Pyjama Day Tomorrow!

Our grade one students have worked very hard to earn enough points to choose something they’d like to do. We voted on another pyjama day! So students are allowed to wear their pyjamas tomorrow if they wish.

Tomorrow is also Treat Thursday, for those of you who send money with your child.


We have been learning about capacity in Grade One. Today we ordered different containers/pitchers in order from smallest to greatest capacity. Then we got to make juice by measuring how many cans of water would fit into the pitcher. Many students estimated anywhere from 3.5-4.5 cans. Once we did it, we found out that 5 cans fit into the pitcher.

We also got to explore capacity by working in our table groups to measure different sized containers. We had 3 different sized containers (plus the container we were putting the water into). Each person had a chance to see how many containers of water would fit into the yogurt container that we were dumping the water into. We found that the first container was the smallest, which took the most containers of water to fill the yogurt container and the last container was the biggest container, so it didn’t take as many to fill the yogurt container as the first or second one. Check out how much fun we were having with exploring capacity!

Sorting Coins

In Math, we have been starting to learn about money. To start our unit, students were given a variety of coins and were asked to sort the coins as many ways as they could. Some groups sorted the coins by colour, some groups sorted them by size and some even sorted them by value. Many students didn’t know what the term “value” meant but they all quickly learned that it meant how much a specific coin is worth (how many cents or dollars it is). Here are a few pictures of some of the sorting!

The first two groups sorted the coins by value.

The next group sorted the coins by the size of the coins.