Welcome New Families!

We have some very excited JK students ready to be the “big kids” in our class.  They are ready to take on the challenge after watching, listening and being guided by an amazing group of SK students.  Together as a Kindergarten B family we have put together a video to show what a day can look like.  Luke, Natalie, Bentley D and Bentley R all have things they love about Kindergarten B to share!  Please watch and get ready for an exciting year of new learning in September.  Happy Summer☀️

When One Door Closes Another Opens…

This post pulls at the heart strings.  We are saying see you later to our SK crew.  In two short years they have become amazing learners, problem solvers, listeners, collaborators and together have some of the biggest hearts.  They came in not knowing each other and now leaving they have becoming a cohesive group of learners.  In challenging moments they always have each others back and encourage when needed being a kind and compassionate friend.   We are proud of each and every one of you, we have been blessed to have been your educators.  This year all SK students put their names on the benches to remember each other.  You will always be part of our Kindergarten B family.  ❤️

June Family Meal

June has crept up on us!  With only a few days left in the school year, we decided to enjoy our last family meal of this school year outside. This is something all our students look forward to, preparing a meal and eating it together.  In class we washed and cut up fresh vegetables for todays lunch.  Everyone finds someone new to sit with and talk to.  The chatter heard at the table today revolved around summer and the excitement for adventures to come. We enjoyed our day together.  Some will be moving on, but everyone will always be a part of Kindergarten B.

A Day of Adventure

Off to the Stratford Public Library we went to explore books on butterflies.  There we met Sally, who taught us all the things that happen at the library.  She showed us a variety of butterfly books and read us, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

After the story we had time to make a butterfly craft.  Using our knowledge of butterfly wings we tried to make the wings symmetrical.

We then had time to explore the library and look at different books of our choice.  Finding a cozy spot to curl up with the book was so fun.

We said goodbye to Sally and walked for a picnic lunch.  Many of our stomach were very hungry!  Filled with food we continued on our way where we found a shady tree to play with the parachute.  Lots of people walking by stopped to watch us and laughed along with our contagious laughter.

On our walk back we stopped for a surprise treat.  Ice cream on a hot day.🍦

We stopped to take a family photo while the ducks and their families tried to photo bomb from behind.

What an amazing Tuesday of learning in our community. ❤️

Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies were still on the minds of many as today as we began a brand new week.   At production students were busy drawing their own butterflies. The butterflies came to life on paper and the words became the new found knowledge.

Loose parts counter was busy with people creating symmetrical butterflies out of keys, jewels, buttons and more!  The end product shows these learners love to create and imagine.

What a magical day of learning more about butterflies.