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Welcome to the Grade 1/2 Busy Bee classroom blog!! We are so excited you have joined us in our learning journey! Ms. King is super excited about all the wonderful learners buzzing in our classroom!

You are welcome to comment and join in our learning conversations and share our blog with family and friends! We can’t wait to share what we are doing in our class with everyone!

Here we go!!

Shared Reading: Pumpkin Poem

Each week, we post one text (poem, song, reading passage, etc) for the whole class to read and work with. By the end of the week, we are getting pretty good at reading fluently and with expression. Here is our shared reading for this week…

Watch for the shared reading activity coming home this weekend in our Shared Reading books. We are on the hunt for 5 nouns in our poem. We named some this morning already so this should be a quick activity at home.

Busy Bee Check In Chat

Today, we had our Friday Busy Bee Check in Chat with our Spirit Bee Buddy Buzz Groups. Students discussed things that are going well in our class, and things we need to work on. The students come up with all the ideas and Ms. King just does the typing and facilitating of the discussion.

Things that are going well:

* We are doing well by taking the books we are suppose to be taking home. (Zachary’s Group)

* We are closing the door when the other class is being loud. (Grace’s Group)

* We’re taking the ipads out without one hand. (Noah’s Group)

* Our group said that is going well was writing. (Hayden’s Group)

* We are doing well at getting smiles. (Lily’s Group)

Things that we need to work on as a class:

* Our group said that we could we listen in the computer lab. (Lily’s Group)

* Our group said that we need to work on listening to the teacher. (Avery’s Group)

* Our group thinks we need to work on closing the door. (Chelsea’s Group)

How can we solve these problems:

* Listening in the Computer Lab: listening in the computer lab, ask if you can’t hear Ms. King, hands on our head and eyes on the teacher when she’s talking

* Listening to the Teacher: if the teacher says use your think time, than use your think time, by not playing with anything around with us, not talk when the teacher’s talking, listen everywhere, if the teacher asks us to do something, we need to do it, put your hands on your head when you hear a shaker

* Closing the Door: if you are hearing it’s loud, ask the teacher to close the door and then close it, if the door is closed when you come to it, remember to close it behind you

Learning About Empathy, Feelings & The Zones of Regulation

Our character trait of the month is EMPATHY! What a big concept for little people but these little ones are really trying their best to comprehend that empathy is understanding how others feel. We have been talking lots about feelings and knowing the zones that they belong in.

We know we all have feelings and some are great and some are not so nice. We have to try to understand how others feel by imagining how we would feel in the same situation. We had a feel giggles about what it means to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’ as we maybe aren’t quite ready for similes and metaphors, but it came up in what we were watching and reading, so we stopped to chat more.

Our books we have been exploring this month about these concepts of empathy and feelings:

20171013-190131.jpg  20171013-190025.jpg 20171013-190455.jpg 20171013-190034.jpg

Here was our song we learned about empathy. This was in our shared reading books last week:

Click here for some other ideas, videos, songs and learning about empathy.

We came up with a brainstorm after reading and watching:


With our discussion of feelings, we have been learning some new ones. When we are little, sometimes the only feeling words we know are happy and sad. We explored some other feelings as well using facial expressions and emoticons. We have these posted in our classroom as a visual reminder:


Once we discussed the feelings, we grouped them into colours. Blue feelings are feelings that make us slow moving, down and ‘blue’. Green feelings are the zone we want to be in most of the time. This is our ‘ready to learn’ zone. When we get to some yellow feelings, we are losing a little control of our bodies. Then we come to the red zone with big feelings where we have lost control of our bodies. We have posted these in our classroom on the wall for everyone to see.


We also have this little reminder on our desks to help us use self control to know which zone we should try to be in.


So how do we control our feelings? How do we get in the green zone if we aren’t there? We are learning some strategies to help us get back to ‘green’. We watched Cookie Monster tell us about how to control ourselves when we aren’t in the green zone. He gave us some strategies and we came up with some of our own. Here is the video of Cookie Monster:

Here is our poster that is posted in our classroom to refer to when we need to get ourselves back to green: