Ma semaine en français 40

Today was our last day of school. It was such a great honour and pleasure to teach the grade 3/4!
Although it was the last week, we have been working hard until the end.

Grade 3 completed and presented a research about legal and illegal drugs and their consequences on the body.
Grade 4 finished their falcon hood and presented their skits about smoking.
Students also completed and presented a research of their choice in French. We also wrote a short paragraph about us to put in the time capsule during the assembly.
We also said goodbye to Mr. Gleadall, Mme Ilowski, Mr. Powers and Mme Glenn Lynes and congratulated Ms Nutt on her wedding.

Have a great summer and enjoy at time to relax.
See you in the hallways next year Grade 3 and 4!




Ma semaine en français 39

We had a great time this week!
We learned about monarch migration and habitats at Wildwood. We also played Animal survival.
We had fun at the Lions pool.
We had a tennis clinic.

We completed our reading of Le chien à roulettes and wrote a summary.
Once done, we created our own cover for the book.

Grade 4 completed their research and script about tobacco. Presentations will take place next week.
Grade 3 learned more about relationships and we will complete the unit next week.

Grade 3 learned more about plants and their life cycle. Sprouted seeds are coming home tonight.







Lions pool

Just gentle reminder we are off to the Lions pool this Friday for our Bedford swim. Since we are the first group to hit the pool it would be helpful if students arrive dressed with their bathing suits under their clothing.

9:15 Pick up at Bedford. We all are on the bus.

9:45-10:45 Swimming

10:45-11:00 Get changed and back to school with the bus.

Thanks to those of you who are able to join us.

Ma semaine en français 38

We had a great time at Camp Bimini! We did lots of different and engaging activities.

We wrote a note.

We completed our dried beans mosaics.

Grade 3 learned more about seeds and plants by watching their seed grow and looking after them. We talked about the different parts of the plants and what they need to grow properly.
Grade 4 presented their research about habitats.

Grade 3 keep learning about healthy relationships and interactions.
Grade 4 learned more about smoking by reading a short text with interesting facts and did a quiz. They are now researching more about tobacco and its negative consequences.








Pen Pals

We will be meeting our Pen Pals on Monday June 25th at the Avon River.  We are walking down at 12pm and returning around 3. Our community walk permission form will cover this trip.  If you need to pick your child up early that day or have an appointment and will be arriving late let us know ahead of time and we can make arrangements to meet up at the park.

Ma semaine en français 37

We continued reading Le chien a roulettes and continued writing a sentence or two for each paragraph we read.

Grade 4 finalized their research about habitat and completed their diorama and food chain. Presentations will take place on Tuesday June 12.

Grade 3 learned more about plants. We learned how to plant a seed and care for it. Today was Day 4 since planting and some students already saw some sprouting. Stay tuned for more pictures on the kids’ blogs next week.
We also had a look at our class experiment. Three beans were planted in different environments: soil and light, soil and no light, and brown paper and light.
The one in brown paper and light started to sprout.

We started to work on our dried beans mosaics and they are looking amazing.

Grade 4 learned more about growth and development this week.

Grade 3 started to learn more about healthy relationships. We will be using the program Circles, level 1 from Dr. James Stanfield to talk about personal space and boundaries (





Ma semaine en français 36

EQAO is now thing of the past for our grade 3 and we resumed our regular activities on Friday.

Grade 4 are researching about their habitat. Presentations will happen on June 12.
Grade 3 had a look at seeds and had to describe and name the seeds of marigolds, sunflower, green bean and radish.

We started to read a chapter book and to make a summary of each chapter so we get ready to start our book club in about 2 weeks.

In art, we started our mosaics.