Ma semaine en français 11

We had our second Caribou contest this week.


This week, we played some games with Eric.

Students also wrote about their Canada poster. Presentations will happen next week.

Students also posted 2 posts about Remembrance Day (one about art and one about writing).


Social Studies:

Students worked on their poster this week. They had to choose at least 1 Canadian sport, 3 Canadian animals, 2 Canadian touristic locations and 2 other symbols of their choice.

We also had a quick look at different maps and talked about the 5 important elements on a map: compass, colours, legend, symbols and title.


Ma semaine en français 10


We talked about Remembrance Day and its meaning. We played a game of Tapette a mouches with the new vocabulary and we also wrote a short paragraph to explain what we do on Remembrance Day and why.

Eric came to our room with some crosswords and search words based on the topic as well.



We finalized the science unit about light and sound by presenting the last researches.


Social Studies:

We started our Social Studies unit about Canada (Political and physical regions of Canada). We read a book (10 meilleures raisons d’aimer le Canada) and talked about why we like Canada, where we come from and the symbols that represent Canada.

We are now researching symbols that represent Canada (sports, animals, tourism, etc.) and we will create a poster to show our learning.


Since it was Remembrance Day assembly on Friday, we created a poppy art using tissue paper, construction paper and newspaper. Some students had a chance to post a picture on their blog.


Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:

I liked doing the research for social studies, Quinn

I liked doing the art, Evora

I liked the science presentations, Kalli

I liked doing crosswords puzzle with Eric, Lila

I liked playing la Tapette a mouches, Callum

I liked writing the paragraph, Owen


Ma semaine en français 9

We had a very crafty week around the Halloween Theme!

Mrs. Reay, teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing, came to our class to talk about hearing loss and protection.



We played our regular games once more: la Bataille Bavale, la Tapette à mouches Halloween and J’ai… qui a.

Eric came to play a few memory games about Halloween as well as a crossword.

We also worked on a paragraph about our zombie and our witch. More is to be posted next week on our blogs.



We finalized our unit about Light and sound by presenting our last research and our artefacts. We still have 3 groups who will present next week.

We will then start our Social Studies unit.



We made a witch and a zombie.


Ma semaine en français 8


We finalized the writing of our monsters.

Some students had a chance to publish a post of the artefact they made for science.

We played our weekly Bataille Navale as well as the Tapette a mouches.

With Eric, we played a game with questions and answers.



We researched about instruments and we presented to the class. The students had to explained who invented the instrument, where and when, explain how it produces music and create an artefact.

We also talked about noise and how loud noises can damage the ear. A grade 5 student did a presentation about cochlear implant.

Grade 4 are now researching about the dangers of loud noises and how science and technology use sound.


Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:

I liked playing the game with Eric, Nolan

I liked working on my monster, Kalli

I liked doing the slideshow about the instruments, Piers

I liked the presentations about instruments, Rylee

I liked playing la tapette a mouches, Sophie

I liked creating my saxophone artefact, Callum

I liked doing the slideshow about light and sound, Ben

I liked playing the cello for the class, Evora

I liked learning about Lucy and her cochlear implant, Lila


Ma semaine en français 7

This week we had our bus evacuation assembly.


Once again we started the week with the Bataille Navale about our weekly text.

We worked on the description of our monster and we will complete it next week.

We also published a couple  of posts for our instruments in science.

We also played the game J’ai… qui a.. With fall words and La tapette a mouches with fall words as well.

We played a game with Eric about Fall words.



We learned about low and high pitch using a ukulele and a glockenspiel.

We also learned about instruments families by looking at different instruments.We created a guitar, a kazoo and a pan flute, and posted pictures on our blogs.



We completed our monster.


Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:

I liked making the instruments, Rylee

I liked doing the bus evacuation, Owen

I liked writing the blog post for the instruments, Piers

I liked drawing my monster, Kalli

I liked playing la tapette à mouches, Ben

I liked playing J’ai … qui a…, Brinlee

I liked playing BattleShip, Callum


Hello from Illinois!


We have started a class read aloud in English.  We are reading “A Boy Called Bat”  by Alana K. Arnold.  Grade 3-5 classes around the world are also reading the same book as part of the “Global Read Aloud”.  It is exciting to know other students are enjoying the same story.  Participating in the global read aloud allows us to have discussions with other classes about what we are reading.  It also allows for collaborative planning between teachers.  We have already made use of two new collaborative learning tools that we found out about from other classes we connected with.  Bedsides learning about the book we are learning about others in different parts of the world.  We are in week two of six.  On Friday we connected with a Grade 4 class from Wheeling Illinois just outside of Chicago.  They had sent us a slideshow and each student did videos on Flipgrid so we could learn more about them.  We did the same and they really enjoyed getting to know us and learning about Bedford and Stratford.

On Friday afternoon we arranged a video call with their class.  They were very interested in finding out what our school day looked like, learning French words and hearing O’Canada.  We treated them with a French version of O’Canada and they did the Pledge of Allegiance for us.  We discussed our favourite parts of the book with them.  We prepared questions for them related to the story asking them where their favourite place was, what characters they connected with, and asked them to make predictions.  I have connected with teachers in other areas for the remaining weeks for discussions using various forms of technology.

