Welcome Back!

Welcome to the DCVI Co-operative Education Website.  We are excited to begin the new semester.  If you are taking Co-op in semester one, please be prepared to create a resume and cover letter.  If you already have one created, you will want to have access to a digital copy in order to update and improve it for Co-op.  If you have a specific placement in mind, you may want to reach out and discuss a potential placement with the employer prior to the beginning of September.  


Congratulations on another school year (almost) in the books.  We’ve enjoyed working with each of you this semester.

A few final reminders, specifically for graduating students who are not returning next year:

  • If you are not returning, please be advised that your Google Ed account will be deactivated at some point.  This includes your email as well as all documents in your Drive.  It is suggested that you create a Google Account, and then export your drive to the new account.  Come see Ms. Radar in the morning to ask how to do this.  **Please make sure you keep a digital copy of your resume, as it is up to date!
  • If you want to maintain access to your blog after leaving DCVI, please let me know so that Ms. Radar can export it to WordPress.

Thursday’s Schedule

Below you will find the schedule for Thursday, the last day of classes. Please be sure to speak to your employer about your plans.    If you have classes other than co-op, you need to attend them.  Hand in your final log sheets on Thursday, and make sure your final evaluation is posted on your blog.

Best of luck on your exams, and have a safe and fun summer.

SECONDARY Schedule for Thursday June 22:
Locker Cleanout 8:30-8:45
P1 8:45-9:20
P2 9:25 – 10:00
P4 Assembly 10:05-11:05
P4 11:10-11:45
P5 11:50-12:30 
BBQ 12:30-1:30
1:30-2:30– Grads vs Staff Baseball Game (bring your glove!)

June 15 update

Only one more week of classes – can you believe it?  As we wrap of the semester, a few reminders from your Co-op teachers:

  1. LOG sheets!  Get them in.  All hours are due by Friday June 23 (by 9am).

  2. Final employer evaluations need to be submitted by the beginning of the week.

  3. Final Reflection is due by Thursday June 22.

  4. Exit resume and employer thank you letter should already be submitted to your teacher.

  5. Keep up to date with your general blog posts.  2 more are required in the month of June.

  6. As soon as we know the plans for the last day of classes, they will be posted here.

In-class Monday

Don’t forget about our in-class session on Monday.  See the previous post for information on what you need to have done.  Make sure you have a digital copy of your resume available to complete your exit resume.

As we mentioned in May, part of the class will consist of small groups going to talk about co-op with classes throughout the school.  You will be assigned a time/class on Monday.  The following students will be sharing their show & share videos, and everyone will share some details about their placement.

Show & Share Videos: Owen, Tom, Izzy, Haylie, Ryan, Spencer, Cody, Madelyn, Cam, Emma

Some four credit students will come to the afternoon co-op class instead of the morning:  Please check below:

4-credit students:  Please report to the following class:

Morning:  Tanner, Alexandria, Taylor P., Cody
Afternoon:  Taylor D., Jennifer, Eric, Cam

In-class Monday June 5

Assignments & Agenda for Monday June 5, 2017

  • Hour check:  2-credit students should have 160 hours as of June 2, 4-credit students hours have 320 hours.
  • Class presentation – small groups discussing Co-op with various classes in the school.  You will prepare for this in the first period of our time together Monday
  • 4-credit students – please watch for a message regarding which session you will attend (morning/afternoon)
  • Fourth  Journal reflection (based on one of the 9 essential skills) due June 5
  • 2 blog posts due June 5
  • Employer Thank You Letter due June 5
  • Exit resume (including Co-operative Education placement) due June 8
  • Introduce final blog requirements (2 general posts, Final Reflection) due June 22

Upcoming in-class session: Monday June 5

Our next in-class is approaching quickly – Monday June 5th.  Make sure you have made your blog posts prior to class, in addition to your 4th journal reflection on an essential skill.

Get your log sheets in as well as any outstanding employer evaluations.

Four more weeks to go at your placement!  Make sure you are on track to reach the required number of hours.  (186 for 2-credits)

Are you on track?

 Are you on track for hours?

At the end of the day on Friday May 12, two-credit students should have over 120 hours accumulated.  Four-credit students should have double that (240).  If you are falling behind, consider extending your shift by 1/2 an hour at the beginning or end each day, or plan to make up hours on the June PD Day.

Please get onto your blog and make some general posts – you will be thankful at the end of the month!

Need some inspiration?

  • Did you know that _________________________ (farmers/teachers/bank tellers/small business owners) have to ______________________________.
  • What attracted you to co-op education?  
  • What skills have you learned at work that make you a better student at school?  
  • Have your expectations been realized?  
  • What surprises have there been?   
  • Would you recommend this placement for future students?  Why or why not?
  • What does it mean to “take the initiative?”  Why is it important to employers?  How have or might you demonstrate initiative at your coop placement?  (be specific)
  • What character traits does your employer/supervisor expect you to possess?  Do you possess these traits?  If not, which ones do you need to develop?  How will you accomplish this goal?

May 5th update

We hope everyone is staying dry out there!  It was great to see your videos on Monday – they were well done.  Take the time to view some videos of your classmates, and be sure to share them with your employers so they can see what you created.

Don’t forget about the PD day coming up on Monday May 8.  If you plan to work outside your regular hours, you should have completed an amendment form and by today (Friday).

Tip for general blog posts:

  • Create a catchy title (don’t name it “General post #3”)
  • Include a picture – either directly from your placement or a stock photo you find online
  • When explaining the topic, imagine that the reader has no background knowledge.  Include as much detail as possible.