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Please Check your Showbie Assignment Folder

I spent lots of time this past weekend reading through your work on your Animals in their Habitats projects, and listening to and watching the screencasts you made on Friday, using Explain Everything to document your strategies for solving problems in Math.

showbie Please check your Showbie assignment folder in Science (to see the Feedback form on your      Animal Project) and in Math (I’ve commented on everyone’s work from Friday’s Math class)  –  I’m hoping to schedule 1:1 conferences with many of you this week, to learn more about your  thinking strategies in Math.

Addition Strategies

This week, we’ve been practising different strategies for adding large (4-digit) numbers.  The students have many different ways of arriving at the answer – Below is a link to some of the anchor charts we’ve been using to help us.

Invented Strategies for Addition

Strategy 2 (Using Expanded Form) and Strategy 4 (Adding Up in Parts) seem to be the preferred method(s) for most students.  Many of them are also proficient with the standard algorithm for addition.


Feedback on Place Value Assessment

Last week, the students completed an assessment task where they could demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the concepts we’ve been learning about place value.  All of the tests have been marked and returned to students (either a paper copy, if they chose to complete it on paper, or a “virtual” copy in their Showbie account, for those students who opted to complete the task on the Showbie App.

Whether you wrote the test on paper or on the iPad, feedback has been provided (Place Value Assessment Feedback Form) in Showbie.  Please take a look in your Showbie assignment folder (Math – Place Value Assessment Task)  and read the comments about what you understand well, and where you might need some extra practice.

Mental Math – it’s all in Your Head!

unnamedThis week, we’ll be working on developing our mental math muscles – learning a number of strategies for adding 2-digit numbers in our heads.  I’ll be teaching the kids a couple of games that can be played with a deck of cards (face cards removed) – ask them to teach you how to play the games they learn and flex your own mental math muscles along with your kids 🙂

A great resource for practising mental math skills is Greg Tang’s website – on it, he has a number of games that stretch the “muscles” required to do calculations in your head.  Here’s a link to his site:

Greg Tang Math Games


I am happy to inform you that your child has access to hundreds of eBooks using the school subscription to Raz-Kids, Students can read, listen to, and even self-record reading these books. Reading comprehension quizzes along the way show the progress that your child is making. Students are welcome to use these eBooks as part of their home reading program.  I have sent home login informaton for each student in the class. If you did not receive this information, please let me know.

Hello, Again :)

In the immortal words oScreen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.51.25 PMf Neil Diamond…. “Hello again, Hello.” – it’s great to be back on our class blog, and we are thrilled to be using this medium to communicate once again with our parent community.  Please check in often for updates, photos and information about life in Grade 4.


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