In April we had good times and bad times.

We started to read the book Iqbal.  We are on Chapter 11. It is about a boy in child labor and his name is IQBAL!! It is a good book so far


I went to Load and Proud. It was  fun boring at sometimes. I was there as a clarinet. I was shy in front of all parents and people. it was 350 peoples parents.

We went tree Planting it was fun . We had a goal of 110 trees to plant. Me and my buddy (Zach) planted 3 trees

So as you can see it was a fun April






2 thoughts on “April

  1. I am sorry to hear that Loud and Proud was boring at times. I wish I was there to see you all perform! It sounds like it was a great experience. I hope you keep up your instrument next year.

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