Ma semaine en français 22

Grade 3 finalized their research about the mascots and olympic rings and presented to their peers.
Grade 4 are still working on their interview of a canadian athlete and will present to the class next week

Grade 3 started to learn about soils. We created a rock that we will use next week for an experiment. They also looked at 3 different soil samples and were to make guesses by smelling, looking and touching.

Grade 4 learned the difference between a rock and a mineral. Students became minors and dug some ‘minerals’ out of a ‘rock cookie’. They also created a booklet that we will complete through the unit.

We created Valentine’s bags using hearts shapes to make animals.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked doing the research about the Olympics, Ben
I liked digging minerals in a cookie, Noah
I liked making the Valentines bags, Evora
I liked making the athlete interview, Nash
I liked looking at different types of soils, Rylee
I liked making the rock for science, Lila
I liked making the experiment with soils, Jack





Ma semaine en Français 21

This week, we were busy learning about the Olympics and doing activities around it.

New reading program was explained to the students this week. Ensure that your child uses the audio recording of the text shared in a folder in their Google Drive. We have been using this folder this week for research purposes, so they should know how to access it. We will have our quiz on Monday. Remember to bring your white duotangs back.

Students learned more about the Olympics by researching 10 countries that participate to the Olympics and located them on a map.
They also created a booklet about several olympic sports that we will share with our reading buddies on Monday.

Grade 3 are now researching about the mascots and olympic rings.
Grade 4 are researching about a Canadian athlete of their choice and will create an interview.

We started an art project based on Winter Sport Silhouettes.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked doing the Olympic book, Jaylen
I liked doing the art, Rylee
I liked learning about the sports, Chloe
I liked researching about the mascots, Callum
I liked searching the 10 countries, Quinn S
I liked researching about olympics rings, Freya
I liked researching about the athlete, Dawson
I liked learning the words in French for the sports, Jonah





French reading program – News

Dear Grade 3/4 families:

As we start a new chapter of the school year, some changes will be made to the weekly reading program.

Every week your child will still be encouraged to bring home a levelled book to read at home but we will no longer have summaries to write on Fridays.
Instead, students will have a weekly comprehension quiz based on a short text they will have to read and occasional in-class reading checks.

Every Monday, students will receive a new text based or not on a topic studied in class.
In order to help them, students will have access to a recording of the text in a shared folder on their Google Drive. This way, they can refer to it anytime they need to check for pronunciation or liaison.
Students are encouraged to practice reading aloud several times per week in order to develop fluency in decoding and pronunciation as well as expected increase of their word bank.
The texts chosen will not exceed 3 minutes at normal speed.

Thank you for your support in your child’s learning journey and happy reading!

Sophie Capron

Ma semaine en Français 20


We had a busy week trying to wrap up everything before the end of the term.


We played several games of Loups-Garous introducing new characters and new characteristics. We were able to play several big games involving the entire class. We also wrote our last book summary. New term means changes and we will start something new for home reading.



Grade 4 were lucky enough to have a presentation about gears and pulleys this week. Steve Herman came to explain to us how they work. We had the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities and to see real gears and pulleys at work.
They also completed our unit building and presenting our elevators.


Grade 3 learned about different structures throughout the world and started and completed their research about a structure of their choice. Grade 3 were also to create an artefact of their structure. Some already presented on Friday. The rest of the Grade 3 will present on Monday so we can move onto our next unit.


Social Studies:

Grade 3 completed their brochure about a city of their choice.





Ma semaine en Français 19

Grade 3 were working on their brochure of an ontarian city of their choice. Brochures will be completed next week so we can move on to our next project for science.
Grade 4 wrote a paragraph about their ideal weekend.

Grade 3 continued learning about structure and strength. We talked about different types of structures, material used and purpose. We also learned to recognize natural and human made structures. To learn more about strength, we did two expect : one with different papers and one with straws.
Grade 4 learned about the different types of pulleys and gears. They also had a chance to build their own mechanisms with gears.

Students completed their art with salt and watercolour.

Science project material

Dear Grade 4 Parents/Guardians:

For Science this month, we will learn about pulleys and gears.

As always, we will try to have as many hands-on projects as possible starting next week (January 21st).

In order for the students to be successful with their projects, they will need the following items:
Empty cardboard box (shoebox, cereal box, milk carton, etc.)
4 to 6 wood skewers (new or used)
Masking tape or scotch tape (1 roll)
Good pair of scissors (to cut the cardboard)

The following items would also be great for us to have if you have some at home that you would like to donate:
Narrow split loom
Small plastic or metal pulleys
Glue sticks

Thanks again for your support in our learning journey.
Sophie Capron

Ma semaine en Français 18

This week, we worked on Social Studies and French. We will move on to Science next week.

Grade 3 are now creating a brochure about a city of their choice. After looking at brochures, we decided what the different informations in the brochure should be. Students were to choose a city of Ontario.
Grade 3 are now done their research and will start the good copy next week for presentation.
We also played the Loups garous game and introduced new characters.

Social Studies:
Grade 3 created a booklet and researched main information about Ontario.
Grade 4 finalized their presentation about a province or territory and presented it to the class.

Students created a piece of art using salt, glue and watercolors.




Ma semaine en Français 17

Welcome back to all of you. I hope you had time to rest and spend some quality family time during the break.
We are now back and busier than ever!

On Monday, we talked about our break and about New Year’s Resolutions. The students present that day wrote a short paragraph about their resolution(s) and creating an art to go with it.
We also introduced a game called Les loups-garous de Thiercelieux. We will be playing that game on a regular basis in the next few months.

Social Studies:
We are back to our Social Studies units!
Both Grade 3 and 4 learned about the 4 main different industries in Ontario and Canada (Forestry, Agriculture, Mining and Fishing). We also briefly talked about tourism.
We also reviewed what is important in a map (compass, title and legend). The Grade 3 worked on a map of Ontario to place important cities and bodies of water. They also created a legend and a compass.
Grade 3 are now researching information about Ontario.

Grade 4 worked on a map of Canada and placed the different provinces and territories. They also had to colour the province and territories following the instructions in the legend. They also play a game to help them memorize the name and locations of the provinces and territories, as well as their capitals.
Grade 4 are now researching information about a province or territory.

We created a collaborative art using different shapes, lines and bright colours.

Below are some of the highlights of the week from a student perspective:
I liked doing the collaborative art, Evora
I liked researching about the province, Dawson
I liked playing the Loups Garous, Quinn S
I liked doing the map for Social Studies, Callum
I liked doing the research about Ontario, Chloe
I liked doing the map of Canada, Josh
I liked doing the Provinces game, Quinn K







Ma semaine en Français 16

Thanks again to all of you who brought some supplies for our Art and Craft Week!

Our last week before the break was busy. We mixed art, French and science amongst our crafts.
We started the week by going to the Art Gallery. We got inspired by local artists and created our own winter based painting.
We talked science while making Borax crystals.
We made some ornaments using cornstarch and white glue. We also created some suncatchers.
We completed our artistic week by making snowmen out of golf balls and snowmen using salt.

Our reading buddies came to our room so we could share our creations with them.

Enjoy the break to relax and spend some time with the family.
See you all next year for new learning adventures!