Being Thankful …

I am thankful for family (both human & feline), friends, and the abundance and safety that we have as Canadian citizens.

I am also thankful for being part of our Husky family and for having the honour and privilege of working with my wonderful students. You make each day brighter, sweeter, and full of joy!

As we approach the long Thanksgiving weekend, take time to reflect on what you are thankful for.



Homework Alert …

This is a reminder that the All About Me Media Projects are due on Tuesday, October 9th. Students have been working on them daily in class for the past two weeks.

We begin presentations during the week October 9th. Thanks to those who have volunteered to go first.

The checklist/outline/rubric is posted below. Please ensure that you have met all of the expectations for success! Complete information and instructions for the project can be found in Google Classroom.



Showing Our Husky Spirit …

One of the challenges during Husky Games Week was to come up with a cheer or chant for your class/team. Today, we came up with the #bestcheerever and I couldn’t be more proud of my students and our wonderful Husky family!

A special shout out to the group that came up with our cheer/chant and a HUGE thank you to all of the students for being a part of this activity. I had an absolute BLAST recording this with you!


Let the Husky Games Begin …

This Friday morning will be our annual Husky Games. Each day this week, homerooms will be participating in several challenges to build spirit and a sense of community in our classrooms and in our school.
Last year’s Husky Games 7A team photo with Mrs. Booker’s homeroom.
To start the week off, let’s build some school spirit!! ? We are asking homerooms to embrace everything we love about our school and to come up with a “Husky Cheer/Chant“. You can make this related to your classroom/subject, or just to NW in general. Create a short video of your class doing their cheer, and then upload it to Twitter, tagging @StratfordNWSS and adding the hashtags #[teacher last name],  #huskygames#huskypride, and #homeroomchallenge.
Your homeroom will be awarded 30 points for completing this challenge by 10:15 on Thursday.
Today’s event is a Scavenger Hunt. We will email out the questions by 8:30 on Tuesday morning as a view only Google doc. Mrs. Key will create a copy of the .doc and share with the class so that we can edit as a group! You must share (via Google) the completed answers by 10:15 on Tuesday to be eligible for the points. Your homeroom will receive 2 points for each correct answer.
Today is a Word Search Challenge. You will be emailed a picture file of the letter chart by 8:30 on Tuesday morning.
Rules for Word Search.PNG
Scoring for Word Search.PNG
Please create a shareable doc with your class so everyone can contribute to this challenge at the same time. Share the final version of the doc with me by 10:15 on Wednesday to be eligible for scoring.
The final day of the homeroom challenges is Music Trivia.? There will be 10 song clips played over the announcements, and we ask that, in a Google doc, you identify the artist and song title. Each correct answer will be awarded 1 point, for a total of 20 possible points. Again, please share this doc with me by 10:15 on Thursday.
We are encouraging each homeroom to create a flag (themes are awesome, as are costumes the day of the event), all of which will aim to increase school spirit and build community in our classrooms as well as school-wide.
If you are able to take photos of your class throughout the process of creating your flag and/or of the completed flag with a class photo please tweet them out with the same hashtags as the cheer! Bonus points may be awarded for the homerooms that show the most spirit!
Last year’s 7A team poster.
FRIDAY (morning)
Participate in the Husky Games!

Meet the Teacher Night

On Wednesday, September 26th, we will be holding our annual Grade 7 and 8 ‘Meet the Teacher Night’. This is a great night to tour the school, meet your child’s teachers, and get to know what daily life is like in Husky Territory!

Who:  Grade 7 & 8 Parents and Students

What:  Grade 7 & 8 Meet the Teacher Night

Where:  Stratford Northwestern (elementary wing – upper floor)

When:  Wednesday, September 26th – 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Why:  To meet the staff and to find out how awesome it is @ Northwestern!

Can’t wait to see you there!  ?


Please note: As this is a very busy night, this will not be a formal interview time. Should you want to meet for an extended time with any of your child’s teachers, please let us know and we would be happy to schedule a time to discuss your child.