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Welcome to the Grade 1/2 Busy Bee classroom blog!! We are so excited you have joined us in our learning journey! Ms. King is super excited about all the wonderful learners buzzing in our classroom!

You are welcome to comment and join in our learning conversations and share our blog with family and friends! We can’t wait to share what we are doing in our class with everyone!

Here we go!!

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday at South Perth

For the past few months, these students have been so engaged in this project and the benefits curtaintly showed through! The increase in problem solving, executive functioning, perseverance, positivity and risk taking skills has been significant, amongst so many other benefits. The students were so engaged in the project. 

They were pleased to present in a Tech Fair Open House to students in the school but we also opened up to families and the school community. They deserve a little spot light for all their hard work – front page in the local paper! Very proud of all their growth in learning and dedication to task. 




Goodbye Grade 1/2 Busy Bees!

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It’s that time where we celebrate the last day of our time in the Busy Bee class with each other! We will be welcoming, Miss Deichert, on Monday to the classroom. **I will be back Tuesday for our Tech Tuesday Open House!**

I want to take some time to say how proud I am of ALL the students for their growth in positive character & academics! They have been working extremely hard & know they are continuing to grow into wonderful little people. It’s most certainly always hard to say goodbye & you can feel that in the class atmosphere this week (especially with so many snow days and rescheduling of events).

My time with this group of students has been beyond amazing! I was so lucky to have such amazing students and families to work with. I believe all of these Busy Bees have the potential for the great things they have planned for themselves & wish them all the best in what they do for the rest of their Grade 1/2 year. I believe in them!

Thank you to all the families that really support their children’s education and have supported what we have been doing in the class. It takes a village and thank you to those that were so willing to be part of a positive team with open communication directly to the school with what is best for their child.

I am soooo very lucky to get to work in a community such as this! Growing up here, I knew it was the place to come back to! The school community still works the same; carrying on the legacy!

I am going to miss this crew as they move on! Who knows…maybe I will have some again if the cards land just so when I come back in September!!

You have got this, Busy Bees!

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