Baseball Is Back ⚾️

Over the past few weeks we have noticed baseball creeping back in to our class.  Spring training has started and many have brought their glove to practice catching while outside, and there has been a sea of Blue Jay shirts in the classroom.  We brought our observations to the family meeting only to discover they want to learn more about baseball!
We collected our wonders and where we want our learning to go. Many want to learn how to catch and throw a ball. Others are interested in how to hit with a bat. We are thinking about team work and what it is like to be on a team. Some have noticed the players wear the same thing and some have special equipment on. Noah is interested in learning more about where baseball is played. And everyone wants to keep track of how many wins and loses the Blue Jays get after each game.

Today at the light table students were busy making baseballs with team logos on each one.

Every day is a new learning opportunity, and we are excited to see where this years class take us with baseball.

60 Eggs!

Today we discovered alligators lay 60 eggs at a time! That sure is a lot of eggs. We know that we have 26 kindergarten students in our class, but what does 60 look like?

Luke was busy adding buttons and counting up to 60. He figured out that there was a pattern and he could also count by 10’s to get to 60.

Avery S used 10 frames to make 6 groups of 10 with keys. She found out that if she wanted to make 61 she would need a whole new 10 frame!

Lillian was busy counting out 60 letters first, then double checked her learning by using a 100’s chart.

At production Drew decided to show his learning by drawing and writing about it in his alligator book.

Each learner explored the number 60 in a different way, all with the same end goal. Great job learning about 60 eggs today!

Alligator Pie

Today we found a variety of ingredients on the production table. Pudding, graham crackers, milk, butter and dream whip, which all sounded wonderful to us. This must mean it was time for our March family meal!  Today our meal was more of a dessert, alligator pie!  Hands were washed and sleeves rolled up.  We had crust makers who were busy breaking down the graham crackers.

It was then time to add the melted butter and mix it all together to form the crust.

Others were busy making the pudding filling.

How do we make the filling green? Blue and yellow!

Time to pour the filling in to the crust.

James M was our official taste tester to make sure it was good. Thanks for taking one for the team, James. 🙂

Down to the freezer it goes to set.

The table was set and it was time for alligator pie. Everyone had 2 chocolate chips and some white candy for teeth to decorate.

A family photo before anyone takes a bite!

And snap… everyone eat.

Most friends agreed this was the best alligator pie they have ever tasted. While eating, Mrs. Jones taught us a fun poem about alligator pie.
Alligator Pie
Alligator Pie
If I don’t get some I think I gonna cry
Give away the green grass
Give away the sky
But don’t give away my alligator pie.

Check us out all saying it together!

March family meal was fantastic, what will April be?

Busy Days

Thursday was taste test day.  From research we discovered that alligators and crocodiles both live in dirty swampy water. But do they like the same water?
Everyone got a glass full of dirty brown looking water. It sure didn’t look good to drink. This water was called, fresh water. Almost everyone took a sip, and everyone that tired it agreed, it tasted like “normal” water. In the next glass of dirty brown looking water, it looked the same as the first glass, but we found out it sure didn’t taste the same!  Most everyone took a sip of this water.  Gross, it tastes salty, is what we heard many say!  This water was called, salt water.

Alligators and Crocodiles like different water. Alligators like fresh water to swim in, while crocodiles like salt water. Do you want to be an alligator or a crocodile?

Friday was a wonderful day in Kindergarten B.  News was spreading around the school that we have been learning about alligators and crocodiles.  Mrs. Iredale’s grade 1 class came to our class to practice their Kiwanis poem, ” The Crocodile’s Toothache” in front of an audience.   The grade 1’s did an amazing job speaking and we did an amazing job sitting still and listening!  In return, we were able to share some of our new knowledge about alligators and crocodiles.  We shared our knowledge about the difference between alligator and crocodile snouts, as well as the different types of water they swim in. Great job KB and grade 1’s!

Kindergarten B was such a great quiet audience, but once the grade 1 class left, everyone was ready for their play plans. Like many days, when you looked around Kindergarten B, it was a day of building.  At the block mat there was careful construction of an alligator boat with traps to catch them.  The scuba divers created their own tanks and carefully plunged in to the water when it was safe. Blue window blocks were purposefully placed along the back side of the boat along with shells on top to represent the bottom of the water.

Luke, James M and Noah were busy recreating the poem, “The Crocodile’s Toothache” at Lego.

Lindy and Hudson made sure no animals escaped in our classroom. Each animal had a cage built specifically for them according to their size and shape.

Bentley R and Jacob had built a house using magna tiles at the light table and had to discuss the best way to add a roof.

Any stranger walking in may have been fooled thinking they had just entered London England. The middle of our classroom had a stunning replica of Big Ben, built together by Andrew and Henry. We had a calendar with a Big Ben photo for them to refer to as they built.

It has been a busy fun week of learning. Rest up everyone, next week will be great!

Congratulations, it’s an… Alligator!

This week brought back lots of exciting stories about the break. Luke shared with us that he went to Gatorland in Florida. This sparked many wonders and began our next learning opportunity.
We happened to have a skull of either a alligator or crocodile and we had to figure out are they the same thing or different? And if they are different, what do we have in our class?


After reading books and watching a few videos we discovered that alligators have a U shaped snout and crocodiles have a V shaped snout. Olivia made a chart to remind us of this new found knowledge. Thanks Olivia!

So with this new found knowledge, we have discovered, our classroom skull is an alligator!
We set photos around the room of alligators to inspire our learners. Playdough was used to create alligators and make the word.


Many took their learning to production where they sketched, and created their own alligator.


Luke wrote out facts for us. He counted our alligator teeth, it has 79 teeth!


As a class we discussed what an alligator would eat. Thanks to Natalie and Avery P for creating the list of our knowledge from researching the books in our room.


Habitat was our next word to learn. This is where the alligator lives. Everyone agreed they would choose their home over an alligator home!


With plasticine we used our imaginations and created habitats for alligators.

Where will our alligator learning take us next…