All in a week’s work

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Welcome back Kindergarten B! Everyone was excited to share about their week away from school, see their friends again and feeling refreshed ready to see what the week had in store for us.

This class of students are defiantly lovers of all animals big and small.
Colton and Ewen worked days on this project of sorting animals by families, feeding each animal, numbering and naming each group… Luckily our classroom was available to leave their learning out for a few days.




We often find Olivia W working on some sort of art project. This week she was busy creating a volcano at production and then off to paint a beautiful masterpiece.




Over at our loose parts area Ella, Claire and Kenna were busy making their very own designs.


Claire created hers, then explained to the class what she had created.



Lillian had and decided to make her plan come to life with the window markers.


Which now brings us to today, Friday. Or as we like to call it, find a different friend Friday. They were all encouraged to find someone that perhaps they don’t spend as much time with and play with them for a while. What can you teach each other? Everyone gets excited for days like today.

Kenna and Rhodes were busy building with the clear Lego.


Annabelle and Domenic were busy exploring the new green water.


Lexi was teaching Olivia H how to draw.


Collin and Avery worked side by side at production doing some drawing.


All aboard! The Kindergarten Express was about to leave the station. Ewen, Nate and Olivia W (not in photo) worked together to create a train at big blocks.


It was a great week of learning. Happy weekend everyone!


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After it rained we noticed that the Avon yard had lots of puddles. We discussed how some puddles are bigger than others. One friend suggested we use cubes to measure the depth of puddles. We got into partners and took our cubes to start measuring. Our first challenge was to find one that was 2 cubes deep.
Gigi found a puddle that was 2 cubes deep.
Even with one arm Callum was still able to help measure lots of puddles.
Claire and Brennan found a muddy puddle that was 2 cubes deep.
After we completed our challenge to find puddles that were 2 cubes deep we set out to find puddles that were even deeper. Drew and Lillian worked hard to find a big puddle.
Lots of friends measured the depth of Lake Avon.


It was a fun and wet morning!


Skating at the Allman โ›ธ

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On Friday we took our last trip to the Allman Arena. We were all blown away by the progression of their ability and how well they all were doing!

Ella has had 2 years of skating and she can now get up by herself and take off. Great work Ella.

Daniel has been working hard over the past two years and now he has got it. Way to go Danielโญ๏ธ

Ellie last year fell and she never wanted to skate again. We gave her time to watch her friends, regain her confidence and try it again. Look at her go now. Ellie we are proud of you for not giving up. You are a skater this year. 2 years of practice has paid off.

Collin took his learn straight to YouTube last year to figure out this skating thing works. Look at you go now. You should be making your own how to skate videos for YouTube views to watch. Great job Collin.

Gigi was a strong force, she wanted to learn skating and she put her mind to it. After 2 years look at this girl go. Even with a camera in her face.

How can Kenna see?


It is always great to have a friend.








It was a great day at the arena!

Sink or float

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With the rainy weather we decided we needed to do something fun with all of the water in Lake Avon.

We talked about lots of things that can go in water and whether they sink or float. Some friends found things in the yard that we used to test if they sink or float.
Dexter tested a wood chip.

Rhodes’ pine cone sunk to the bottom.

Then it was time to go inside and start building our boats. It was neat to see how creative everyone was when designing their boats.



Colton tested his boat on the water table.

Ella’s boat is ready!

The Ewen Cruise.

Official sign holder Gigi is ready to lead us out to Lake Avon.

Here we come!!

Boaters and spectators making their way to Lake Avon.

The boaters were lined up and ready to find out if their boat would float.

Lake Avon full of kindergarten B boats.

Collin’s pontoon.

We had lots of great boats floating in the lake. Some friends are planning on making some changes to their boats tomorrow and testing them again.


Pancake Tuesday

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This morning at circle we discovered that it was pancake day. We talked about different things we like to eat with our pancakes and did a survey to see which friends like theirs with syrup.

We all took a turn sticking our sticker on the yes or no side.

We noticed that more friends like syrup with their pancakes than those who don’t. A few friends made estimates of how many people were on the yes side of the survey.

Then it was time to start cooking! We wrote our name on the list if we wanted some pancakes and put a happy face beside our name if we wanted chocolate chips in them.

These girls waited patiently for their pancakes.

Gigi made a sign for our kindergarten B restaurant while she waited.

Claire made a restaurant sign too.

Order up! The pancakes were yummy!!!

These girls worked hard washing dishes.

Later we found Nate at the production table drawing his pancakes!
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