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Elmira Chicken orders were due today.  Please send all money and forms in tomorrow.

We will be talking about communities and our family origins over the next few weeks. We’d love to hear stories of how your family came to Canada.

Report card envelopes and the bottom section of the second page need to be returned.


Oral Presentations

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Students have signed up to present on the dates below. The first six students on Monday, January 29th have indicated that they are interested in competing to present in the gym.  They will be required to present on Monday.

In the event of a snow day, students will be required to present the next day that we are in class.

Monday, January 29th Tuesday, January 30th Wednesday, January 31









Kaitlyn H.





Kaitland R.













Science Quiz on Electricity

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We will have our science quiz on Thursday, January 25th. Our Science quiz will include the following concepts:

  • types of circuits – parallel and series
  • closed/open circuits
  • static and current electricity
  • conductors/insulators
  • sources of energy
  • how can we conserve energy
  • what makes a circuit – 3 things

December 18 – 22

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What’s going on this week?


  • Nothing of note


  • working on our electricity project
  • Christmas Hat Day
  • carol sing @ 10:20
  • working on our electricity project


  • dress as your favourite Christmas Carol
  • carol sing @ 2:00pm
  • working on our electricity project


  • Potluck 
  • wear Christmas sweater/socks day
  • carol sing @ 12:40


  • Red & green Day
  • Skating @ 11:30


What’s new?

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Math Update


We are working on using ordered pairs to plot points on a grid.

We are also using a Cartesian Plane.

Image result for plotting ordered pairs on a cartesian plane


Holiday Lights

I am looking for some used holiday lights that we can use for our electricity unit.  We will be making robots out of cardboard. We will be making the eyes light up as well as some of the buttons. Please do not send lights you would like to use again as we will be cutting the light strings apart.



Important Dates in December(and the end of November)

November 30 – Purple and White day

December 1 – PA Day Enjoy the day – AMDSB staff are heading to Stratford the learn about the Indigenous people of Canada.

December 5– PJ day and bring a book to share in your house team

Kick off assembly for our Billion Words project(Ask you son/daughter about it after this assembly.)


December 7 – Mrs. Decker at a Meeting about Math

December 15 – Popcorn Day

December 21 – Classroom Potluck

December 22 – Skating


Student Blogs

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Today was the first day we were able to get on our blogs.  We had help from Mrs. Faber from the IT department.   All of the blogs are linked to my blog and you can check out the things they are doing.  We HOPE to post weekly.  You can find the list of the blogs on the bottom left of mine.

Couple of items

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Book Orders went home this afternoon.  Please pay online or by cheque.(made payable to Scholastic Canada.)  DUE: November 24, 2017.


Indoor shoes: We have many friends who are not wearing or do not have a pair of indoor shoes here at school.  Please ensure your child has  these items at school.

November 6-10

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Math Homework

We will be starting weekly math homework.  It will go home on Monday, with a return date of Friday.  The work that is going home is something that we have done already in class and could use some practice.  Please sign the page recognizing that you have seen the page your child has brought home.


Pita Place Order Form

Order forms are coming home today.


Phys Ed Clothes

Students are to have a change of clothes to be worn for Physical Education.  Please ensure your child has some here at school.  They can be shorts or pants and a t-shirt or sweater.


Report Card Envelopes/Interviews

Please return report card envelopes ASAP.  Your child is waiting for a treat from me when they return it.

If you didn’t get an interview booked, but would still like to discuss your child’s progress, feel free to drop me an email. (



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October 18th – District Cross Country

October 20th – Junior Soccer & Subway day

October 24th – Junk-o-lantern Day(be sure to have a jug at school by this day.  Free of labels, clean, etc.)

Also Family Math Night is October 24th.


October 27th – Photo retakes

October 30th – Progress reports go home

November 3rd – PA Day


We are also looking for 2L pop bottles.

Upcoming Events

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TOMORROW is House Colour day!  Please wear your house colour.

Students are bringing home an article (Article of the Week) on  Roboticists.  They are to read the article and complete the questions.  It should be completed by Friday.

Please ask your child about our “Life Project”.

Ms. Gardiner has asked that I share her website with everyone.  Feel free to bookmark it.


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