Ma semaine en Français 11

Thanks to all of you who sent in some magazines and newspapers. We started to use them this week, but feel free to send more if you have some for our next art projects.

Grade 3 were to finish their commercial for Friday. Presentations to another class will happen next week.
Both grade 3 and 4 worked on a post for their trees and on the song we chose for the Junior Concert. We did several activities using the song to work on our listening skills.

Grade 4 students learned more about the different instruments families and created three different instruments. They also posted them on their blog.
They also learned how the ear works and how sound is transmitted to the brain for interpretation.
They are now working on researching specific topic related to sound.

We created some trees using newspaper for the trunk and paint for background and leaves. Check the students’ blogs to see their piece of art.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked doing the trees for art, Rylee
I liked making the instruments, Nash
I liked doing the poster, Evora
I liked learning about sound, Dawson
I liked making the video for my toy, Tarek
I liked learning about the ear, Noah
I liked practising the presentation for the toy, Lyla
I liked doing the research for science, Quinn K
I liked working on the song Les Ricochets, Freya








Ma semaine en Français 10

Today we had our Remembrance Day assembly in the gym.

We mainly worked on Remembrance Day. Students wrote a paragraph about what we do on that special day.
Most of them posted their writing and art. On their blog.
We also started to listen the song we chose for our Junior concert and did several activities around the song.

Grade 4 learned more about sound by doing several experiments and classifying instruments by family.
Grade 3 continued working on their commercial for their toy.

We drew some poppies using pastels and charcoal pencils to display in the gym for the assembly.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked working on the commercial, Jack
I liked writing the paragraph, Ben
I liked drawing the poppies, Lila
I liked going to the assembly, Sophie
I liked doing the French song, Quinn S
I liked doing the blog posts, Tarek
I liked learning about the soldiers, Aislinn
I liked classifying the instruments for science, Noah
I liked doing the experiments for sound, Jonah






Mark your Calendars

Family Math Night is Tuesday November 14th from 5-7.  Join us for fun math games for the whole family.

December Concert – The junior classes will be participating in a December Arts Night.  It has just been confirmed that our Grade 3/4 class will be performing in this concert with the other grade 4, 5, and 6 classes.  The concert will be on Wednesday December 13th (time to be determined) and the snow date is on Wednesday December 20th.

All the dates for the school year are on our class blog calendar week at a glance and calendar page as well.

Math and English Update

It was great to have a chance to talk about your child’s learning last week at parent/teacher interviews. If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us in your child’s planner or by calling us at the school at 519-273-1190.

We have been focusing on writing fiction stories and the draft writing process. We created a story planner that contained all the elements we have been talking about. Our story organizers included an introduction including characters, setting and a problem; a middle with our events, and an ending with a solution to the problem. Students edited the story themselves and in a teacher student conference. Our editing focused on adding events, details to create mood, interesting synonyms to replace words such as good and said, capitals, punctuation and spelling. When we edited we used the acronym COPS (capitals, organization, punctuation, spelling). Students read over their work three times using a different colour highlighter each time looking for errors with capitals first, then again for punctuation, and again for spelling errors. We typed the story in google docs and printed our good copies. Once we revise the final draft together, they will be published to the student blogs. Next we will be starting non-fiction reading and writing and completing research projects on areas of interest.

We have been focusing on adding and subtracting three digit numbers (Gr. 3) and four digit numbers with and without decimal tenths (Gr. 4). We have been reviewing place value and using base tens blocks for regrouping and borrowing. We have also rounded numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 (Gr. 3 and 4) and 1000 (Gr. 4).  Mental math strategies we have been focusing on are adding 10s from different starting points, counting by two starting on 1, and extending our strategy of adding 10s to adding 9s and 11s through hundreds chart activities and “mad minutes”. Students are seeing how much they improve each day with speed and accuracy as they practice the various strategies.

