Trip to Wild Wood :)

On October, 7th, 2014 we went to wild wood :). we went in to a swamp witch i could now to in the water my boots had a hole in them. i cough a hole bunch of may flys and put a lot of them back.

We played this small game of where all the students (me and my classmates) were the raccones and the adalts were the foxes and when they looked at us we had to freeze. We played a game where we got cards and we had to ask them what they are and if you don’t eat them and they don’t eat you your buddys whth the person.

At the end of the day we had a big game of survival and there was a a carnavole, herbavore, and  omnavore. i was a plant eater. and i had almost all my lifes :).

What kind of if thing was I?