The Earth
The Earth
The Earth with the Sun
The Earth with the Sun

The Earth rotates. When the Sun is faceing us its day. When the sun is away its night. The Sun stays stationary when we are pasitioned around it. There is a invisabale axis in the middle of the Earth. The Sun shines on the Earth and that makes it day.

Planet Earth

The surface of Earth is bumpy, rocky, wet, snowy, icy,  green,.

Did you know that the Earth from Outer Space looks like a colourful marble? 

Do you know more about the Earth?

My immigration group

My group is the British they were treated very good when they first came to Canada.

The british immigrants came to Canada in 1610 they came to Newfoundland. The british started in Newfoundland and explored all of Canada. By 1650 they founded most Of the country. It took them 40 years to go explore all of Canada. The only ones they didn’t find was yukon, north west territories and nunavut.

When the british immigrants came Canada they farmed all over Canada. The british are the people that named all of Canada. They named Ontario, british columbia, saskatchewan.

The britches were the one who were the most wanted out of all the people. The did not have a head tax like the Chinese. We didn’t have to pay 50$ to get in to Canada.

The British were treated with care and got payed a good amount. The British were the ones who wanted to come to get food fur and lots of other things

What immigrants did you study?