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Welcome to the Grade 1/2 Busy Bee classroom blog!! We are so excited you have joined us in our learning journey! Ms. King is super excited about all the wonderful learners buzzing in our classroom!

You are welcome to comment and join in our learning conversations and share our blog with family and friends! We can’t wait to share what we are doing in our class with everyone!

Here we go!!

Character Trait Focus: Responsibility

Our character trait of the month has been responsibility. As we read books, sang songs, watched videos and discussed examples of responsibility. We have come up with some ideas about what responsibility looks like, sounds like and feels like in Grade 1/2.


We read a book showing examples of what responsibility is not…

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We also read a book about what responsibility can look like.

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Our Shared Reading this week was a rap all about responsibility that we got into the groove about. The lyrics came home in our Shared Reading books this weekend with an activity to write two super sentences about how we can show responsibility at home and at school.

We found two other songs about responsibility as well. We sure do like our music in Grade 1/2!

One other activity we have done in January is watch a short clip from the Magic School Bus, learning about responsibility. Please click here for the link to that video.

We aren’t quite done with responsibility yet. We know that this is something that we continuously have to work on and build on.

Germs Everywhere!

As a kick-off to our Health unit on hygiene, we used glitter to show how easily germs can spread.  Zach started by getting glitter on his hands (to represent sneezing or coughing on his hands), then shaking hands with Hayden to see how many “germs” Hayden would pick up.  Then the rest of the class got “germs” on their hands.  We handled Math manipulatives to see how the germs would transfer, then practiced proper hand washing technique to see what it takes to get the germs off.  Even though we scrubbed hard, some people still had a few germs on their hands after washing!  We discussed how the effort to get the glitter off compares to the effort students use when washing their hands before eating or after using the washroom.

Busy Bee Check In Chat

Today, we had our Busy Bee Check in Chat with our Spirit Bee Buddy Buzz Groups. Students discussed things that are going well in our class, and things we need to work on together as a group. The students come up with all the ideas and Ms. King just does the typing and facilitating of the discussion.

Things that are going well:

* Our group said that we are doing well at getting smiles. (Kiera’s Group)

* Something that is going well is that we are putting the pencils in the right bucket. (Noah’s Group)

* Something that is going well is that we aren’t dropping the ipad. (Bryce’s Group)

* I like when Christopher and Snowflake came. (Lily’s Group)

* I like the ipads. (Ben’s Group)

* I like that when Christopher went to different places in the classroom. (Amelia’s Group)

* I like doing projects with Ms. Weber. (Zachary’s Group)

* I like the new chairs we have gotten for our classroom. (Ms. King)


Things that we need to work on as a class:

* We need to work at being quieter at Spirit Bees. (Kiera’s Group)

* We are not putting the markers in all the way. (Chelsea’s Group)

* When we are getting our stuff off from outside, we need to hurry. (Emma’s Group)

How can we solve these problems:

* Spirit Bee Voices: we could quiet our voices during Spirit Bees, only share our ideas with our Spirit Bee group, share one at a time

* Markers: rearrange the markers, put some extra markers in other buckets, we could sort the markers, ask a friend to help

* Outside Stuff: when you are coming in you should speed walk, just don’t talk to your friends but do what you are suppose to do, move faster, when the bell rings you should run in faster, take off hats, mitts, coat, boots then snowpants in that order