We are?

The challenge for Kindergarten B was to go home on the weekend and see if they can find something that is symmetrical. Many came back today with ideas of what they noticed.

Claire: I founds at my friends house two beds in the room and an invisible line down the middle of the wall

Gwen: a flower in my room

Nate: a candy necklace

Livey: the garages are from the outside at my house

Nate shared with us that we don’t have to look far for symmetrical things. His theory is that we are all symmetrical. We all gave that some thought, then the wheels started turning.

Avery P: one arm on one side and we have another on the other side

Bentley D: I have one leg on one side and one on the other

Livey: I have one ear on one side and one on the other

Lillian: I have one foot here and one on the other side

Claire: the symmetrical line is your spine

Noah: socks on each side

Drew: socks aren’t always symmetrical look at Lillian’s socks


We decided to put Nate’s theory to the test that he is symmetrical.


We have come to the conclusion that Nate’s theory is indeed true, most of the time.

During our discovery time friends were still trying to find symmetry in their play. Henry made crab and spider beetle.



Luke made a symmetrical heart.


Symmetrical Snowflakes❄️❄️❄️

This week as we returned back to Kindergarten after the break, winter ideas came in like a snowstorm. ❄️ Snowflakes became a big hit.
We have discussed how each snowflake is different and unique, just like all of us. After looking a different snowflakes on the smart board we realized that there was something else very special about them. Whatever is on one side is on the other! This math word is symmetrical!
We challenged the group to help make our blocks into a symmetrical snowflake.





During our discovery time we took our learning in to our play. Some decided to make snowflakes with loose parts.

20180111-141131.jpgbr />




Noah and Drew brought symmetry to paint.





Bentley D discovered that not only snowflakes are symmetrical, his hockey rink he made at Lego was symmetrical.


We are wondering what else is symmetrical?

Inspired To Spread The Love

This morning we gathered as a kindergarten B family to reflect on our recent blog post about spreading love. We love reading all the comments made by families and made connections to who replied back. Many were very excited when they recognized the name. We had someone in a family, Auntie Joy, inspired by us! We all felt very proud and happy. We decided we needed to write a reply to her and share it with all of you.

Dear Auntie Joy,
Thank you for saying kind words. We like that you donated money for a bedkit. We hope another child will feel happy. We are glad we inspired you and we hope that maybe others will be inspired too! Merry Christmas.
Kindergarten B

Such a kind and caring group of students in our B family. ❤️

Spreading the ❤️

Today at our morning meeting we talked about the upcoming holiday, Christmas. As a class we discussed how everyone in our class has a bed to sleep in and clothes to wear. We asked everyone to lay down on the classroom floor. Mrs. Jones and Ms.Simpson went around giving some friends a pillow to lay on and some a blanket. We gathered as a group and described how it felt to lay on the floor. We heard words like, cold, hard and uncomfortable. We then asked the friends that had the pillows and blankets to describe the feeling. They used words like, soft, cozy, warm and cuddly. Then we shared the message with the class, that some people don’t have a bed or blankets or clean clothes. At Christmas time we as educators like to give a gift to the students. So we asked them each to think inside their hearts, would you rather get socks for Christmas from Mrs. Jones and Ms. Simpson or, would you rather us use that money to buy some one a bedkit with things that don’t have and need?
Before we had our turn on the survey we looked at photos of some things that are delivered in the bed kits.


With our thoughts in our hearts it was time to do our survey. We found out we have some very generous hearts.



More friends felt in their heart that someone else needed a bedkit and decided they didn’t need new Christmas socks. They wanted us to use that money for a bedkit instead.


Livey got down to business today writing all the things she remembered seeing in the photo of the bedkit. Bed, blanket,shoes… The list goes on!




So, on behalf of the 2017-2018 Kindergarten B class, Mrs. Jones and Ms. Simpson will make a donation for a child to be a recipient of a bedkit this Christmas. 🎄


Our fish inquiry continues. Ms. Simpson sent in photos of tuna fish coming off a fishing boat in PEI. We wondered if the tuna fish is it the same tuna that is in sandwiches?




We also practiced sketching a fish and printing the word during our outside time.






Inside fish have been popping up everywhere.