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Welcome to the Grade 2/3 Busy Bee classroom blog!! We are so excited you have joined us in our learning journey! Ms. King is super excited about all the wonderful learners buzzing in our classroom!

You are welcome to comment and join in our learning conversations and share our blog with family and friends! We can’t wait to share what we are doing in our class with everyone!

Here we go!!

May Newsletter

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May 2017 News

We are down to the last two months of school. The time will just fly by until summer break. Please ensure you are checking the planner and website for up to date information on all the special events that happen to be occurring the last two months of school. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Here’s our May newsletter with some upcoming events and curriculum updates. Have a great month and welcome to hopefully warmer weather that stays!

Mail Bags, Planners and Homework: Please remember to check mailbags daily, sign planners and take out/return items promptly to stay on top of communication between home and school. Thanks for your continued support in this matter.

Curriculum Update: One of our goals is to ensure that our students take responsibility for their own learning. Being intrinsically motivated to focus, take risks, ask questions, reflect, think critically, and complete work with their very best effort, is an essential part of being a life long learner. At times, work does come home and the extra practice and home connection is an important part of their continued success. We appreciate all the support you provide at home to help your child build their literacy and numeracy skills as they continue to grow and develop as learners.

Grade 3 EQAO: The Grade 3’s will be participating in a province wide activity to complete show what they know in reading, writing and math. While we have been working since Kindergarten to meet these goals in Grade 3, by building knowledge and skill sets all the way through, it is important that we take the time to really show what we know as it is a provincial requirement. EQAO for the school (Gr 3 & 6) will be taking place May 24-June 6. It will be critical for all Grade 3’s to be present to avoid make up days. Please ensure no appointments/special activities are booked during this time. It is best that students complete as a group and the schedule for those coming to support our school during this time, stays the same. It is a very tricky puzzle to plan and we want to eliminate any absences to ensure it goes as planned. To help avoid overload, we will write only a portion a day to help break it up. Some days it will be a ‘break’ day, but these are going to be scheduled accordingly to help ensure Grade 3’s & 6’s all have the resources they need. We will all do our best, together!

Curriculum Update for May

May’s Character Virtue: Fairness


Reading Main Focus: Reading Responses

Congratulations for completing our non-fiction retells! Students really worked hard to understand and share their non-fiction texts with the class. Please check your child’s blog for their recorded presentation!

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, daily reading is critical for children to build vocabulary, understand word/sentence structure, and not to mention, learn about the world around them. Growth in grade 2 & 3 should be extending to level M by the end of the year for Grade 2 and for Grade 3 we are looking at the level P. All students achieve at their own rate, but ideally we want to foster their abilities the best we can to meet these standards but providing as much extra practice as possible, and continued over the summer.

We are working on ‘Deep Reading’ when we read challenging texts. This includes, asking questions, circling words we don’t know, making connections/comments, and highlighting important information. As we ‘Deep Read’, students are really starting to think about what they are reading and able to respond more thoughtfully to implicit questions that require them to infer more. We have been really working on these types of questions and following the format ‘RIPL’ (restate part of the question in your answer, provide your idea as your answer, get proof/support from the text, and link your proof back to your idea). This really focuses on explaining their thinking when they answer a question. We will continue to work through these and multiple choice questions about what we read. As mentioned previously, these are skills that are life long and skills that will be reinforced in future grades as well.

Writing Main Focus: Expanding Our Writing

Students write daily in all subject areas. We continue to follow the writing process, with a focus on adding detail and variety to our writing, while ensuring we include the proper conventions. Keep an eye on your child’s blog for our published copies of our writing! Practicing at home these similar writing activities is strongly encouraged. Having a love for writing, rather than viewing as a tedious task, can be a difficult concept to foster in students. Your support at home with extra activities and continued practice of weekly spelling words is recommended to meet provincial standards at grade 2 and 3.

Media Literacy Main Focus: Various Projects

Students are constantly creating and using technology within our classroom. Some upcoming projects will be a non-fiction slideshow, a comic strip and completing an interview about what they are learning about in science. The final projects will be linked to their blog for viewing!

Oral Language Main Focus: Listening, Responding & Asking Questions

Way to go on those retells!!! We are really improving on our abilities to orally communicate our ideas! Another major factor of our work with oral language is being able to respond to others in complete sentences and ask follow up questions. In order to do this, we need to listen attentively and process the speaker’s message in order to respond. Asking meaningful questions is an essential part of communication, especially when we don’t understand something/someone. So we will continue to work on asking questions and communicating effectively before jumping to conclusions.


