What We Have Been Doing in Grade 2/3…

If you love bees, you would love the Grade 2/3 Busy Bees classroom. The students want to tell you all about what they love in our class so far this year:

~ Hailie says ‘Grade 2/3 Rocks!’

~ Spencer says “The Busy Bees will entertain you while you go through the blog.’

~ Wyatt  says ‘I like reading in Ms. King’s class.’

~ Logan says ‘We haven’t done that much math.’

~ Angel says ‘Busy Bees rock more.’

~ Keyshia says’ Busy Bees always help you learn.’

~ Liam says’ The Busy Bees have their own work.’

~ Ryan says ‘We haven’t learned that much stuff yet.’

~ Hayleigh says ‘We have fun playing outside.’

~ Ginger says ‘That we have a great teacher.’

~ Rachel says ‘Science is fun in Ms. Reed’s class.’

~ Tysaya says ‘Ms. King’s class rocks because she is in it.’

~ Cynthia says ‘I like my table group.’

~ Mackenzie says ‘Busy Bees like school.’

~ Mrs. D says ‘She is so excited to get to work with the Grade 2/3 class in their learning.’

~ Katie says ‘That although she isn’t feeling well, she is happy to be back.’

~ Brody says ‘We love math.’

~ Madison says ‘That I love everything.’

~ Jake says ‘I can’t wait to go on the ipads.’

~ Ms. King says ‘I am super excited to hang out and learn with the Grade 2/3 Busy Bees!!!!!”

Stay tuned for more blog posts about what we are doing in Grade 2/3!

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