December 6

Roule et Répond

Students are practising answering 6 questions orally to achieve the following

LEARNING GOAL: I can briefly describe myself by presenting personal information to another person.

SUCCESS CRITERIA for presenting their answers include the following:

  • I can recognize simple questions and know when to respond.
  • I can use full sentences to answer questions.
  • I know the alphabet in French.
  • I know numbers from 1-31 and months of the year.
  • I can answer the questions when asked in a different order.
  • I practice my answers for correct pronunciation and fluency.
  • Bump ups:
      • I can spell BOTH my first name and my last name.
      • I can give the last 4 numbers in my phone numbers in double digits (e.g. 1224 = douze  vingt-quatre).

Attached is the oral activity that allows students to practice accountable talk. They roll the die (Roule) and respond (Répond) to the question that matches the number on the die. They are encouraged to practice their answers orally to increase their fluency by developing a sense of spontaneity as they recognize the questions asked in a random order. Try it at home!

Roule et répond PDF-1ivlol1  Click here to view the questions.

November 25

Les jours de la semaine

Les jours de la semaine = Days of the week

Students should review the days to demonstrate their knowledge of French vocabulary. (NB: there are no capitals in French)

dimanche Sunday
lundi Monday
mardi Tuesday
mercredi Wednesday
jeudi Thursday
vendredi Friday
samedi Saturday


November 25

L’alphabet français

Students have been practising the alphabet in French so that they can spell their names aloud as part of the current unit « Je me présente ».

They began with one version of the alphabet that slowly enunciates each letter, then combines the letters in a catchy military style rhythm that is easy for the students to learn quickly.

Click here to hear the first version:

Once we had the individual letters down pat, we cued the clip to @ 6:39 to just practice the whole alphabet in the military style. It’s repeated several times, increasing the tempo each time. Once students were adept at repeating the entire alphabet (which didn’t take long at all!) we listened to another catchy version. Click here to practice this one:

Have your child practice their awesome pronunciation at home!

September 22


Bienvenue! I am hoping to use this blog to share class materials with you. Grade 4s have begun their first year of French by learning some basics:

  • Greetings:  Bonjour! Je m’appelle Madame Jessen.  Comment ça va? Ça va bien!
  • Numbers: un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix (1-10)
  • Questions: Est-ce que je peux aller à la fontaine? Est-ce que je peux avoir un crayon?

Students are encouraged to repeat after me in French to develop their knowledge of vocabulary, language structures and overall pronunciation and fluency.

So far we are off to a great start! À bientôt!

Mme Jessen

October 2


Hello students of French as a Second Language. I am learning to blog and would like to share current class information here with you so that you can access it from home and share my enthusiasm of the French language and culture.

Students have created their own class promises to make every effort to speak French as often as possible and learn to self-correct. They are encouraged to repeat after me in French to develop their knowledge of vocabulary, language structures and overall pronunciation and fluency.

You can find general posts here or click on your class link on the right under Pages to explore what we are currently studying.

On y va!

December 7

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