Language Arts

Nonfiction Book Review Assignment


  • choose a nonfiction book to read


  • prepare to share information about your topic with your classmates (at least five interesting facts – no more than ten).
  • select two graphics (photographs, diagrams,tables, or illustrations) in the text, and prepare to explain the information conveyed by each
  • select two other text features the author has included in the text, and explain how you found them helpful
  • practice your presentation

Present to the Class:

Students will create a video to present the above information. We will begin to video the presentations on Monday, May 16th.

What Do You Want To Know? Presentations

The students have had an opportunity to gather information on a topic of their choice. They have been asking questions and using a variety of resources to answer these questions. It is now time to present what they have learned. Please see the schedule below of presentation dates:

Thursday, March 3 – Sophie, Hunter

Friday, March 4 – Austin R., Nolan

Monday, March 7 – Jocelyn, Jacob

Wednesday, March 9 – Claire, Gracie

Thursday, March 10 – Brody, Jack

Friday, March 11 – Nathaniel, Emma

Tuesday, March 22 – Jasmine, Natalie

Wednesday, March 23 – Abby, Adam

Thursday, March 24 – Tuesday, Nate

Tuesday, March 29 – Austin C., Heidi

Wednesday, March 30 – Joel, Mylena, Quinn

Thursday, March 31 – Sam, Bella, Estella

Friday, April 1 – Brett, Brae, Dylan

Paper Bag Book Report

This month students will be expected to complete a book report for a fictional book (a chapter book or picture book) that they have not read before.

The students will be given a bag to complete the following:

  • On the front of the bag design a cover for your book. It must include the title of the book, the author’s name, your name and an illustration that is connected to your book.
  • On the back of the bag, write a summary of the story.  Remember to include where the story takes place, the important characters, the problem, the main events of the story, how the problem was solved, and how the story ended.
  • Inside the bag, place 5 to 10 objects that represent the setting, the characters, the events in your story (e.g. for the story Goldilocks and The Three Bears: a bear, a toy chair, a kleenex (the Baby Bear was sad), a picture of a house where the bears lived, and explain their meaning to the class.

Class time will be given to complete the front cover and summary.  Students will need to collect the items at home.

Presentations will begin Tuesday, March 29th.

10 Day Photo Challenge

We are about to start a 10 Day Photo Challenge to get us into the habit of posting on our blogs on a daily basis.


  1. Stick to the same day for the same photo idea so everyone’s blog is consistent.
  2. Be creative and artistic with your photos.  If you use any enhancements or other Apps, please let others know.
  3. Work ahead if you like, for example you can take a picture of something for day 8 now but don’t post it until day 8.  Only one picture post per day.  You must take the photo yourself.
  4. Always post a comment with your photo telling who or what it is, where you took the photo, why you used the effect you used.  Give each picture a title (e.g. “Photo Challenge Day 2: Little Brother”).

10 Day Photo Challenge Outline:

  1. The Best Part of Me – In response to the book “The Best Part of Me”, take a black and white photo of the best part of you.  In your explanation, tell us why it’s the best part of you.
  2. My Favourite Colour
  3. My Favourite Book of All Time
  4. Nature Shot
  5. Something that Makes you Smile
  6. Favourite Food or Least Favourite Food
  7. Your Hobby/An Activtiy You Enjoy
  8. Person Who Inspires You – You must ask the person’s permission before posting their photo on your blog. If you are unable to take a photo, you can draw a portrait and then take a picture of your drawing.
  9. The View From a UNIQUE Angle
  10. Your Choice: Movement, Cloud Formations, My Happy Place, Reflections, Shadows, etc.

This assignment was adapted from Ms. Kauffman’s 29 Day Photo Challenge, posted on her blog at


Commercials – Take 2

The students did a great job creating and presenting their commercials. We are going to try and upload the commercials to the students’ showbie accounts so parents can see the commercials! Enjoy!




