Pizza and milk?

Today we noticed that several students have ordered pizza for tomorrow. Unfortunately, pizza (or milk) is not delivered to outdoor school. We have talked with Mrs. Dietz, secretary, and she will put our pizza in the refrigerator for them to eat on Thursday. We will serve the milk on Thursday as well. Please pack a typical lunch, with a few extras, for tomorrow.

Outdoor School on Wednesday!

We are very excited that on Wednesday, October 18 will be heading out to   Cobi Sauder’s farm for our first day of Outdoor School.  The forecast for Wednesday looks great, sunny and a high of 19.  Here are a few tips to get us ready for the day;

1. Wear layers, it will be cool in the morning.

2. Wear rubber boots, the grass is very wet in the morning.

3. Bring extra food and water as they tend to be very hungry and thirsty when outside all day.

4. Sunscreen


We have 4 volunteers going with us on Wednesday. Thank you Stefanie Hill, Mark Kearsay, Deb Voyce and Cynthia.

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Look what’s happening today in KB…

Today in Kindergarten B, we were busy as bees!

  • making pumpkin pie playdough
  • colouring and making small books
  • playing with the sand
  • building lego
  • making cars, lava ships and tents
  • making forts
  • making a surprise for my mom and dad
  • writing new words in a book
  • playing at the water table
  • building the CN Tower with lego
  • drawing my whole family
  • painting a picture of the sunset and the dirt
  • making signs for Lego City
  • building the Ultimate Destoyer
  • making letters with Wiki Sticks