Iqbal chapter 5

Iqbal was sent to “the tumb” He was sent from cutting the carpet in to pieces. He was tossed in to the tumb and he scraped his knees on the solid ground.

Iqbal chapter 7

Iqbal ran away. I think he is going to come back with the keys and let them all go. It said (he squeeze out the window) and ran down the garden up the road and slowly disappeared.

Iqbal Chapter-3

I’m not sure if Iqbal s father made the right choice. He sent Iqbal away and I don’t think that was the right thing because he will lose one forever. I think he made the right choice because he wanted to save the older brother because he helped work on the farms.

My Poem

You could hear the wind blowing.


You could taste the air.


You could hear the cars.


But most of all you could smell the Cow manure .


You could see green grass.



You could feel the heat beaming from the sun.


You could feel the wind on your body.

But most of all you could hear the  birds tweeting.

Iqbal-chapter 2

imageIqbal just arived in the book. I think he would not like to be stuck in the carpet factory. Would you? I think he was chained to his loom because he might be smart and run away and never come back. #Iqbal.

Iqbal-Chapter 1

  • They work for there money back.
  • dreams come from hevin.
  • they all have to sit in a row.
  • the first ones to go to the washrooms where chained from there ankles.
  • They get payed 1 ropee (20cents)
  • he was working for him for 3 years and never put in the tumb.
  • they had a certent order to make the carpets.
  • They didn’t get to


imageFirst you need to measure the angles and have 6 sides. We measured the red lines and added them all up on the white sheet.


I think the book will about child labor. because the boy on the cover might work. I think that because carpets and clothing comes from Pakistan and that’s where it was written.


It was a fun month. I had lots of fun.  I did some fun stuff.

We went tubing. The class came too. We were there all day. i went down the hill 67 times and i was dissed.

I had a good time at dance club. (when I still went) They are dancing to the song call Every Thing is Awesome.

We are going to a music presentation in 2 days and it is all Kiwanis. I play the clarinet. There is a band play it is called Loud and Proud.

We to do a health project. I did it on staying home alone. Fact you should never answer the door or say your home alone.

 We had to do a Dance predestination. It was so scary

So as you can see I had a fun March

Did you have a fun March?