Week of February 22-Math

This week in Math we started our geometry unit. Students are learning the difference between 2D shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, circle, hexagon, etc. ) and 3D shapes ( cone, cylinder, sphere, prisms, cubes, etc.). 2D shapes have only 2 Dimensions- height and width, whereas 3D shapes have height, width and depth. This week we sorted a variety of 3D shapes and looked at properties such number of faces, edges, vertices and everyday examples of these shapes.


100th Day of School

Can you believe it, aren’t you amazed? We’ve been in school 100 Days!

On Tuesday we celebrated the 100th day of school. Some of our special activities included: reading 100 books, playing number games, making 100 day hats and necklaces, building 100 piece structures and of course eating 100 cupcakes in the gym with 100 of our friends!

Week of January 31st-Math

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 100th Day of School. In Math we are working on our understanding of greater numbers. We are thinking about these numbers in terms of groups and tens and singles, i.e. 72 is 7 groups of 10 and 2 singles. We are practising our skip counting by 2’s, 5’sand 10’s to 100. We are looking for patterns to help us understand the 100 chart.