Ma semaine en français 6

Since Lanterns Parade is on Saturday, we made lanterns during a workshop with Michelle Jamieson on Wednesday.

Send us some pictures if you happen to go, we could share them with the class.

As we continue our scientific learning, it would be appreciated if you could send your child with empty toilet paper rolls for the beginning of the week.



We practiced our comprehension of a text by playing BattleShip in class for La mauvaise journée d’Enzo.

As you practice reading Le monstre Arthur, you can ask your child to write down a few questions they will ask during our weekly BattleShip.

We also practiced our listening skill with 2 different texts. The goal was to draw a monster with specific characteristics by listening to a text read at loud.

We listened to the song Pure laine et coloree one more time to put the paragraphs in the correct order.


We started to learn about sound which is the other part of our science unit. With 3 experiments (tuning fork, elastic and rice), we discovered that sound is produced by vibrations.



Some students worked on their lanterns and landscape with lines.

We started drawing our monster for description next week.


Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:

I liked making the lanterns, Reagan

I liked the elastic band experiment, Chloe

I liked going to Benmiller, Owen

I liked listening to the description and drawing the monster, Kalli

I liked doing the rice experiment, Ben

I liked the tuning fork experiment, Callum

I liked doing BattleShip,  Grayson

I liked listening to the song, Mya




The Music Man

A reminder we will be going to see the Music Man on Tuesday.  Volunteers who are not travelling on the bus can meet us at the front of the theatre.  Students will not be able to take their backpacks.  Backpacks can be picked up at the school if you need to take them home.  Please pick up your child by 4:50 at the Festival Theatre (the main Theatre by the River).  Meet us at the front entrance of the theatre.  All parents need to check in with Mrs. McKee before they leave with their child.  If your child is going home with someone other than yourself please send a note letting us know the arrangements.

Ma semaine en français 5

We had a busy week!

We went to Clovermead where we learned a lot about bees and we had fun visiting farm animals and playing games.

We also had our Annual Cross Country for some runners.

We ended the week with a Pack activity.

Grade 4 also taught Grade 3 how to manage their blog.



We looked at our new text for the week and we played our first BattleShip game based on the text of the previous week.

We also played a game with Eric.



We learned more about light by talking about convex, concave lenses and prism and how they affect the ray of light



We finalized our Je suis poem and continued our landscape art with lines.


Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:

I liked going to Clovermead, Rylee

I liked learning about bees, Lilly

I liked doing the landscape with lines, Kalli

I liked learning about convex, concave and the prism, Brinlee

I liked going to Cross Country, Lyla

I liked playing the game with Eric, Chloe

I liked doing the BattleShip game, Nolan

I liked finishing the poem, Callum

I liked researching about the science experiment, Sydney

I liked doing Pat Cook, Brinlee

I liked doing the science experiments, Reagan




Ma semaine en français 4

We had our annual school wide Terry Fox run on Thursday.
We started to talk about adjectives and the difference between masculine and feminine.
Next we wrote a short poem using adjectives that describe us.
We will finalize them next week.
We also listened for the French song Pure laine et colorée in order to celebrate ontarien francophonie on September 25. We will continue to use that song next week.
As we keep learning about light, we talked about reflective and non reflective objects and what to wear if we are outside at night to be seen by the cars.
Through experiments, we learned and talked about transparent, translucent and opaque materials.
We also learned that red, blue and green are the primary colours present in light and how mixing these colours make new ones, different from paint.
We looked at different paintings and pictures to introduce the topic of foreground, midddleground and background.
We started to create our own landscape.

Ma semaine en français 4

Thanks to all of you for coming to our classroom yesterday night. It was great to see new and familiar faces. I hope you had a chance to look at your child’s productions.


We played our French games and we also played the Mot mystere with Eric, our French monitor.

We practiced our listening and oral skills by filling in the blank of the song La perseverance about Terry Fox and by singing it.



We started our Science unit about Light and Sound. We learned that there are 2 sources of light (natural and artificial). We also talked about bioluminescence and watched two short videos about it.

Next we learned that light travels in straight line in the air and bends in the water (refraction). We did several science experiments to learn about these 2 important facts about light.

We were also fortunate enough to do an experiment outside using magnifying glass and a piece of paper. Results were awesome and it gave us the opportunity to talk about the importance of wearing sunglasses and not to look at the sun.



We started working on our Glyph.

We learned some African dances with Eric.


Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:

I liked playing human turret in gym, Henri

I liked filling in the blanks for the song, Kalli

I liked doing the experiment with the cup of water and the picture, Leah

I liked like doing the experiment with the ziploc bag and the pencil to learn about refraction, Brinlee

I liked doing the experiment with the magnifying glass, Lyla

I liked doing the glyph, Evora

I liked doing the games in French, Mya

I liked doing the activities with Eric, Callum

I liked singing the song about Terry Fox, Austin

I liked writing the paragraph about Terry Fox, Owen