Trip To Wildwood

This is just a reminder that we are heading to Wildwood tomorrow (June 23rd).  The students need to dress appropriately for the weather, wear sunscreen, a hat, and running shoes. We will be doing a lot of running in our game of Survival, so running shoes are a must! The students also need to bring their lunches and a water bottle with them. We are looking forward to a great day!

Build a Tower… Build a Team – The Marshmallow Challenge

The Marshmallow Challenge is an activity that forces people to collaborate, quickly, within a limited time frame to complete a task.  Participants have included CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, as well as Kindergarten children.

The premise is simple…. in 18 minutes, with a team of no more than 4 people, use 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 metre of string, and 1 metre of tape to build the tallest, free-standing structure that will support the weight of a single marshmallow placed on top.

I have posted the link below to the Ted Talk by Tom Wujec on The Marshmallow Challenge, and below that are photos of the Grade 4 students engaged in the task.  They did really well, and we had an interesting conversation afterwards about the nature of teamwork, the challenges of collaboration, and the inherent value of failure that informs next steps.



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Early Society Museum Project

In Social Studies, the students have been studying Early Societies. The students will be working with a partner to create an artifact that was important to the people in the Early Society that they researched. Tomorrow (June 16th) will be building day.  The students are reminded to bring in any materials that they will need to create their artifact.

Fun At The Park With Our Writing Buddies

This year, our class has been writing letters back and forth with students from Bedford Public School. It has been a great way to practice our letter writing skills and making connections with other students from our Board. On Tuesday, June 21st, we will be walking to Upper Queen’s Park to meet our buddies. While at the park, we will be playing some games and having lunch.  We will be leaving Avon at approximately 11:00 am and returning around 2:00pm.  If you would like to come and spend the afternoon with us, please let us know at the school.

Jump Rope for Heart – Tuesday, May 24th in the Morning

There have been announcements about it every morning for the past week, but I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow morning the entire school population will be outside, in our Spirit Teams, participating in the annual Jump Rope for Heart event.

Students will rotate through a number of stations, with opportunities for rest in the shade – but tomorrow promises to be hot and sunny – I’d recommend light clothing, running shoes (for all that jumping!), sunscreen, hats and water bottles to keep everyone cool, protected from the sun, and hydrated.

Also – we’ve been asked to wear red to show support for the Heart and Stroke Foundation – break out your Valentine’s Day colours  🙂

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