Get a Hose, We Got Muddy!

We headed out to the Magic Forest for another adventure.


We came upon a brand new spot that we hadn’t explored yet this year. Getting to this spot took some patience and skill to navigate the many tree branches guarding our path. We encouraged each other to soldier on and helped some over all the muddy areas. When Gigi happened to lose her boot, Nate was there quickly to help her out.


The way these students have learned to use their imagination is incredible and it becomes more evident each time we embark on a new adventure. Leaves become umbrellas, sticks become teepees the possibilities are endless.

Today Ella and Lillian were selling mud tacos. The leaves were the shells holding it all together.


Brennan and Dexter were busy fishing with their new fishing poles.



Ewen made an umbrella.


Colton noticed his friends were getting stuck in the mud, so he organized a group of friends to help collect sticks to build a bridge.




Avery got stuck in the mud but she didn’t let that get her down. She found some grass to wipe down her hands.


It never fails, this group of nature lovers always find some kind of living creature to investigate.





In true Kindergarten B fashion, we love to take family photos. This one shows the love and passion for the outdoors that these students hold dear to their hearts. When we ask them if they prefer indoor play our outside they cheer, OUTSIDE.


It was a great day in the forest.❤️🌲


Family Baseball Game~Play Ball!

On Friday May 26, 23 families, 70 people all together including 8 future KB students and 5 KB alumni came together to celebrate the Kindergarten B family. The excitement was in the air from the moment some students got up. There was talk that Nate woke up at 5:45 that morning with his uniform on ready for the big game. Now that’s a team player! The rain the day before didn’t stop this group of baseball students. Friday morning our team went out the check the diamond and decided to tarp it, to keep it protected from any sprinkles that may come before the game. Juice was made, popcorn was bagged and our room began to smell like hot dogs. It was time to play ball!

Thank you to all the Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters and a special Opa that came out to celebrate.
Enjoy the video!

Event Plannners

We are at it again in Kindergarten B. This time it is planning for our family baseball game! Everyone is so excited for the big game on Friday and to show our developing baseball skills.

We have been busy decorating one of a kind popcorn bags for each family to enjoy.


Some felt we needed a big banner outside so people knew what was going on. Colton suggested putting it on the fence. We got out the big long paper and some paint. Time to get messy!



Later we headed out to the diamond to play a game. We practiced our warm up that we will teach our families as well as our blue jay song and dance! Today we practiced with our teams and got a team photo, even though the sun was in our eyes. Then it was time to play ball! ⚾️.



Great work team Kindergarten B!

Baseball party🎉⚾️

Everyone came to school today excited for our baseball party. We were all decked out in our Blue Jays gear.
At discovery time we gave the kids a challenge that their play had to involve something about baseball.

Ewen and Nate created Ace, the Blue Jays mascot, at Lego.

Nate even built fans that were getting their picture taken with Ace.

Friends at the food stand were busy taking orders. Lots of hot dogs, popcorn and drinks were being served.

Colton had an order ready at the pick up counter.

Rhodes was busy making logos and labels for the teams that are allowed at our kindergarten B stadium.

We took a team photo in our Blue Jays gear.

After recess we watched a baseball movie called Angels in the Outfield and had some popcorn. We were excited to see that the Blue Jays were playing in the movie.

Usually we only do the Blue Jay dance when they win a game but today was a bit different. Every time a different teacher walked in to our classroom to see what was happening at our party we surprised them with the dance. Then we would go back to playing.

Finally what we had all been waiting for, piñata time!⚾️. A worms view of our piñata about to get hit.


Lexi took a big swing.

Ella got a piece of it.

Livi couldn’t stop giggling.


Drew smiles no matter what.


Dexter took a big strong swing and…

Nate enjoying his treat.


It was a great day had by all!

Kindergarten B Takes On Downtown Stratford

We were so excited for our breakfast at Sirkel. Paul the bus driver met us at the bus stop and we quickly got settled in our seats. Dexter brought a book along for the ride.


The bus dropped us off at Features where we walked and waved to the local stores in our community that are special to kindergarten b families. When we made it to Sirkel we were greeted by Mommia and Mommy, Ewen’s moms!


Inside everyone found a spot and remembered all their restaurant manners.





Ella ran into a special person!


We were put to work doing some dishes.





Our bellies were full after a delicious morning breakfast snack. Afterwards we said thank you and started on our way. Livi’s backpack was almost bigger than her, but you won’t ever hear this girl complain!


The next store we had planned to wave to was Family and Company. Claire’s mom met us outside and invited us in. We met at the train table and went over some toy store manners and rules.


Collin and Rhodes found a giant rainbow ball and played some catch.

The magician put on a magic show for us to watch.


Avery found stilts and gave it a try.


Kenna loved the marble run.


Livi carried around a big T-Rex to show friends. May have caught Nate off guard!


Leave it to Domenic to find the animals!


As our time was wrapping up we thanked the staff for showing us the toys. Knowing the sun was out they had a special surprise for us. Everyone got a pair of their own star sunglasses! 😎 We got a class photo with Claire’s mom outside and then we were off.


Shakespearean Gardens was packed full of older kids so we all decided we would keep walking until we found a spot to sit and eat. Everyone enjoyed the walk and talking with each other. We came to a park which looked like a good spot to sit and have some lunch. Ewen’s moms sent some bread back for each of us. Afterwards we had some fun in the park. This wasn’t a playground park it was use your imagination park. Everyone had fun playing and exploring.

Nate and Collin were found catching up on the bench then later enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature.



A group of kids found a hide out and believed it was a secret cave.


Drew and Livi enjoyed picking flowers and making nature art.


A house


Claire danced around and made up her own song about her love for dandelions.



There is a saying, home is where you hang your hat. Where ever we go, Rhodes will often hang is hat. Although this park is not our home, we are a class of explorers and today this is where Rhodes “hung his hat”. It is quite fitting as Rhodes would prefer to spend most of his time outside exploring. He has definitely helped to inspire his classmates and share his love for the outdoors. We can safely say he has done a wonderful job.


Annabelle’s sweater reminds us to always be kind.


On our walk back there was chatter and laughter. Gigi’s comment sums up our day…
“We were going for breakfast at Sirkel and our day turned in to a whole day of adventure. It was such a fun day.”