National Ballet of Canada

Dear National Ballet of Canada,

Thank you for coming to Bedford Public School in Stratford. For many students, it was our first time to see professional ballet dancer performing live.

We learned many things about ballet. It was interesting to see how long it takes for ballet dancers to warm up. We learned that you can’t talk while you are dancing. We learned that ballet pointe shoes are made of canvas, glue, leather and silk. The dancers need new pointe shoes every performance.

Charlotte and Jimmy were nice and they danced well. They are very talented ballet dancers. Charlotte’s pussycat dance was very funny. Jimmy is good at lifting Charlotte in the air. He is very strong.

The costumes were amazing. The costume maker really did an outstanding job. We really enjoyed when the dancer used mime to show the princess being pricked on the hand by the queen in The Sleeping Beauty. We liked when the queen mimed how the baby would fall asleep instead of dying.

Thank you for everything!

From Ms. Landsborough’s Grade 1&2 Class
Bedford Public School


Peyton and Cassie
7 + 1 = 2 + 6
Both sides of the equation equal 8

Qamar and Meleena
7 + 7 = 13 + 1
Both sides of the equation equal 14

Ainsley and Amy
2 + 6 = 3 + 5
Both sides of the equation equal 8

Emily and Alexis
3 + 6 = 7 + 2
Both sides of the equation equal 9

Olivia and Aaliyah
0 + 1 = 2 – 1
Both sides of the equation equal 1

Nishanth and Brynn
1 + 6 = 3 + 4
Both sides of the equation equal 7

The Sun

The sun is at the centre of the Solar System. (Qamar)

The sun is the biggest star. (Nishanth)

The sun can be called ‘Sol’ like Solar System. (Ainsley)

The sun makes plants grow. (Deanna)

A million earths would fit inside the sun. (Kayla)

It takes 8 minutes for the sun’s energy to reach earth. (Meleena)

Questions we still have:

1. Why is the sun in the middle of the Solar System?

2. How hot is the sun? Why is it so hot?

3. Why does it take 8 minutes for sun energy to travel to Earth?

4. How do solar panels turn sun energy into electricity?

Monday, March 21, 2016

We wrote about March Break in our journals. (Addyson)

In gym we played a new game called Tail Tag. (Deanna)

In math we figured out how many 273mL chocolate milks would fill a 1L chocolate milk container. (Ainsley)

We played Body Music with Mr. Powers. (Marlee)

We found halves, thirds and quarters using beans and pattern blocks. (Cassie)

We did independent reading and buddy reading today. We read a story called Iced Tea for Sale and used the question words in our answer. (Meleena)

Friday, March 4, 2016

In art, we learned how to make lines that show feelings like sad, mad, silly and excited. (Cassie)

We went to the school library and played math games and exchanged our books. (Aaliyah)

At the assembly there was a singer from France who taught us some songs in French. There was a bunny song. (Addyson)

In math, we used the Geoboard app to learn about shapes. (Ainsley)

In drama, we saw Weeby the puppet and we heard some songs from Mr. Powers. (Skyler)

In social studies, we wrote about rules at school and at home. We talked about why we have the rules. (Nishanth)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

We wrote about what we do in the morning to get ready for school. (Skyler)

In Health, we drew 5 things that make us happy and 5 words to describe being happy. (Nishanth)

We put a calculator on our iPad to help us add questions. (Alexis)

We read ‘Puddle Pug’, ‘Scrawny Cat’ and ‘A Penguin Story’ from the Stratford Public Library. (Freya)

We sorted pictures that were Symmetrical or Not Symmetrical. (Meleena)

We wrote sentences about our families using similes. (Qamar)

We did partner reading in the morning. (Alex)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Today in gym we played octopus tag and I was it. (Kayla)

We learned how to find patterns on the 100’s chart. (Quinn)

In math, we did a Fast Facts timed sheet to see how quick we can add numbers to 18. (Cassie)

When we were doing our Fast Facts we sang the answers “Do Do Re Me Re Do”

In Social Studies we were learning how to keep our bedrooms tidy. (Ainsley)

Today we read a book called “My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks”. (Skyler)

We did Independent Reading. (Olivia)

Describe your bedroom


What is your bedroom like? Write a paragraph describing it.

My daughter’s bedroom is painted white with white furniture. The duvet on her bed is blue with rainbows all over it. Her sheets are pink. She has a rainbow stuffie, her dog Douglas and her puppy Aurora that sit on her pillows. Her white cat is named Crystal. Edie has her name hanging above her bed. She has Japanese wooden dolls sitting on her dresser beside a white owl lamp. She has a wooden jewellery box where she keeps her clips and her necklaces. There is Japanese paper framed on the wall and a picture of a girl walking with a bear. She has a cloth toy box with a squirrel on it. Inside she keeps her huge Elsa and Anna dolls. All of Edie’s dresses hang in her closet. Her window overlooks the neighbour’s house.

March 1, 2016

We did two-digit addition with regrouping. (Peyton)

Mr. Saunders taught us how to put our apps into folders. (Qamar)

He showed us what we can do on the Utilities Menu on our iPad. (Quinn)

In gym we did a lot of running games like tag. (Deanna)

In music, we saw a puppet and played a game called The Vet. (Cassie)

We read a book that was about Science with water. Some things can sink and some things can float. (Meleena)

In Social Studies, we talked our chores at home and how we help our parents. (Skyler)

Mr. Saunders taught us how to take photos on our iPad and edit them. Then we used them as our wallpaper on the iPad. (Ainsley)