The students have been busy creating persuasive commercials in small groups. They have been writing scripts and rehearsing their commercials. The students should bring in any costumes and props on Monday and Tuesday so they are ready to video their commercials.



Autobiographical scrapbooks were sent home on Tuesday. You can ask your child to read his/her chapters to you. I loved looking at the photos they included in their scrapbooks. So cute!



Book Review

In December, the students will be sharing a fiction book that they have read this year with the class. More information about this assignment will be shared at a later date.  Students are reminded to be reading a fiction book of their choice and have the book read by December 1st.


What do you want to know? presentations

In class, the students have had the opportunity to gather information on a topic of their choice. They havme been asking questions and using a variety of resources to answer these questions. It is now time for the students to present to the class what they have learned.  The presentations do not need to be long (1-3 minutes). Some students have created a slideshow, made a poster, or created an oral speech to share with the class. Some students may want to add some finishing touches to their presentations at home. Presentations will begin on Monday, November 16th.  Please see the schedule below of presentation dates.

Monday, November 16th – Sophie, Nathaniel, Austin R.

Tuesday, November 17th – Mylena, Brett, Heidi

Wednesday, November 18th – Nolan, Gracie, Abby

Thursday, November 19th – Jocelyn, Austin C., Jack

Friday, November 20th – Tuesday, Adam, Hunter

Monday, November 23rd – Gracie, Joel, Dylan

Tuesday, November 24th – Quinn, Natalie, Nate

Wednesday, November 25th – Bella, Emma, Brae

Thursday, November 26th – Sam, Claire, Brody

Friday, November 27th – Jasmine, Jacob


I am happy to inform you that your child has access to hundreds of eBooks using the school subscription to Raz-Kids, Students can read, listen to, and even self-record reading these books. Reading comprehension quizzes along the way show the progress that your child is making. Students are welcome to use these eBooks as part of their home reading program.  I have sent home login informaton for each student in the class. If you did not receive this information, please let me know.

All About Me Suitcase Presentations

Over the next few weeks, each student will be presenting to the class a suitcase filled with special items that reflect their interests and personality.  They will present each item to the class and explain how it relates to them.  For example, your son/daughter might put a mini-stick in his/her suitcase if they love to play hockey.  He/she can explain to us who they play for, what position they play, or any other interesting information.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a suitcase, a hockey bag, grocery bag, knapsack, gym bag, or any other type of bag will be great.  Each student is asked to include at least 5 items in their bag but no more than 10.  Unfortunately, we can’t pack any pets, animals, or family members in our bags. But you can include a picture of these special friends and family members.

I am very excited to listen to the presentations! I am going to learn so much about each and every student! Thank you in advance for helping your child prepare for his/her presentation.  Please see the schedule below of presentation dates.

Friday, September 25th – Sam, Bella, Jack

Monday, September 28th – Joel, Natalie, Emma

Tuesday, September 29th – Nolan, Quinn, Abby

Wednesday, September 30th – Austin C., Jasmine

Thursday, October 1st – Zac, Mylena, Gracie, Nate

Friday, October 2nd – Hunter, Austin R., Jocelyn

Monday, October 5th – Heidi, Adam, Brae

Tuesday, October 6th – Dylan, Sophie, Nathaniel

Wednesday, October 7th – Claire, Tuesday, Brett



Home Reading Folders will be sent home on Monday, September 14. Students are encouraged to read a minimum of  five times/week to build their reading skills.  Please record and initial their reading on the log provided in their folder. Once their log is completed, they can hand it in and receive a prize from our prize bin! I will check home reading logs each Friday.



In Language Arts the students will be introduced to our “Literacy Cafe”. The students will develop their reading skills by focusing on comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanded vocabulary. The students will be taught a variety of strategies to help build and improve their reading skills. In writing, the students will be reviewing sentence structure and paragraph writing.


  1. Where do the books come from that Austin is required to read from each night? Classroom books or our own personal books? I just want to ensure that he is reading at the proper level.

    Cherie Cosstick

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