Dance Crew Competition

Today, we participated in Regier’s Dance Crew Competition vs. Mr Oliver’s 8s, Mrs Regier’s 8s and Mrs Pregent’s 7s. Mrs Luting’s 8s and Mrs McGee’s 7s were the judges! Thank you, Mrs Regier for making dance class fun and engaging.

Learning Skills & Work Habits

As first term comes to an end, we re-evaluate our goals and reflect.  This term, we are focusing on learning skills and work habits.  Each of the students chose one learning skill that they felt they needed improvement in and developed a plan on how they were going to achieve this goal. I am proud of the way the students were able to self reflect and identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Remembrance Day Legion Competition Winners

Congratulations to this fine group of individuals! 7C cleaned house at the local Legion level and we have three pieces moving on to the next level.  Good luck, Lucas, Brooke, and Dawn.

Lucas H – 1st Place – Colour Poster
Brooke L – 1st Place – Essay
Dawn S – 1st Place – Poem
Dawn S – 2nd Place – Black & White Poster
Aidan D – 2nd Place – Essay
Jared S – 3rd Place – Essay
Mitchell K – Honourable Mention – Essay (Missing from photo)

Remembrance Day Legion Competition Winners.

Remembrance Day Legion Competition Winners.

Spirit of the Season

SHDHS Student Council, has put together a “Spirit of the Season” campaign.  Our class has decided to show our spirit of the season, by taking up a collection to purchase gifts for a classmate, who is going through a tough time.  Our mission was to make him smile! We were able to collect $254 to go towards his gift basket.  I am very proud of this group of students. They are a caring and empathetic group of young people, who show the spirit of the season, all year round. Spirit of the Season

Remembrance Day

What a great assembly this morning. I am always in awe as to how well students listen and show respect, during this very emotional ceremony.

Congratulations to these In-School Remembrance Day Poster Contest Winners. Their posters have been displayed outside of the gym all week, for others to enjoy.
1st Place – Colby Weagle
2nd Place – Sarah Little
3rd Place – Rachel Rudy
Honourable Mention goes to Cassidy Payne & Madison Fletcher
Well done, ladies!


Poster Winners

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