August 29


I can’t believe we are about to start a new year here at Elma! My family had a fantastic summer filled with cottage life, bike riding, swimming lessons, lego building, staying up too late and sleeping in too late.

I hope all my NEW students had a great summer as well, and maybe (like me) are looking forward to a bit of a routine. I know it is always a little nerve wracking starting a new year. I’ll tell you a secret – teachers feel the same way! My main goal is to make sure each one of my students feels safe and welcome in the classroom.

I am looking forward to a fun filled 2015-2016!

April 23


The 22nd of April was Earth Day. Our Green Team at Elma gave every student a seedling to take home and plant. It helps the earth to plant a tree because trees make oxygen. AB planted her tree in her back yard. She watered it and told her brother not to step on it. Some people have not planted their tree yet but they are keeping them in their fridge to keep them cool. We are very thankful to get the seedlings from our Green Team and Copernicus Educational Products.



April 22

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! We think Earth Day is a day to help the Earth.
Here are some ideas of how you can help take care of our Earth!
– throw out your garbage (AT)
– turn off the lights (AT)
– don’t litter (KA)
– plant trees (KM)
– plant flowers (BT)
– don’t cut down trees (DK)
– recycle and reuse paper (SK)
– help other people garden (AW)
– compost (LY)
– make sure you recycle (PH)
– reuse as much as possible (NE)
– don’t leave water running (KM)
– take care of nature, don’t step on plants (AT)
– don’t pollute water (AM)
– don’t pollute the air (DK)
– help other’s save the earth, stop them from being harmful (KD)
– be nice to animals (KM)
– don’t hurt insects and bees (JH)
– appreciate things that nature does for example worms in earth (NE)
– treat animals nicely, don’t kill them (AT), (ZH)

April 13

Peace Tree Week!


This week is Peace Tree Week at Elma!
These are some ideas of what Peace Tree Week means to us:

– sharing (PH)
– being nice (BT)
– sharing is caring (KA)
– include everyone (NE)
– being respectful of differences (AB)
– don’t treat people differently because of the way they look on the outside (LG)
– be nice and helpful (SK)
– be thoughtful (DK)
– be kind (KD)
– treat people how you want to be treated (KA)
– be caring (KD)
– be careful what you say to people, you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings (KA, LY, AT, NE, EH)
– be friendly (AM)
– accept people the way they are, help them if they need it (KA)
– never tell someone they can’t do something (BT)
– help others, donate what you don’t need (RW)
– invite people to join you if they are left out (AB)
– include people or teach them if they are having trouble keeping up (AT)
– if someone is lonely don’t be afraid to introduce yourself (LG)

March 5


We have started to make use of a new acronym in our room. RACE is now being used to help us remember the parts needed in an open response answer. An open response question usually asks the student something about a text they have read or watched. RACE stands for the following: Restate words from the question in your answer, Answer the question, Cite information from the text and Extend your thinking. Students are beginning to make use of RACE and their answers are improving. The hard part is determining what is missing from an answer.



February 22


Well, I have to admit the students have been outstanding over the past few weeks. It is really hard not to get outside and enjoy the snow. Hopefully next week will allow us to enjoy some outdoor recess time. As all of you should know, report cards have gone home. Please make sure the proper pages are signed and returned back to the school in the report card envelope. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to touch base with me.
Curriculum Update:
We have completed a variety of writing styles over the past few months. Please continue to check in with our Language Page on this blog. The page contains all of the anchor charts for the forms of writing we have completed. Hopefully students will remember the forms and be able to take that valuable information with them into grade 4. Math anchor charts are also posted. We are working with time this week in math. Any extra reminders at home helps your child and is very much appreciated! Get them to read the time to you!
We had a great opportunity in gym this past week. The grade 8s demonstrated Goal Ball for us. We then gave it a try ourselves. What an interesting sport! I have posted a youtube video for you to check out the Olympic Goal Ball, then some pictures to see how we did!



February 8


So much snow! We have been having a good time enjoying the fresh snow here on our huge playground. Last week we had a chance to crazy carpet with the grade 2/3 class. So fun!

A few reminders coming up in case our class paper calendar has gone missing…. We will exchange Valentines on the 13th at the end of the day. There will be no school on the 16th for Family Day. Finally, look for your child’s report card on the 19th.

Here is also a special hello to our friend EH