Ma semaine en français 34

A lot happen this week.
We had Jump Rope for Heart and our class helped for the set up and Track and field on Thursday for the grade 4.
Remember to bring your white duotang on Tuesday !

Social studies:
Grade 3 presented their researches and their artifact for their First Nations. Grade now continue researching about pioneers
Grade 4 presented their researches and artifacts about their ancient civilizations.

Grade 3 created a work of art using natural elements found outside. More photos are coming next week.




Ma semaine en français 33

We had a lot going on this week.
We had an apprenticeship presentation and we ended our busy week with the Festival Oratoire at Anne Hathaway.

Students learned about acrostiche poem and wrote their own.

Social Studies:
Grade 3 finalized their research this week and worked on their artefacts. Presentation to the class will start on Monday May 14.

Grade 4 finalized their research about ancient civilizations. The research should be presented next week and we will have some extra time to work on our artefacts on Monday.

We continued working on our celtic animal that should be ready next week.




Ma semaine en français 32

Social Studies:
Students were busy researching about First Nations and Ancient Civilizations.
Most of them are now done and were to research what supplies they will need to create their artefacts. Materials from the recycling bin are more than encouraged as well as a supervised peek on Pinterest if you do have an account.
Students will have time next week (Monday through Thursday) to work on their artefacts. Presentations for both grades will take place on May 14.

Grade 4 had the opportunity to hear our a special guest, Mr. Wybrow, who came to talk to us about falconry. We started to make a falcon hood and will complete our craft next week.

We started to talk about celtic animals. We looked at the colours and the symbols that represent the 4 elements.
We also worked on a special art that will be soon revealed.


Art – Nail polish

Next week, our class will be working on an art project requiring nail polish.
If you could send some of the following items that would be greatly appreciated:
– nail polish (any colour)
– Q tips
– nail polish remover

Thanks for contributing in the success of our project!

Ma semaine en français 31

We had a great week full of art!

Students wrote a paragraph using their questions to the mayor.
Gr.3 also wrote a paragraph about their Medicine Wheel and Gr.4 about their coat of arms posted it on their blog.

Social Studies:
Gr.3 learned more about First Nations and are now in the process of researching about a First Nation. We will continue next week.
Gr.4 learned more about medieval and celt housing. They are now researching about housing in their ancient civilizations.

Gr. 3 completed their Medicine wheel.
Gr.4 completed their unique coat of arms.