Ma semaine en Français – 25

We now started to write the script for our cereal commercials. Next week students should bring some props they need to start filming their commercial.

We talked about the three types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) and we made some exemplars using sand and gravel, and clay.
We also started to talk about the formation of igneous rocks in volcanoes and talked about the different parts of a volcano.



Ma semaine en Français – 24

We had another busy week learning new things.
Now it’s time to rest over the break and come back fresh and ready to tackle the last portion of the year!

All groups have now presented their dialogues in French using Futur Proche and talking about vacation plans.
We started to look at commercials, talking about audience, the elements used to target a specific audience, the music used and the slogan. After the break, we will review these elements and start our own cereal commercial based on the cereal boxes the students created.
Rindra, our French monitor, was with us again and we had the opportunity to do a new song “L’espoir est dans ton coeur” from Zachary Richard.

We continued to learn about rocks and minerals. After learning about how to classify rocks, we learned how to classify minerals based on their color, lustre, texture, streak color and hardness. Thank you to all the students who brought in some rocks and minerals to have a look at.
We also did a quick research about extraction methods for the different minerals that can be found in Ontario.

We completed our Mondrian project by tracing black lines and we worked on a collaborative art project involving circles and watercolours. Works of art will be displayed in the classroom after the break.






Ma semaine en Français – 23

We had lots of fun this week learning about rocks and minerals!

We completed our script for the dialogues about our vacations using the Futur Proche and almost all the groups had a chance to perform for the class. Groups who made videos uploaded them on their Google Drive. Check with your child if her/his group made a video so you can have a peak at what they did.

We started our new science unit about Rocks and Minerals. We started by defining what’s a rock (a mix of 2 to 5 minerals) and what’s a mineral (made of only 1 substance). Then we dug minerals in a cookie rock and we classified them. Picture of our researches are on the blog.
We also looked at real rocks to find minerals.
We talked about rock classification and what attributes are used to classify them (shape, size, color, shininess and texture). We collected rocks and classified them using 1 or more attributes.

We reviewed primary colors and have been introduced to Mondrian work of art, in particular his Compositions in red, blue and yellow.
Students created their own work of art inspired by Mondrian using animal shapes or others shapes. Art will be completed next week and pictures will be then posted.







Ma semaine en Français – 22

For the next few weeks, Fridays will happen on Day 3 (Library Day) and students will not have an opportunity share about the week until we go back to another day of the cycle. However, you are more than welcome to ask your child what they liked about the week to engage home discussion about school.
Thank you for your understanding.

All the groups had a chance to present their work about bullying and cyberbullying. We had lots of creativity and good advices.

We learned about Futur Proche in French. Using different hands-on activities, we learned how to build a correct sentence using futur proche and how to conjugate the verb Aller.
We also listened to a dialogue using Futur Proche to train our listening skills.
Students are now working on a script for a short dialogue using futur proche. They are to invent their vacation projects.

We talked about northern lights, watch a short movie and an explanation of the phenomenon in French.
Next we drew northern lights on black paper using oil pastels.



Ma semaine en Français – 21

We had lots of fun for Carnaval on Wednesday. We were lucky to have a good weather.

Rindra our French monitor came to our classroom to do more activities based on the French song ‘On écrit sur les murs’.

We also learned about Valentine’s Day and listened a short video about padlocks on bridges.

Our focus this week was learning about Futur Proche. Students were to find that grammatical form in a text and learn how to conjugate the verb Aller. We will continue to learn and use it more next week.

After learning about safe use of internet, students are now working on a presentation to talk about the risks and security measures to take when using internet.
To respond to different learning styles, students were to choose a way to present their research (comic, slides, play, movie, game show, scrapbook, or other choice).
Presentations to the class will take place next week.

Our art topic this week was drawing a snowman. Using construction paper and chalk, students were able to draw a skiing snowman and added personal details to the snowman and landscape.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked Carnaval, Lydia
I liked drawing the snowman, Arielle
I liked doing the project about netiquette, Jack
I liked the song On écrit sur les murs, Connor
I liked playing basketball for gym, Rowan
I liked making the Valentine’s bags, Mazen
I liked passing the Valentine’s cards, Laura
I liked playing dodgeball for gym, Navan
I liked making Valentine’s cards, Emelia
I liked writing the script for my project with Brenden, Thurston
I liked learning about Valentine’s Day, Beatrice


Ma semaine en Français – 20

The week went by very fast!

We continued our learning about safety online. We had several discussions about how to create safe passwords, private information that is not to be shared online, what is cyberbullying and how to respond to it.
The students were also introduced to the decision-making model. They were asked to create a short skit about bullying/cyberbullying and how the victim can take action using the decision-making model.
All groups presented to the class.

Pictures and descriptions of the cereal boxes should be posted on the blogs.

Our unit about pulleys and gears is now completed. Students were asked to post a video of their elevators on their blog. Make sure you have a look at them.

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, students created Valentine’s bags using heart shapes to create a design.

Picture of the bag should be posted on the blogs.






Ma semaine en Français – 19

We had a short week due the PA day on Thursday.

We finalized our elevators and we presented them to the class. Students also had a chance to make a video of their elevator and posted it on their blog.
Make sure to go check their blog to congratulate our successful engineer.

We started to talk about safety online. Our first talks were about netiquette (how to behave online), cyberbullying (recognize cases of cyberbullying and what to do) and how to create strong password.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked do the video for the blog, John
I liked building the elevator, Ellis
I liked doing the presentations, Mazen
I liked learning about netiquette, Beatrice
I liked playing with the scooters for gym, Ava
I liked playing basketball, Thurston
I liked playing floor hockey for gym, Rowan
I liked going to the library, Laura





Ma semaine en Français – 18

On Monday, we had a presentation from Janice Danen about milk.
On Friday, all the classes participated in the Spirit Activity about multiculturalism.

This week we learned more about pulleys. We talked about simple and compound pulleys as well as fixed and movable pulleys. Students then had a chance to make one of each with a partner.
We also talked about elevators and how E. Otis made them safer by inventing the brake. We looked at different types of elevators (hydraulic and traction). We also learned about the different parts of an elevator (counterweight, pulleys, gears).
We have now started to work on our final project: create an elevator. If your child wants to buy some pulleys and gears, I recommend you go to KW Surplus as you can find a great variety for a good price ($0.25 to $0.50).
We will complete the elevators on Monday and will present them to the class.





Ma semaine en Français – 17

This week, we presented our cereal boxes to the class. They are now displayed in the classroom if you would like to have a look at our masterpieces.

We started our unit about pulleys and gears. We first reviewed the different main forces (traction, friction, gravity, push and pull).
We also learned how to draw force diagram to represent all the forces acting on an object, the force’s direction and its magnitude.
We learned about gears and how they work together. We talked about direction, speed and force and worked with small gears.
We also played the online game Connect-it gears.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked making the gears with cardboard, Spencer
I liked building with the Lego, Lydia
I liked presenting my cereal box, Arielle
I liked playing floor hockey for gym, Ellis
I liked playing manhunt for outdoor gym, Navan
I liked learning how gears work, Beatrice
I liked doing the quiz on the gears, Jack







Ma semaine en Français – 16

Welcome back everybody and happy new year! We had quite a week and we are fully back on track.
We read in French with our reading buddies like we do every two weeks.

Please check with your child regarding next week science project. Some items will be necessary. Again thanks for your support.

With a new year starting, we talked about our experiences throughout the break. We also talked about resolutions and wrote what ours were.

We worked really hard on our cereal boxes this week. We talked about the different features that can be found on them like a mascot, logos, healthy messages, colours, nutrition facts, ingredients, etc.
Step by step the students created an amazing cereal box that is intended to reach kids.
Boxes were finalized today and we will present them to the class on Monday next week.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked creating the name of my cereal, Ryan
I liked playing floor hockey, Oliver
I liked doing reading buddies, Summer
I liked playing the ukulele, Ellis
I liked drawing the mascot of my cereal, Bennett
I liked creating the game, Ava
I liked writing about my resolutions for 2017, Saleh
I liked creating the word search, Thurston
I liked making the character for my resolution writing, Beatrice
I liked making an ad for my cereal box, Jack
I liked creating the brand, Rowan
I liked playing charades for music, Mazen
I liked making the logos, Emelia
I liked coloring my mascot, Arielle
I liked creating a slogan for my cereal, Sean
I liked the music game, John