Ma semaine en français 2

 I can’t believe we already completed our second week of school!



This week, we practiced our French oral skills by playing the index card game and we started centres playing new games.

With Terry Fox Run coming, we practiced our listening skills with a song and a video about Terry Fox. The goal was to retell which words or sentences we heard.

We practiced our reading skills with a short biographical text about Terry Fox.

We also jumped into writing with a paragraph about Terry Fox.



We completed our biographical tee-shirts that you will be able to see on our Meet the teachers night on Thursday September 20th.


Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:

I liked finishing the tee shirt,  Lila

I liked playing the index card game, Callum

I liked writing about Terry Fox, Owen

I liked writing about my tee shirt, Piers

I liked making my STEAM Lego rainbow, Mya

I liked playing the rimes et sons game, Rylee

I liked working with the French Monitor Eric, Kalli

I liked playing games in the gym, Julia

I liked playing Mots Meles, Ben

I liked doing run club, Brinlee



Ma semaine en français 1

Welcome back to school and welcome to our class blog! We had a lot of activities this week.



We wrote about ourselves on index card and we are now using the information to get to know each other and to practice our oral skills.

We read Le premier jour d’ecole and students started to write a paragraph about their first day.



We created name tags for our cubbies using lines and we decorated our desk name tags.


Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:

I liked coloring the cubby name tag, Aislinn

I liked doing the index card, Sophie

I liked coloring the desk name tag, Julia

I liked reading the book about first day of school,  Rylee

I liked writing about my first day at school, Kalli

I liked doing the sticker book, Lyla M

I liked playing the card game, Lila E



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