On Monday Nov. 13th we will have a small quiz focusing on:

  • place value
  • rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 (Gr. 3,) and 10, 100, and 1000 (Gr. 4),
  • adding and subtracting three digit numbers (Gr. 3) and four digit numbers (Gr. 4).  

The quiz will involve addition and subtraction questions with base 10 and the standard algorithm.  Students will be encouraged to use tools such as hundreds charts, number lines and base 10 materials.     The quiz is only one part of the assessment for the unit.  A video using base ten blocks to add and subtract, along with observations and conversations from daily work with base ten in small group lessons and independent work will be a large part of the student marks.  The quiz allows me to determine next steps for students as they continue to learn the content.


Ma semaine en Français 9

Students mainly worked on their blog posts this week.
Grade 3 started to work on their commercial for their toy.

Grade 3 presented their toys to the class and most of them should have posted a video and/or picture on their blog.
Grade 4 presented their research. We also did several experiments to demonstrate that sound is produced by vibrations.

Students worked on a creepy tree for Halloween day.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked testing my toy for science, Rylee
I liked starting the commercial for the toy, Jack
I liked doing the creepy tree, Josh
I liked doing the tuning fork experiment for science, Nash
I liked doing the toy for science, Lyla
I liked starting the ad for the toy, Lila







Ma semaine en Français 8

Today, we had our first Pack activity. Ask your child what games they played in their pack.
Next week, Grade 3 and 4 will do their science presentation to the class. Some Grade 3 students are to finish their toy over the weekend. Please check with your child and encourage to them to explain to you how they will present their toy.

We continued with our letter writing unit. Students were to finish their letter today.
We also played the Halloween Bingo to practice the fall/Halloween vocabulary.

Grade 3 worked really hard on their toy and tested them. Next week they will present to the class.
Grade 4 finished their presentations and will present to our class next week as well. We will next move on sound.

We drew some pumpkins using oil pastels. Some are already on the students’ blogs and all of them are displayed in the hallway!




Ma semaine en Français 7


We read a short text to introduce the concept of letter writing.
We already talked about the different parts in a letter and worked together on the success criteria for our letter. Students started to write their letters.
We will share them with students in Anne Hathaway who will be our penpals for the year.


Grade 3 started to make some research to create their own moving toy made out of recycled materials.
Students will have to explain how their toy move and the force used.
They started researching ideas and created a list of materials.
Building will happen next week.

Grade 4 learned more about light technology this week.
We learned about convex and concave lenses, as well as prism and how they affect a ray of light.
After talking about Thomas Edison and his inventions, students are now researching different technologies using light.


This week we started to create creepy houses using oil pastels and black construction paper. We will continue next week.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked making the haunted house, Evora
I liked doing the monster, Rylee
I liked pyjama day, Quinn K
I liked learning about convexe, concave and the prism, Nash
I liked making the toy for science, Ben
I liked researching for science, Josh
I liked doing the blog post for art, Tarek




Ma semaine en Français 6

Thanks again to all of you who sent some material for our science unit in Grade 3!

This week, we mainly worked on our blog posts for Art. All students should have published their post by now.
New French books are coming tonight.

Grade 3 learned more about friction through experiments using different materials affecting the friction. They also made a paddle boat and some students already had a chance to test them and publish a video on their blog.

Grade 4 learned more about light this week. Through experiments we learned why we need light to see objects.
We also talked about rainbows and that light shows its 7 colors in a rainbow. We also tried to create a rainbow in the classroom.
We also talked about concave and convex lenses and how they modify a ray of light.

With Halloween coming soon, we created monsters using oil pastels and black construction paper!

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked making the boat for science, Rylee
I liked doing the monster for art, Evora
I liked doing the experiments for friction, Lyla M
I liked doing the blog post for the monster, Josh
I liked doing the blog post for Modigliani, Sophie
I liked doing the blog post for Les chaussettes, Quinn S
I liked doing the blog post for Nate Williams, Chloe
I liked doing the rainbow for science, Quinn K