April 18 update

We hope that everyone had a wonderful long weekend and enjoyed some time outside in the sunshine!

Your goal this week should be to gather any video footage or photos that you need for your Show & Share Assignment.  This will leave you time next week for putting your video together, using Adobe Spark or another video editing tool.  If you have any questions or need help getting the footage, please get in contact with your teacher.

Don’t forget that by May 1 you will also need to complete two blog posts and your third journal reflection on an essential skill.  It would be wise to get some of the work completed this week!

April 10 update

We hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine this weekend!

Please get your employer evaluation in ASAP – report cards are due this week and we would like to include this in your mark.

Long weekend
This is a short week with Friday being a statutory holiday.   Some businesses (including the school) are also closed on Monday – be sure to ask your employer what their upcoming hours are.  You are not required to work Friday or Monday.  However, if you hope to work on Monday April 17, you will need to fill in an amendment form this week and get it to your teacher by Thursday.  They are located in the bottom coop mailbox in a file folder.  You also need to confirm with your teacher how you will contact them in case of an accident.

Show and Share

We hope that you have been thinking about what you are going to do for your Show and Share Assignment.  As Mr. Chateauvert pointed out on Monday, you want to have a plan before you gather footage.  You will likely want to use a combination of photos and video for your assignment.  Try to get your footage this week so that you can focus on editing next week and finish up the assignment well in advance of the May 1 due date.

Access Adobe Spark on your computer of download the app to your iPad or iPhone.  Feel free to use a different program that you are more comfortable.  (iMovie etc).

If you want help with photos/video, please ask your teacher!  We are happy to come help.

April 3 In-class

Welcome to our second in-class session!


  1. Complete the Midterm Self Evaluation
  2. Administrative:
    – you should have at least 60 hours at the end of March 31 for 2-credit, 120 hours for 4-credit
    – submit log sheets on time
    – submit completed evaluation forms (PLAs)
    – You should have already completed the four blog posts due for today:
    2 general posts, journal reflection #2, Career Research Assignment
  3. Job reports
  4. Lesson:  Employment Trends
  5. Show & Share Assignment (Due May 1, 2017)


Keep it up!

It is great to see so many posts rolling in over the past few days.    Don’t leave them all until Sunday!  See the previous post for details of the requirements.

On Monday morning, Mrs. Wrigley’s class will report to the library for period 1, while Mrs. Chateauvert & Ms. McLeod’s class will report to room 244.  We will join back together for period 2.


Thursday’s Schedule – Literacy Test

On Thursday March 28, the Literacy Test will be written.  The changes to the schedule will not affect your co-op time unless you are writing the test.

If you are writing the test, please let your employer know.  Otherwise, the schedule for the day for grade 11/12 students is:

8:40-11:50       NO CLASSES (unless you are in co-op, in which case you will report as usual)
11:50-12:30     Lunch
12:30:1:30       Per. 4
1:30-1:40         Break
1:40-2:45          Per. 5

Are you stuck?

Are you struggling to think of topics to make blog posts about?  Here are some suggested starters:

  • When I grow up, I want to be…..
  • Today was amazing….
  • Today was a tough day…..
  • The difference between a job and a career….
  • I have learned a lot about myself through this placement…
  • How to guide:  (Change a tire/milk a cow/teach a student to pronounce their ‘s’/fill a prescription/drywall)
  • Did you know that _________ (farmers/vets/teachers/mechanics) have to….

Things to keep in mind:

  • Maintain confidentiality (“my supervisor” rather than “Joe”)
  • Only speak positively about your placement
  • Include an interesting photo – either taken at your placement or find a stock photo online
  • Consider including a link to a website that takes the reader deeper into the topic
  • Have fun with it!