October 23 Update


Our next in-class session is coming up in two weeks, on Monday November 6, 2017.  You should be working your way through the assigned tasks, so that they are all completed on time.

Log Sheets

A few people are falling behind on log sheets.  Today marks the first day of week #6 – that means that you should have 5 logs submitted by the end of the day on Tuesday October 24.  Two-credit students should have over 50 hours complete, and four-credit students should be past the 100 mark.

Keep up the good work at your placement and don’t let these assignments slide.  You don’t want to leave them all to the weekend leading up to our in-class.  

Reminder for 4-credit students and Co-op veterans

If you are a 4-credit Co-op student, or a veteran of the program, don’t forget about your ongoing assignment  regarding the importance of soft skills.  You need to have an interview/discussion with your employer/supervisor prior to the November 6 in-class.  Please submit your interview questions by Monday Oct 23  in order to get some feedback before completing the interview.

Some links to get you started:

Soft Skills

Top 10 Soft Skills

Recall the timeline:

October in-class:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Design interview questions (submit to teacher prior to interview for feedback)

November in-class

  • Share interview results
  • Narrow focus to 3-4 skills
  • Determine how a young worker can improve each of these particular skills
  • Begin to design how you will share your findings

Make sure you are prepared for the November in-class.  Get working!

October 17 update

Week 4 log sheets are due today (Tuesday October 17).  Get them into your teacher’s mailbox by the end of the day.  Are you on track for hours?  At the end of last week, 2-credit students should have at least 40 hours, and 4-credit students should have 80 hours.

Are you stuck for ideas when doing general posts?  Here are some tips:

Tip for general blog posts:

  • Create a catchy title (don’t name it “General post #3”)
  • Include a picture – either directly from your placement or a stock photo you find online
  • When explaining the topic, imagine that the reader has no background knowledge.  Include as much detail as possible.

Recall that you need a minimum of two “general blog posts” each month.  You should also be working on your career research assignment, which is due at our next in-class.

October 9 Update

We hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving weekend.  It has been exciting visiting many of you at your placements in the past few weeks.  Many students have made a great first impression on their employers, and they are getting to experience some amazing things.


  • Visits are continuing this week – be sure to confirm with your teacher the date and time
  • Log Sheets are due by Tuesday @ 3pm
  • Keep up to date on your blogs – make a general post, or work on your career research assignment
  • Check out and comment on your classmates blogs!

Have a great week.

Upcoming in-class: Monday October 2

Our first in-class session is coming up on Monday October 2.  The following 4 items should be posted on your blog prior to the start of class:

Four-credit students should plan to attend the morning class, in addition to period 4.

Don’t forget that you should have handed in last week’s log sheet on Tuesday.  Get them in with signatures ASAP!

We look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Terry Fox: Wednesday September 27 schedule

The Terry Fox Walk is happening on Wednesday morning.  The schedule is below – it will affect the start time for afternoon students, so please let your employer know.   Morning students are encouraged to donate to this worthwhile cause, even though you will not be participating.

Secondary Schedule


P1 8:45-9:40

Walk 9:45-10:50

P2 10:55-11:50

Lunch 11;50-12:35 

P4 12:40-1:35

P5 1:40-2:50

September 21 update

We hope your first few days of placement have been great, and that you are learning lots!  This would be a good time to make one of your general blog posts, letting everyone know about your experiences this week.

Don’t forget that you should be completing your Weekly Log Sheet each day after your shift.  At the end of the week, print it off, and then get your supervisor to sign it.  Log sheets need to be handed in by Tuesday at 3pm.

A reminder to read the post below about the required Safety Assignment, which is due at the October 2 in-class.

Watch here for an update next week, especially for the schedule change for the Terry Fox Walk/Run on Wednesday.

September 17 update

We are nearing the end of our pre-placement days!

Monday September 18:

  • Working at Heights Training in Stratford for students heading into construction placements
  • Pre-Placement test:  see list of topics on blog.  Students must achieve a minimum of 70%
  • Make sure all assigned work is complete and submitted – review the checklist in the library
  • Ensure all required paper work is completed with all required signatures
  • If any of the four bullets above are not completed, you will not be released to begin your placement on Tuesday