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Welcome to the Grade 2/3 Busy Bee classroom blog!! We are so excited you have joined us in our learning journey! Ms. King is super excited about all the wonderful learners buzzing in our classroom!

You are welcome to comment and join in our learning conversations and share our blog with family and friends! We can’t wait to share what we are doing in our class with everyone!

Here we go!!

Perseverance is All About ‘Sticking With It’


This may be a little late but we certainly are still learning about how to ‘stick with’ some of our more challenging tasks without giving up.

Perseverance is . . .

  • sticking to something or someone and staying committed no matter how long it takes or how hard it is
  • not letting any obstacles get in your way
  • being persistent
  • pacing yourself and doing things step-by-step
  • thinking before deciding to commit to someone or something
  • setting goals and sticking with them until they are completed
  • stand by your friends and the people you care about

We loved watching Ormie the Pig stick with it to get his favourite treat!!

For the remainder of the school year, we are going to try really hard to work with our Cookie Monster Strategies to self-regulate so we can persevere on our challenging learning tasks at school. Watch what we can do when we ‘stick with it’!

Learning About Symmetry

We sure do love our math art! Today, we were exploring the lines of symmetry in objects around us. What makes it symmetrical you may ask? Well the easiest way is that it cuts something in half so that one side looks like the mirror image of the other side. We went on a scavenger hunt to find objects in our class that were symmetrical. Some objects even had more than one line of symmetry, like a hexagon!

We folded a white piece of paper in half which created our line of symmetry. We made a design on one side with some bingo dabblers and folded it on the line of symmetry and it magically made the other side! So much fun learning in art!


Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

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Today, we are all dressed in green and learning about the history and traditions of St. Patrick’s Day. We read a non-fiction book to gather facts about why we have this tradition. People around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s day and decorate by putting up green decorations. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated because St. Patrick died on March 17 so we continue to celebrate it for hundreds of years. St. Patrick went to Ireland so we celebrate St. Patrick’s day and the Irish. St. Patrick was stolen at the age of 16 years old to be a slave in Ireland. Our class learned that St. Patrick made all the snakes in Ireland go away. The Chicago river gets died green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Our class did not know that leprechauns are a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day and they hide their treasure at the end of the rainbow. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, people dye their drinks and food green because green is the colour of Ireland. A shamrock is a clover and it can be a three leaf or a four leaf and some people believe that a four leaf clover can give you luck. The Irish people have special dances that are called a jig. The Irish also have special music that sometimes use harps and bagpipes. One song we listend to was called Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral which is an Irish lullaby.

Here is a the song we listend to: