Ma semaine en Français 3

It’s almost the end of September! Time flies by very quickly when we have fun.

This week, we did our first summary in class. At the beginning of the week, we also wrote a few sentences about weekend. We will continue to do that on a weekly basis to keep our french writing up. We also continued our posters about Terry Fox in order to let the entire school know about our School Terry Fox Run on September 28, during middle block.
Grade 3 finalized their word cloud about Terry Fox and Grade 4 are now working on typing their paragraphs in Google Docs.
We also had a nonfiction reading aloud about trains.

Both grade 3 and 4 started their first unit of science. Grade 3 are learning about force and movement. We already talked push and pull, and how our toys are moving.
We did several experiments to learn about gravitational, mechanical, magnetic and electrostatic forces.
Grade 4 started their unit about light and sound. We analyzed several types of light (flashlight, sun, stars, candles, etc.) and explained how the light was produced. We talked about the fact that light travels straight and did some experiments using a hose and a cup of water to prove it. We also talked about refraction using a plastic bag, water and a pencil.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked lighting the leaf on fire for science, Dawson
I liked doing the poster for the Terry Fox Run at school, Lila E
I liked doing the summary, Quinn S
I liked doing the word cloud for Terry Fox, Evora
I liked classifying the toys for science, Rylee
I liked doing the magnet experiment, Chloe
I liked the mechanical experiment for science,Callum
I liked writing about the weekend, Noah
I liked writing and typing the paragraph,Josh
I liked doing the refraction experiment with a plastic bag and pencil, Quinn K
I liked doing the experiment for balloons for static electricity, Lyla M









Bring Your Own Device (Optional)

We have a class set of 12 ipads in our room.  In addition we have two desktop computers and a shared set of Chromebooks available to our class on a sign up basis.  The technology is typically used once each day for a math or language activity.  A balance is important and students will be doing a mix of hands on, pencil and paper, research from books, as well as written, research based or interactive multimedia projects on the ipads and chromebooks.  The students have asked if they can bring in their own devices.  This is the 4th year I have had some students choose to bring in their own technology.  We allow iPads, tablets, and laptops.  Having more devices in the classroom frees up the existing technology and allows for more flexibility and access when needed.  We have a few students who have started bringing in their ipads from home this year.  This is optional and is a personal choice for each family.  If students do bring devices:

-They would bring the device to school each day, and the devices would go home on a daily basis (unless parents indicate they would like it to stay at school).

-While at school the technology will remain in a locked cupboard when not in use and during lunch and recess. The technology students bring will only be used for academic work during  instructional times. The iPads would not be shared with other students in the class.

Below you can find links to further information.  Families interested will have a form to fill out and sign.If you wish to know more I can send home an information package if you leave a note in the planner.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Bringing technology is completely optional.

BYOD FAQs               BYOD Letter



Math and English Update

It was wonderful to meet many families on Thursday.  Any parents who were not able to attend can write a note and we can fund a time for a visit to the room and introduction.

In Writing we are continuing our work on description and editing.  Spelling has been slowing down the writing process for many students so the focus has been on getting the ideas on the page and circling words they are wondering about.  At the end of the writing we are working on using our personal dictionaries to add in the correct spelling as part of the editing process.  We have started Library and will continue to take out a French and English book each week on Day 1s.   These books are student choice.  Some of the books will be at an independent level while others will be books that you can read together at home.  The books can also stay at school for independent reading time.   We are working on reading independently for longer periods of time and choosing a book at our comfort level using the 5 finger test (if we have difficulty with 5 words on a page the book is not at an independent level).  Students who are regularly abandoning their books or losing interest during independent reading are working on choosing shorter books that are more at their interestlevel.

In Math we have been talking about bar graphs, pictographs, and labels.  We have created hands on 3D graphs in small groups and as a class using cubes we made that included information about ourselves such as favourite food, favourite subjects, and favourite hobbies.  We also started a group problem solving activity where we are trying to make all the numbers from 1-20 using four 4s.  We can add, subtract, multiply and divide and use fractions to get our answers.  It was a fun challenge to review our skills, learn new skills, use trial and error, and see patterns.  So far we have only figured out 1, 8, 12, and 16.  We will continue to develop graphing skills this week.  The students will be conducting a survey and displaying the data in a pictograph and bar graph.  We will also be talking about using scales in graphing (counting by 2s, 5s, 10s), and will be reading various graphs including bar graphs, pictographs, double bar graphs, venn diagrams, scatter plots and circle graphs.

We will be starting our student blogs this week.  Next week there will be a homework assignment for your child to show you their blog and how to subscribe and comment.  Homework folders will start next Monday.  Each week there will be a reading log where students read 3-4 times each day for 10 minutes.  A French book will also be coming home each week.  I will be sending home math sheets, games and activities and writing on occasion in the folder to practice skills learned in class.

Grade 3 science unit

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are about to begin a new science unit called “Forces and Movement”. During this unit, students will be learning about forces, kinds of forces and how forces affect movement. They will be exploring the application of forces on objects and the interaction of direct and indirect forces and masses.

