Looking ahead to the 2018-2019 school year

Students who have signed up to take Co-operative Education next year have met with Mrs. Chateauvert or Mrs. Wrigley to discuss the program.

Students are reminded that if they are enrolled in the first semester course, they should come to class on the first day with the following:

  • A confirmed placement OR an idea of where you hope to work (either a specific company or a specific industry).  Talk to your family and friends in order to determine contacts for potential employers
  • A digital copy of your resume so that you don’t have to start from scratch

June 20th update

Thursday June 21st is the final day of classes.  The schedule is as follows:

Thursday’s schedule:
9-12 classes
Period 1 8:45 – 9:10
Period 2 9:15 – 9:40
Period 4 9:45 – 10:10
Period 5 10:15 – 10:40
Outdoor Activities

Please communicate clearly with your employer!  

REMINDER:  All log sheets are due by Friday June 22 at 12:00pm.  Any assignments not submitted will be marked incomplete and will impact your mark.  Our report cards are due on Friday at noon.

Have a safe and happy summer!  For those of you not returning to DCVI next year, we wish you the best of luck.  For everyone else, see you in September.  

June 13th update

We’re into the final stretch!


  • Exit resumes were due on Tuesday.  Please submit on Google Classroom if you haven’t already
  • Final Reflections are due Tuesday June 19th
  • Log sheet #15 was due on Tuesday.  Many of you have a number to submit.
  • Week #16 log will be due on Tuesday June 19th
  • Week #17 log will be due on Friday June 22nd
  • Check on Google Classroom to see any assignments that you have not submitted (which will be indicated by a mark of zero)
  • Marks/Report Cards:

    • 70% term is made up of all term assignments, log sheets and employer evaluations #1 & #2
    • 30% summative is made up of major project, exit resume, final employer evaluation and employer thank you
    • Our final marks are due on Friday June 22 – we will accept late assignments up until Friday June 15th to be marked
    • 2-credit requires 186 hours, 4-credit require 372 hours

June 4th update

It’s our final in-class session!  Upcoming deadlines – everything should be submitted on Google Classroom:

  • Major projects due TODAY
  • Employer thank you due TODAY
  • Exit resumes due Tuesday June 12
  • Final reflection due Tuesday June 19
  • All log sheets must be submitted by Friday June 22
  • All outstanding assignments must be submitted by June 15th to be marked

May 29th update

Our final in-class session is coming up on Monday June 4.

Your MAJOR PROJECT is due Monday. It should be submitted on Google Classroom – slide shows for those doing the presentation, and a report for those who completed the placement project.  This should include feedback from your employer about the execution of your plan.

Co-op Veterans are reminded that you will be presenting your pitch to community representatives on Monday morning.  Your group will have time to finalize your presentation before making the pitch.

All four journal reflections should be submitted.  Incomplete journals have been assigned a mark of zero.

Log sheets:  A reminder that you need 186 hours for 2-credits and 372 hours for 4-credits.



Enjoy your long weekend!

Have a great long weekend!  Take some time to get caught up on your co-op work if you are falling behind.


  • Journal reflection #4 due Tuesday May 22
  • Major project due June 4
  • Veterans – you will pitch your idea to town representatives on June 4.  Connect with your group members if you need to!  There are now prizes for the top ideas.
  • Hours:  You should have over 130 hours as of May 18th (2-credit)

May 11th Update

It’s hard to believe that there are only six weeks of placement left.  We want you to make the most of it!  Communicate with your employer if there is still something you hope to observe/experience/master before the end of the semester.


  • Check-in due Tuesday May 15th on Google Classroom – submit a photo of yourself at your placement.  These photos will be used as part of employer appreciation. It would be great if you could take the picture in front of the entrance/sign or a piece of equipment etc.
  • You should be making progress on your MAJOR PROJECT, which is due on June 4th.  We are excited to see such a wide variety of projects being completed.  For more information, click the major project tab in the menu above.

Pathways Night: Wednesday May 2

Check out the flyer below to learn more about the AMDSB Pathways Night being held in Stratford on Wednesday night.  They have a lot of great exhibitors coming to showcase a wide variety of career opportunities in all pathways.  Please consider attending!

  • Don’t forget your third journal reflection is due on Tuesday May 1.
  • Show & Share Video is due in class on Monday May 7.  If you need any help with filming or putting your video together, please connect with your teacher.


April 20 Update

Another week is in the books!  Hopefully we will see some signs of spring this weekend.


  • Log #8 is due on Tuesday April 24th
  • Check in question due Tuesday April 24th
  • There are still a few outstanding Employer Evaluations.  Please submit them ASAP.
  • You should have your Show & Share assignment started.  Make sure you have a plan and get all photos and video footage this week.   (Due Monday May 7)