I love sharks, too!

Sharks continue to be a popular subject with MRES students who are more than willing to share their knowledge as we read I love sharkes too! by Leanne Shirtliffe and illustrated by Lorenzo MontatoreI love sharks too! is brimming with shark facts.  Stevie has a shark fact for everything mom wants him to do.

I love my purse

Today we read, I love my purse by Belle DeMont and illustrated by Sonja Wimmer. Charlie loves his bright red purse and today is the day he decides to take it to school.  However, Charlie meets with resistance as people question his strange choice.  Boys don’t carry purses.  But, as Charlie continues to be true to himself, others around him realize there are things they wish they had the courage to do.  Dad would like to wear his favourite Hawaiian shirt to work. Charlotte wants to paint her face.  Sam wants to cook.  The crossing guard would like to wear his favourite sparkly shoes.  Some of our MRES friends wondered why Charlie would want to carry a purse – because he wants to.  Maybe there is something our young school friends would like to do but are too self conscious to do so.

Grade 1A wrote about all the great and fun things they could keep in their purse from hockey sticks to snacks.  Mrs. B would keep a cupcake and Mrs. Cooke would include a book (imagine that).

Harry’s Hiccups

coverBlue Spruce Book number 3 was Harry’s Hiccups by celebrated author Jean Little; illustrated by Joe Weissman. 

Harry has a hopeless case of the hiccups.  How can Harry get rid of the hiccups; or is he stuck with them forever?  Grade 1A had a number of suggestions for Harry and shared what works for them when they need to get rid of the hiccups.  It was a fun story of tried and true suggestions and some rather silly.  

The Better Tree Fort

The Better Tree Fort by Jessica Scott Kerrin ; illustrated by Qin Leng, explores the father-son relationship of Russell and his dad.  As well as keeping up with the Jones’. 

Russell’s new home has a great big maple tree in the backyard.  It would make a great place for a tree fort.  With the help of his reluctant but obliging Dad, who has never built a tree fort before, Russell draws up a plan for his tree fort including all the bells and whistles he can think of – slide for quick escapes, a balcony, and a skylight to see the stars.  Several trips to the lumber store and careful measuring, the tree fort is completed.  Even without the slide, balcony, and skylight, Russel declares the fort to be perfect.  

Until he notices a tree fort three houses over.  This tree fort has a balcony, turrets, bunk beds, dishes and working lights.  Russell soon realizes there will always be a better tree fort – maybe even one with a kitchen sink – but not a better dad.  



Barnaby Never Forgets

Our first Blue Spruce 2019 book is Barnaby Never Forgets by Pierre Collet-Derby.

The title and cover art says it all. My primary friends were not long in making the connection or noticing the disconnect between what Barnaby was saying and what was actually happening in the illustrations; how Barnaby’s words told us one story and the illustrations shape a different story. Barnaby never forgets yet his backpack is hanging open and his books and pencils are spilling out.  The story itself starts out with Barnaby hunting, through the untidy piles of toys and clothes in his bedroom, for his missing glasses which are already on his face.

Now Barnaby admits to being distracted sometimes; something my MRES friends say never happens to them.

Me thinks, their teachers’ may have a different story to tell.

And they certainly do not ever forget to return their library books.

This was a great book to kick off the Blue Spruce competition.







Forest of Reading 2019

I am so EXCITED!! Bitmoji Image

The Forest of Reading books are here and ready to be read by our participants.

MRES participates in four categories:  Blue Spruce, Silver Birch Express, Silver Birch Fiction and Silver Birch Non-fiction.

To ensure as many students as possible can participate in this great program, I am reading the Blue Spruce picture books to the primary students.  These students will be eligible to vote for their favourite book in April.  I can’t wait to share these books with all my friends in primary.  Teachers in grades 3 and 4 are reading the Silver Birch Express book nominees as class read-alouds so all their students will be eligible to vote in April.  Students in grades 5 and 6 interested in reading the Silver Birch Fiction or Non-Fiction have signed up and are ready to get started.

I am looking forward to sharing some great books with the students at MRES.

Let’s get reading Maitland River!

Pig the star


Pig the Star is another hit story from Aaron Blabey .   

In this book, the attention seeking pug named Pig tries to outshine Trevor, the lovable sausage shaped dog at the photo shoot, Soon the tables turn when the photographer notices how cute Trevor is. This turn of events, does not sit well with Pig and as my story time listeners point out, Pig did not act like a good friend.  Will Pig learn his lesson.  We hope so.   

Give me back my book!

We had such a great time reading  and giggling through Give me back my book! by Travis Foster and Ethan Long.  What an AWEsome read-aloud.  Redd and Bloo fight over their favourite green book which is stolen by bookworm.  My story time friends loved that it was a great story about friendship and working out your problems.  I loved the fact that it provided an opportunity to talk about the different parts of a book and how we take care of our books at home and in the library.  A win-win book all round.  

How to care for our library books

As we start the new school year, it is important to go over the rules of the library and discuss how to take care of our library books.  A quick demonstration of how to use a place holder when selecting a book from the shelf is the first order of business. I am amazed how fast the Kindergartens catch on and always remember to use their place holders.

Then it is Stella Louella’s runaway book by Lisa Campbell Ernst as the first story of the school year.  Great book to lead into a discussion of all the great places to read a book (not the bath tub) as Stella Louella searches frantically all over her room and then town for her lost book. It is fun watching their faces as they figure out what book Stella borrowed.  At the end of the story, we take time to talk about safe places they can keep their library books.

Can’t wait to see you…

Welcome Back Maitland River!

Another school year has begun.  I can’t wait to see everyone as they come to visit the library.

New to the school this year are two carts of Chromebooks ready to use.  

And notice that the furniture is back in the library.  If you recall, we had some difficulty treating the furniture respectfully and it had to be removed from the library.  Here is a second chance to show me you know how to look after and care for our things.  

Have a great year Maitland River!