled appropriate behaviour, provided lots of encouragement, and were very patient along the walk. Great work grade 3!

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