KB Spring reminders…

Let’s hope spring warmer weather is right around the corner…😊

A few reminders before April arrives…

  • next Friday is another Skating time at the Rotary Complex. If you’d like to join us, just write a note in your child’s planner, then meet us at 12:45 at the arena.
  • we’ve had a number of students bringing their own toys from home into the classroom. We’ve asked them to keep these special toys in their backpacks ( out of the class so as not to get lost or broken) , and if they choose to bring them outside for recess, it is their responsibility.
  • thank you for sending extra socks and warm clothes with your child as the weather continues to change…warm and dry is a much nicer way to be!

Groceries anyone?

We had several different grocery stores open for business today in our classroom. Items have been labelled with prices, money is being exchanged, and shelves are gradually being stocked with food.

We’re looking for any empty food containers you may have to help re-stock the shelves. If you can bring them in tomorrow to school, I know our store clerks would be very grateful!

KB Engineers at work…

A new inquiry has developed in KB…. constructing marble runs using “inclined planes” (ramps).

This “team of engineers” worked cooperatively to co-construct their “marble run”. We know that tomorrow they’re looking forward to making some more modifications to their design!

During today’s build, Miles was working on creating “guard rails” to keep the marbles on the track.

Malcolm is trying to devise a “string to support” the upper ramp, and Cohen realized a “support beam” was needed to support the joint where the tubes came together.

Way to go team!