My Youtube Channel


Hey guys i just my new YoutubeTM Channel with Jacob Macearen (i dont know how to spell his last name) check it out at “A&JGaming” we have no videos so far except my welcome to our channel Vlog (Video Blog)

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Today in art we made snow man from a bunny’s perspective I made 2 one of 1 snow man standing by itself and another of 3 snowmen standing in a circle and they looked like this.


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Christmas Dinner


It might not have been the National Lampoon’s Christmas dinner, and perhaps as well it wasn’t, we had a wonderful evening full of fellowship, wonderful food and festive family cheer. A special thanks to all the families for contributing to such a fun evening. It was fantastic to have as many families out as we did, considering this busy season. Thanks to all those who were able to help out with setting up the dinner and then clean up afterwards.

Merry Christmas!


~ Mr. Ford


Staff vs. Students Indoor Soccer

Image result for indoor soccer imagesToday, at school, we had a couple of staff vs. student indoor soccer games. The games were very even and lots of fun was had by all. The spectators were packed in the gym with barely even standing room {but well within the fire safety code – of course!}. What a fun atmosphere. A special thanks to all of the families that donated items for under the Christmas tree to be taken to the House of Blessing.

The students team will continue to be made up of grades 4,5 and 6 aged students next year, but I fear the staff team will be a little, how shall I put it, wiser. Yes, that’s it. We’ll be wiser. =:)