To launch this unit, students are asked to bring in a toy that moves or that has moving parts. The students will share their toy with the class and together we will determine how it moves. The toy should be one that can stay at school for the duration of the unit.

The culminating activity for this unit will be creating a toy that can be controlled manually, for a Toy Show . Each student will also demonstrate and explain why their toy should be purchased by the toy company. In order to make our toys successfully, we will require many building materials. If you have any extra or spare springs, thick elastics, small boxes, clean styrofoam trays, string, wool, washers, duct tape, magnets, old cookie sheets, sand paper, wax paper or plastic bags, we would appreciate them.

Thank you so much for your interest in our new unit.

Sophie Capron

Ma semaine en Français 2

That was such a great time to meet with all the parents who could join us last night! I hope you enjoyed looking around and share a special moment with your child.

In French, we have been working on writing and reading.
We started to talk about Terry Fox and talk about how he inspires us. We created a chart of all the word that come to our minds when we think about Terry Fox. We also enjoyed a song from Gregg Le Rock, La Perseverance (

Grade 3 are working on creating a word clouds about Terry Fox and Grade 4 are working on a paragraph about Terry Fox. We will keep working on it next week.
We have also selected books and have started independent reading and continued with class read aloud (Cours, Cours, Nicolas). We also worked together to continue our learning about book summary so we can start individually next week.

We also talked about self-portrait and analyzed some sculptures and paintings from Modigliani. We commented on his specificities (long shapes, faces with no eye) and created our own self-portrait.
After we created our self-portrait, we also reflected on it by writing a small paragraph about it (type of art, strengths and next steps).

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked the song about Terry Fox, Ben
I liked doing the self-portrait, Quinn S
I liked doing the word cloud for Terry Fox, Chloe
I liked writing the paragraph about Terry Fox, Josh
I liked picking new French books, Sophie
I liked reading Cours, Cours, Nicolas in French, Jack
I liked talking about Terry Fox, Quinn K

Math and Language News

It has been a busy first week settling in to new routines and getting to know one another. I will be posting on a weekly basis about what we have been doing in class and giving parents ideas about what they can do to support at home.  Once we get into our routines the students will be helping to write the updates.  We will include videos and photos so stay tuned!

In language we have been working on writing.  We have created a piece of writing using adjectives.  We have been talking about brainstorming, using descriptive language, draft writing, spelling and editing.  Our “I Am” poem will be displayed at Meet the Teacher Night.  We have also selected books and have started independent reading. Soon we will be starting our class read aloud and reading response journals.


We have been talking about use and care of our class iPads. We have started to the use the class ipads and will be learning how to create our very own blog very soon.  Student blogs will be up and running once we have talked about how to’s, digital citizenship, and internet safety.  Information on how to access your child’s blog along with passwords for their accounts will be sent home in the upcoming weeks.  Please ask if you have any questions.

In math we have started with data management and probability.  It is a great unit to start with as many students feel comfortable with graphing and collecting data.  It ties into all of our “all about me” and community building activities as we get to know each other and build our class community.  Many parents indicated confidence in math was an area they would like their children to focus on this year.  We will be focusing on a growth mindset for math this year and will be using “youcubed”   activities and videos to start the conversation in the upcoming weeks.  We have also completed an all about me activity where we created challenging questions for others to “figure us out” that reviewed number sense and numeration skills from last year.

This Thursday is meet the teacher night from 5-7.  Please come out to meet us, other parents and your child’s classmates, and see your child’s classroom and the work they have been doing.  This year for $10 you can order pizza, juice, and apples for your family.  Please see your child’s communication bag for an order form.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!

Ma semaine en Français 1

Welcome back to school! We had a great first week together.
Every week, we will publish a summary of our week together. Be sure to follow us as pictures will be posted every week as well!

We are still working on routines but we are getting there.
So far we have been essentially working on French skills such as following instructions, writing, speaking, reading and comprehension.

We have read several books.
Bon voyage Teddy! and Viens au Pow wow!
The purpose of these two books were to gradually go back to French reading and to learn how to make a summary of a book. We will keep practising these skills for at least one week before starting our reading program.
So far, students will be asked to write a summary in French that answer the questions Who, What and Why.

Viens au Pow wow also gave us the opportunity to learn more about them.

We also worked on our word cloud. They will be displayed in the classroom for Meet the Teacher night.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked doing the word cloud, Callum
I liked reading the books, Evora
I liked making the sticker book, Josh
I liked writing my description, Chloe
I liked learning about the pow wow, Jack
I liked learning new things, Lila E
I liked making the name tags, Quinn S


Welcome to Grade 3/4 at Bedford Public School! We are looking forward to a fun and rewarding year! Stay tuned for updates on what we are learning.  Bookmark this page or subscribe by e-mail to receive notification when new posts are made. Student blogs will be up and running soon once the permissions are signed. Your child’s blog along with the class blog will provide a window into what they are doing in the classroom. The blogs will allow for dialogue, reflection, collaboration, and connect students with learning partners. Important class news, links, reminders and dates will also be available on our class blog. See you soon!