Mr. Melton’s Lungs

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After many days of trying to push the balls with the air from our lungs we finally got the little white ball to move. As we discussed, we wondered if Mr. Melton has more air in his lungs to help the balls move outside. We wrote him a letter using their thoughts and wonders. (This was a kid inspired letter using their words.)


We delivered the letter to Mr.Melton for him to read. Following that we went outside with all the materials ready to challenge Mr.Melton.
First he started with the purple ball just like we did…

Next he tried the orange ball…

And lastly he tried the little white ball. This was the only ball that worked for us…

We believe that Mr. Melton has bigger lungs that are able to hold more air. Thanks Mr.Melton for helping us with this learning.

❤️A Day of Red❤️

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Today’s morning started off with team challenges outside. We had to work in teams to create the tallest pile of snow (snow volcano). Each team only had 2 shovels and 3 or 4 kids. Working together meant, sharing, taking turns, talking about plans and helping each other.





When finished we used cubes to measure the height of each snow volcano. The tallest pile was 33 cubes high!



The two tallest snow volcanos we decided we would erupt.



Inside we delivered our valentines and felt so loved by all of our friends. Our day of love was made more special by some treats dropped off. We had yummy red strawberries, a cake, a creative tootsie pop centre piece for our table and gorgeous flowers to brighten our space.


We sat down as a family and enjoyed our treats and table decorations together.





As we said goodbye to our day of red and love, our friend Lexi gave each person a flower and wished them a Happy Valentine’s Day from her. What a wonderful day.

Open Discovery

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It was an open discovery morning outside. Team work was on display while they problem solved on how to build a tunnel. The jobs were divided up so that everyone who wanted to could take part. It was rewarding to watch them discuss each other’s ideas and then implement their strategies.




Brennan and Annabelle were busy making a magic potion for the big bad wolf. No one actually spotted the wolf but the potion was ready just incase. Apparently they put something inside that smells gross to people but wolves can’t resist it.


We put our Art Gallery knowledge to work and brought art outside. The conditions were great for painting on the ice.







It was a great day of learning outside!

Rotary Arena Skate

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Friday was a fun filled day at the Rotary Arena. We started off with a tour and, we even had a chance to sit on the Zamboni.





With food in our bodies, laces tied up and helmets on, it was time to get on the ice.

Go Noah go! You wouldn’t know that last time was his very first time on skates. He loved it so much his parents put him in some lessons. Watch his face, his smile makes you smile.

Look out here comes Annabelle. She was beaming with pride all day.

Lillian was giggling the whole day. This was her first time and she did a super job!

Kenna was so excited. She told everyone she was a skating rock star! Kenna, you are a rock star🌟

Claire decided no more skate buddy for her, she was ready to skate without it. You did a great job Claire!

Lexi was concentrating and trying not to be distracted while the paparazzi was in her face trying to take a video.

The love this class has for one another has been captured in these photos. Creating long lasting memories of friendship.




It was smiles all around from everyone!




The bus ride back was a quiet one…




This is the schedule of the public skate. It is a great time out as a family.


Thank you to all the families who came to help tie skates, skate with us on the ice or to cheer from the sidelines. Your support is greatly appreciated!


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Nate sparked more interest in learning about our body when he brought in a chest X-ray of himself. We could figure out the rib cage and he showed us where his heart and lungs were located. This opened the floor for lots of learning about our lungs and how they work. Nate had so much information to share with us. First off, they help us breath!


Claire: When you breath the air fills up in your lungs and when you breath out you can feel the air from your mouth escape.

We thought we could try out Claire’s theory with in our classroom by painting a picture moving the paint around by blowing into a straw. There was defiantly some amazing masterpieces created!





While outside we discussed more about our lungs and reflected back on Nate’s knowledge and X-ray of this chest. We remembered seeing his heart, lungs and rib cage. Many had the theory that the rib cage protected the lungs. So we practiced outside being the lungs and rib cage. 2 lungs in the middle and the rib cage around.



Over the next few days we brought out a variety of balls and set up team relay races to try to blow the ball with the air from our lungs to our friends. The first day didn’t go so well. We figured that perhaps the balls were too heavy.
So the next day we got different balls. And still they didn’t move. Perhaps still too heavy.


On the third day we brought out different balls, but the result was different. These balls moved!

We went inside to warm up and we got out our scales.

Annabelle: scales help to weight things

We wanted to test our theories. Did the other balls not move because they were heavier?



After placing the balls that we used on the scale and recording the weight we found out that the first ball weighed 197g. The ball from day 2 weighed 51g. And the balls from day 3 weighed 3g. So together we decided it was easier to blow the lighter balls than the heavier balls with the air from our lungs.


At production some were interested in trying to recreate lungs. So we got paper bags, straws and plastic bags. When you blow into the straw it shows how our lungs fill up with air. Many have had fun creating their bodies.