Spelling And Art!!!

It is nice  that  I   have art twice today !!!  I don’t have dance eather. I don’t know what the price is for apples 🍏our bananas 🍌.At school we use pencil to rite.

Art workshop came today we did a chicken.






Fantastic Friday!!!

 We  just finished check out. We did so many things this week.

Alyssa read the funniest book ever!!!!!

The art workshop Came.This is Miss Versteeg’s art.


Our goals for today

Today isTuesday  team 2 learnd 2 new song.

This week  we are  learning about amphibians did you know  there are only five amphibians.

  1. Frog
  2. Tods
  3. Sallmander
  4. Caecilian
  5. Neuts



Time For Math!!!

They are twins!!!

It is my birthday .I brought cupcakes for my class they were so good. I eat mine.

They look like this.

I have extra

Simple Machines


I did a simple machine project. I called it a marble maze.Simple machines are…

  •  Screw
  •  Pulley
  • Wheel and axle
  • Inclined plane
  • Wedge

and Lever

An awesome Thursday!!!

We are having an awesome Thursday. I finished my array  work  on my check out I did a  guy named turtle and a turtle named guy. I did  a turtle. But no guy.

Something new happened are sunflower  grew. And I wrote a story there is two pages!!!

It was Sabriel’s birthday!!! She got a book to.


It is my Uncle Curtis’s birthday.We had angel food cake and strawberries , ice cream brownies, and tarts.It was so good!!!