Thank You

A huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Homewood for coming in to tell us all about their trip to Africa!

We loved experiencing some of the South African treats you brought for us to taste and see!



Procedural Pancake Writing

What could be more fun than eating pancakes and playing with our food all with a purpose!


We first began designing pancakes on the iPad and writing our own instructions for how to make our pancakes. We then got to explore creating new designs using healthy snacks we packed in our lunches

PLEASE SEE OUR PERSONAL BLOGS for our pancake designs and how you could make one at home!









Getting Ready for Pancake Tuesday!

Tomorrow is “Pancake Tuesday” and our class is getting ready for this yummy tradition!

We have read about Jim Belosic – Dad & Pancake Maker Extraordinaire who creates some of the most amazing 2D and 3D pancakes.

You can check out the article we have been reading at Dogo News (click here)  or on Jim’s Pancake Blog (Click here). He has made some amazing pancakes that look really fun to eat!

Today we designed a few of our own pancake creations and are looking forward to writing instructions for how to make them before we eat some yummy pancakes tomorrow!

Please be sure to look for our creative pancakes on our personal blogs later this week!


The Trip is Over! :(

Our class has really enjoyed following Mr. and Mrs. Homewood on their trip to South Africa. It has been quite an amazing experience checking their blog each morning to see what they have been up to. We learned a lot of interesting things about the community, environment, plants, and animals.

We are looking forward to having them come in next week to visit our class. We will hear more about their trip and see a few of the neat things they brought back with them!

A huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Homewood for inviting us to join them on their adventure!

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