Blooming Party!

On Friday, our grade one students did such a great job of showing how much they have bloomed over the year! They did such a fabulous job of singing their song and reciting their poem for their guest. We then had so much fun reading to our guest and having a little snack. Finally, we got to head back to our classroom and show our guest a bunch of our work from throughout the year. They truly have bloomed so much and I am so proud of them! Here are some pictures from the day! Enjoy!

Blooming Party reminder

This is just another reminder that our blooming party is this Friday, June 22nd from 1:45-2:45. Each student is allowed to bring one guest. Some of you have sent back the bottom part of the invitation stating who will be coming to it but there are still a few that haven’t. If we could get those back by tomorrow, that would be great. Looking forward to a fun afternoon on Friday!

Blooming Party Guest

This is just a reminder that if you haven’t sent the sheet back for who your child’s guest is going to be at the blooming party, to do so as soon as you can. Our blooming party is this Friday and we are so excited to show you how much we have “bloomed” over the year! It will start at 1:45, in the gym! Looking forward to it!

Walk on the Trail with ABCA

Today we got the opportunity to go on a walk with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority. We had so much fun! We found a few animals on the trail such as a bunny, tadpoles, and many types of birds. We got to hear different frog and bird calls too. Then, we got to see a real beaver and coyote fur. We got to feel them and we had many questions about them. Take a look at the fun we had!

ABCA Walk on Trail tomorrow

This is a quick reminder that tomorrow is our walk on the trail with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority. Please be mindful of the weather and send your children with sunscreen on. We will be going in the morning so if it is chilly, send them with a sweater or jacket. They recommend that students wear shoes instead of sandals so if you could have your child wear shoes tomorrow, that would be great. Thanks! Looking forward to it!

Fun at SHDHS!

We had so much fun this afternoon over at the high school! We were split up into 4 groups and rotated through each station. The 4 stations we got to do were: a colouring station, an outdoor activity station, a station that we got to enjoy a yummy popsicle treat, and a s’more station where we got to make our own s’more treats! At the very end, after our s’mores were put into the oven to cook, we got to enjoy them! We had lots of fun and enjoyed those yummy treats! Thanks to Ms.Harris’ hospitality class for putting on a wonderful afternoon!