genius hour

I am making a website. I am learning how to code on a website called codecademy.

Its a place where you can lean to code on this site and if you want to learn to code i thing this would help you.

I am 16% done it and there is a 3 hour learning section

Iqbal Chapter 11

I think the kite means freedom. I think this because of when they got out of child labor. The next day he was out he flew a kite as one of the first things he did. He flew the kite with meria, Fatima, and Iqbal.        I think it is a good book so far and Iqbal let them free with the cops and the ,asters brother (I think he is)



In April we had good times and bad times.

We started to read the book Iqbal.  We are on Chapter 11. It is about a boy in child labor and his name is IQBAL!! It is a good book so far


I went to Load and Proud. It was  fun boring at sometimes. I was there as a clarinet. I was shy in front of all parents and people. it was 350 peoples parents.

We went tree Planting it was fun . We had a goal of 110 trees to plant. Me and my buddy (Zach) planted 3 trees

So as you can see it was a fun April






Iqbal chapter 6

In chapter 5 he was thrown into the tumb. The other kids that are in child labor from they master came down there and gave him food and water and when the opened the door the masters wife herd them and opened the window and was blind because she looked at them and didn’t see them.