Ma semaine en Français – 34 et 35

The last two weeks have been very busy.

In French, we worked finished our book clubs, learned how to make a summary and a new cover for the book.
We also spent our last days with Rindra, our French monitor, playing a game, Les loups-garous de Thiercelieux.

In Social Studies, we completed our researches, presented them to the class and to the Junior French Immersion classes.

In art, we completed our Greek vases, decrypted a hieroglyphic message and wrote our names using hieroglyphics.

In Health, we talked about puberty and body growth.

We are now heading to our last weeks together, but we will be still very busy!





Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart was on Friday May 19th. Our class took the lead for the whole school event. Our class showed amazing leadership abilities during the planning and running of the event.

Before the event we planned activities for the kindergarten classes, primary group rotations, and for the Grade 4-6 jump. We chose music, organized communication to classes, created posters and advertised in school and on twitter.

On the day of the event we organized classes into groups, set up stations for different grades, lead the events for all the different classes and grades, and taught and motivated Bedford students to be healthy and active.

After the event we collected money and pledge forms. This year Bedford raised $6000! A big thanks to all our helpers who made the event such a success.

Ma semaine en Français – 33

The week went by so fast. We were very busy and active with Track and Field and Jump Rope for Heart.
We also had our French Immersion activities.

We are continuing our Book Clubs about different groupe. We should complete it by next week.
Rindra, our French monitor, presented us with a video of Madagascar where she comes from. She’ll be with us until end of May.

Social Studies:
Research was to be done today. Next week, we will prepare for the presentation and complete our artefacts.
We will present during the week of May 29th.

Ma semaine en Français – 32

Our week went by very fast with the PA day and the play on Tuesday.
We also had our song for the Festival Oratoire. The students worked very well and it was amazing to hear them.
We also played board games in French with our Reading Buddies.

We continued working on our Book Club and we practised our song several times.

Social Studies:
We continued our research for ancient civilizations.In a week or two, we should be able to present them to the class.

We completed our mosaics and will learn about a new ancient art next week.

Festival oratoire

Dear Parents or Guardians:

On Friday May 12th, we will have our annual Festival Oratoire that celebrate our learning and accomplishment in French.

Our class will perform the song “L’oiseau et l’enfant” that we have been practising very hard for the last 2 weeks.

We would love it if you could come and watch us in the gym, starting at 9:15, right after announcements. The celebration should last approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

We hope to see you on Friday!
Sophie Capron

Treasure Island

We had a perfect day for a walk.  For our first activity, we enjoyed a workshop conducted by three talented actors from the Stratford Festival company. Everyone was eager to get up on stage. We have some very talented and creative students! We had our lunch in the park in the sunshine.   After lunch we headed back to the theatre to see Treasure Island. Everyone loved the play!  There were many comments about the funny moments, the great set and costumes, and the interactive moments with the audience.  The pirates even shared a treasure chest full of  Rheo Thompson chocolates at the end of the play!  Thank-you to all our great volunteers who joined us for the day.  Many audience members and theatre staff commented on how quiet and respectful the Bedford students were!