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Harry Potter6

When Harry wakes up is in the hospital in Hogwarts. But Dumbledore says that Sirius is going to get killed.
But Hermione and Harry convince Dumbledore that Sirius is innocent. Then Hermione youses an hour glass which takes them back in time. They have to save Hagrid’s half eagle half horse pet. When they do they fly up to where Sirius is.
He flys away with the hipogriff and Harry and Hermione get to the hospital just in time. The next day is the last day and Hogwarts has a big feast. Then they aboard the Hogwarts express to summer vicacon.

THE End!

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  1.   Mrs. Dietrich Says:

    THE END? Well…what did you think? Did you enjoy the book? I have a feeling from your posts you did. Tell me two of your favourite parts in the book. Also, would you recommend this book to others?

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