Baseball is all around us⚾️

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A giant blue balloon reminded us of a baseball. Over the past couple of weeks we have been exploring paper mache and getting our hands messy! Our giant balloon is transforming in to our very own classroom baseball.







Over at big blocks it was transformed in to the Rogers Centre. Nate, Rhodes and Colton were busy making plans, building then adding labels.

Colton drew the architectural plans.


Rhodes worked on the score board.


We watched videos and looked at photos to see what the Rogers Centre looks like. They settled on building it with the roof open. Must have been thinking it was a sunny day.



Nate worked on creating the flags.



Colton noticed the Rogers Centre name on the back so he got busy writing a sign for it.



Such a great time learning. Let’s play ball!

Off to SERC we go…

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The sun was out and the temperature was rising. We had a shift in plans and decided to take our learning over to SERC to play baseball on a real diamond. With lunches, bats and balls packed we started our walking adventure.

We stopped along our way to borrow a tee to hit from and some bases. This is a class of students that are always working together as a team. Everyone was willing to pitch in and help take turns carrying all our equipment.
When we arrived at SERC we had to fuel our bodies.

We noticed differences right away…
Colton: this diamond has brown dirt and grass
Gigi: our diamond just has rocks
Claire: this is where our fans sit and cheer for us

We started off by running the bases to warm up legs.

Next we had to warm up our arms by some throwing and catching in the field.

We made teams and then practiced our hitting. Batter up!

Colton smashed it into the field.

Claire wanted to hit it just like her dad.

The ball was hurting after Nate hit it.

Strike 1 to Drew and he is still smiling. Does he ever stop?

Ella hit a line drive smashing the ball.

We played baseball for almost an hour and a half. Our Kindergarten B team just wanted to keep playing! When the game was over we packed up and moved across the street to play at the playground.

Backpacks on our backs, we began our trek back to Avon school. We stopped to return the bases and tee then off we walked. On the way home we heard baseball cheering and laughter about our day. What an amazing day of learning in our community!

Baseball buzz⚾️

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There has been lots of baseball talk this past week. Our measuring chart is getting more baseball player names and junior Jays.

We have been keeping track of all the games. Pink ball represents the win, white balls represent the losses.


As a group we created a list of baseball words we knew.


Ellie was busy this week creating the Rogers Centre.


Colton used paint to create his vision of a baseball diamond. He felt the red part was important on the field, it is the dirt that helps the players slide.


Lillian mapped out her very own baseball diamond with the markers.


Pay attention to Collin’s details of his drawing. The circles have the seams drawn to represent a baseball. He always takes his learning to the next level.


Ewen thought we needed bases in our classroom. He got busy cutting and labelling. After he put each base up on the bulletin board, he realized he needed some arrows so people knew which way the players need to run.


During our owl time we got in some junior Jay spring training practice.
Running the bases.

Playing catch.

It has been a great week of learning. After a 4 day weekend, we are hoping to get more pink win balls on our April schedule when we come back!

Swan Forest

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What a gorgeous day for an outing to Swan Forest. Jack the bus driver greeted us as we got on the bus and quickly found our seats. There was whispers of, we need to look for bus 5 when we get off. That is the bus that takes us to Swan Forest. Neither one of us told the kids this time which bus we changed to, they remembered from our gallery days!

We started off our day talking about birds and how we can help to give them a snack. We all went out to collect as many pine cones as our age.

We then added WowButter and lard to our pine cone. We each got to practice our spreading.

Now that the pine cones were all sticky (and our hands) it was time to add the bird seed.

We sat in the forest and purposefully looked for the perfect tree to hang our feeders on. Carefully we worked together to spread out each feeder for the birds.

Looks good! Our job here is done. The birds sure will enjoy their tasty treat! Off to see what Swan Forest looks like in the spring time.

There is always one sleeper on the way home. Today… Nate 🙂

What a wonderful day of learning!

It Takes a Village

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We started off our morning with our Blue Jay report. We watched a few highlights of the game to see the final score, recorded their score under our win column and picked our Jr. Jay of the day, Daniel to get measured against Blue Jay player Kendrys Morales. The best part… every time the Jays win, we listen to the song and dance to celebrate.

After this celebration we regrouped and discussed what it means to work as a team. As a class we decided to make a kindergarten B village. Every one had a plan to create something different to make it all come together. It may take a village to help raise a child but it takes a class of dedicated students to build a village. Thanks Blue Jays for inspiring our teamwork.

Nate was busy making the Tampa Bay Rays baseball field where the Blue Jays played last night.



Kenna wanted to take baby Isla to watch the baseball game on Nate’s field. She made a personalized jersey for Isla to wear.



Collin created his own animal word ring of all the animals being used today.


Animal area was busy today, keeping all the animals happy, fed and together.



Drew was busy making cars and the road for people to drive on.



Architects Ella and Lexi were busy building the school and hospital.


Who is hungry? Good thing there is a SiRkeL FOODS.



Make sure you wait for your food to settle before going for a swim at the community pool James built.


It was an amazing day of working together.