Focus: Geometry & Measurement

In Math, we work daily on number sense concepts through our ‘Minds On’ activities, called calendar. We work on skip counting, adding and subtracting, and now entering into fractions, multiplication and division concepts. We have been really examining how to tackle word problems of all sorts and pick strategies that are efficient in problem solving to show our work and answer the question asked. We will continue to build these skills through May.

Also, we will be working through wrapping up our Geometry units, including transformations (flips, slides and turns of shapes). We have been exploring Measurement concepts of linear measurement, perimeter and starting to work on area. We will also start working on Probability concepts of the likelihood of an event occurring through probability experiments (flipping a coin, spinners, dice).

We will be doing lots of review and practice over the next couple of months to finish up the Grade 2/3 math curriculum! Here we go!


Focus: Growth & Changes in Plants & Animals

In May & June, we will continue our life sciences investigations of how plants and animals grow and change. We sure love science and investigating how things work with this group!! They are really developing their predicting, observation and making conclusion skills.

Social Studies

Focus: Comparing Communities & Regions Around the World

Stemming from our mapping unit, we are starting to explore where we are in the world and how our community compares to others. Hopefully we can make some connections through some meaningful ways to really understand how vastly different and amazing the world around us is and peek their interest to learn more about it.


Focus: Elements of Art – Form & Space

In Art, students come up with some fun ideas! This month we will be working with 3D creations using different materials such as masks and dioramas! Can’t wait to see what these students come up with!Thanks for all you do at home to support your child’s learning and success in Grade 2/3. Enjoy Mother’s Day and the upcoming long weekend with your family.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Nicole King


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May’s a month of happy sounds,
The hum of buzzing bees,
The chirp of little baby birds
And the song of a gentle breeze.

The grass is green.
Flower blossoms I have seen.
The days are warm.
By evening it cools.
It’s time to find the garden tools.

Math Challenge

We were asked today to use a cool math tool to do the following math challenge20170428-171355.jpg

We worked in partners and created our objects. Then as a whole class we sorted them all…

We did a pretty decent job but some sneaky ones got mixed in with ones they shouldn’t have. As a result we learned that we have some called polygons that we made. These are 2D shapes that have straight sides and are enclosed. We also learned that when we sort of number of sides a shape has, they have different ‘family’ names.

Some of the ones we learned today were:

Triangles – 3 sides
Quadrilaterals- 4 sides
Pentagons – 5 sides
Hexagons – 6 sides
Heptagon – 7 sides
Octagons – 8 sides

Ms. King told us that in each family, each shape has their very own name but we didn’t have time today to learn each. We do know that each name is based on describing the angles, side lengths or vertices. We will explore more about this later.

Can you find some real life examples of some of the shapes we were learning about and tell us about it?

Our Class Pets

Today, we got nine class pets for our science experiment. We want to learn the life cycle of a butterfly because it has a very special life cycle that not many creatures have. Our class pets are baby caterpillars called larva. Larva is a baby stage of a caterpillar and a butterfly. They came from a little case called an egg. When we looked at them, one looked like they were dead because it was not moving. Spencer thinks it may have been sleeping. The colour of the larva is black or yellowish brown. They are about 1cm long. Their feet are spikey and they have many little legs. They are crawling around the sides of their little homes. All the white stuff is actually food for them.

Questions we still have:
– why are they so tiny? (Payten)
– how much food do they eat a day? (Will)
– why do they turn into a chrysalis and not go to a butterfly? (Nathan)
– is the food like steroids for them? (Jake)
– how do the caterpillars turn into butterflies? (Alyssa)
– why do the cocoons take a long time to turn into a butterfly? (Jacob)
– why do the caterpillars want to eat the food? (Amelia)
– do these caterpillars need water? (Shelby)
– is the food like a little medicine to make them turn into caterpillars? (Spencer)
– why do they crawl? (Ryder)
– why do caterpillars exist? (Levi)
– when were caterpillars discovered? (Darius)
– why do your have to have chunks to eat? (Rhyker)
– how many days does it take? (Lucien)
– why are they so small? (Abby)
– why are they so squirmy? (Aiden)
– what animal group do butterflies belong to? (Ms. King)