Grade 3/4 Update

Grade 3/4 Updates!

There are many updates to report!


In Math, we have been learning about measurement.  Students designed their own backyard or their own bedroom and calculated the perimeter and area for each of the objects that they included in the design. In the past couple weeks we have been investigating fractions. We have used many classroom materials to demonstrate our knowledge and understanding of fractions.

In Language, we have been learning to answer Reading Comprehension questions with the ROPE strategy.  First the student needs to RESTATE the question in their answer.  Then they give their OPINION.  Next they PROVE it by finding 2 pieces of information from the text to support their answer.  Lastly they should EDIT to make sure that their answer makes sense and that it is answered correctly.

In Science, we have been learning about “Rock’s and Minerals”.  Last Friday we had a presenter come to our school for a workshop.  She brought many different rock, mineral and fossil samples.  We worked together in groups to examine, sort and describe various types of rocks, minerals and fossils.

During Electives, everyone got a sheet to number their favourite activities from 1 to 10. Some of the options were to go swimming, make bath bombs and gymnastics.  Some of the activities locations were not just at our school they were also in Mitchell and in St.Marys. On electives day everyone had tons of FUN!!!!

Written by Angie and Hayley  (with a little help from Mrs. Liptrot)








Today’s Activities

Today Mrs.liptrot showed us an Advent Calendar. We are counting down the days until Christmas. Everybody in the class gets to have a turn to take out a clue from the pockets that tells what fun thing we’re going to do and we each get to pick out a treat and an ornament to put on the felt tree. Today we picked out a gingerbread ornament so we finished our gingerbread decorations for the gym for the Christmas Concert, we read gingerbread man books and we got to eat gingerbread men too.

By Addy

Advent Calendar

imageToday we started an advent calendar at school.It was Cohen’s turn to pull out an ornament and a chocolate ( Hersheys kiss) out of the calendar and got to eat it! In the pocket there was a Hershey’s kiss,ornament and a note that said finish gingerbread men,eat gingerbread man,read about gingerbread  men.WOW gingerbread all over!                       BY DANICA AND KYRA

November Activities!

In math this month, we have been learning patterns. We learned about decreasing, increasing and repeating patterns.

This month in English we have been learning about verbs and adjectives. Verbs are action words. Running, jumping, hopping, and swimming are verbs. Adjectives are describing words. Excited, angry, and optimistic are adjectives.

We read Charlotte’s Web. It was a really good book and we watched the movie, which was also good.

When we watched the movie we got treats like licorice, spider shaped timbits, and pig cookies. For Charlotte’s Web we made a plasticine scene and we described why we chose that scene, or we could write a story. For example, one story was about someone who dropped pickles in the coat room. .file_003

Recently, we had a guest come to our school and she taught us about fish becoming endangered and about their habitats. One endangered fish was the Redside Dace.  The American Eel is a fish that is threatened. We also learned about “Zomby Starfish”, and how their arms can fall off and control themselves. We thought the starfish were really creepy!  Then, we learned about more endangered, threatened and extinct fish and how it could threaten the food chain


At lunch, we are watching Tumblebooks and sometimes we invite friends for lunch.

At the remembrance day assembly, the junior choir sang “When We Stand Together.”  We listened to the bagpipes and we put our poppies on the wreaths. Our school made paper flowers and put them in a circle, then put them on the stage so that the whole school could see the poppy decorations.

– Written by Katrina (Grade 4)