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Remembrance Day Assembly…

Thanks to Omama, Hunter, and Nathan for reading in the Remembrance Day assembly on Thursday, November 8th. You all did a fantastic job! A huge thank you to Mrs. Ritsma, who passionately and lovingly takes the lead on this very special event each year. Our students showed respect and love for our veterans as we took time to remember the sacrifices that helped to create the many rights and freedoms that we enjoy as Canadians. I am so proud to be a Husky!

Photo credits to M. Stears and Terissa Chalmers.

Update from Mrs. Key …

Here we go … it is hard to believe that we have blown through two months of the new school year and are quickly approaching the end of 2018!  Students continue to work hard to develop their character, learning skills, and to become caring and conscientious classroom citizens (good humans).

We have managed to work through the initial ‘bugs’ and ‘glitches’ of the iPads and technology over the past months, and are becoming much more resilient in the face of adversity and new learning. We have learned to create, join, upload, convert, and communicate through this amazing device. The multiple opportunities for student-centred and differentiated assessment of learning are beyond belief! Students can type, speak, listen, and/or write to demonstrate their understanding of concepts!  Parents, thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate our way through this exciting time. We continue to use Google Classroom on a daily basis for our classroom agenda, daily blog, and for many class announcements and assignments. 

Please check Google Classroom regularly with your son or daughter to see what’s going on in our Classroom!

Through our classroom discussions and our current novel study, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, we will continue to learn about prejudice and discrimination and just how important our rights are and our need to protect them.  The novel, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, is a historical fiction story based on real-world events as seen through the naive eyes of a fictional German boy, nine-year-old Bruno. Beginning in 1938, through the events of the Holocaust, this story reminds us of the dangers of prejudice, discrimination, and hatred, while also celebrating the kindness and love that is inside all of our hearts. When we are finished reading the story, we will be watching the movie, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and making comparisons to the novel. 

Following our novel study, students will continue to learn more deeply about the historical movements and events that surrounded the Holocaust. We will take a ‘sensitive’ and age-appropriate approach to the material and try to focus on the ‘big ideas’ instead of the individual horrors of the Holocaust. I have spoken to the students about the need for respect and understanding that images on the internet about the Holocaust involved real people and families. It is important that we do not focus on or sensationalize these graphic images and respect the dignity of those involved. In many ways, this takes the stress and burden off of the students while encouraging them to be informed and educated on a very important event that has forever changed our world and how we view it.

We will watch the BBC mini-series, The Diary of Anne Frank. I have chosen this particular mini-series as I believe it to be one of the most accurate and appropriate for our students. As we watch the mini-series, we will complete a series of visual journals through which we will record our thoughts, emotions, and reactions in visual form (pictures/words). The story of Anne Frank is one that I believe all students should understand and know. Following the mini-series, we will complete an Anne Frank WebQuest, through which we will learn more detail about her life and the times.

rights-of-a-childIndividually, or with a partner, each student will complete a project that will help them to develop a deeper understanding of human/children’s rights and how frequently these rights are being violated around the world. The big idea of child-like innocence during difficult times can be a profound concept for young people. Although a daunting task, learning lessons about the importance of kindness and love to combat hate, prejudice, and discrimination is essential for this next generation of world change makers. We will continue to engage in daily discussions through which we will deconstruct and reflect upon these emotionally stirring events in history. It is only through learning and promoting a deeper understanding of tragedies of the past, that we can move forward to ensure that atrocities like the Holocaust do not occur again. From events in history, current world events and conflicts, to social justice issues in our community and school, our goal is to educate each other of the importance of taking a stand for what is right and to show acceptance and love for everyone.

thank-you-kittyThank you for the honour and privilege of working with your child!
Mrs. Key

Love this!

I love that he extended his learning at home and shared it with the class on Google Classroom!

Imagine all the cool new Jack-O-Lanterns we could create …