Science Project

Today we got partnered up with a grade 6 buddy, mine was Hailey! We had a group of 4 the other two were Dominic and Justin. Are teachers assigned us a light challenge. We had to set up 4 index cards with holes in them 15 inches apart. Then we had to shine a light. Through the first one then through all 4. It didn’t really work very well because we got it through the first three but not the last one. We were close. Here is a ¬†photo of us at work!¬†image

4 thoughts on “Science Project

  1. Excellent picture to help readers understand what your experiment looked like. What did you learn about light from doing this experiment?

  2. I learned that as soon as the light went through the first hole it got dimmer, making it hard to see it go through the second, third and fourth hole, that is why we couldn’t see it go through the fourth hole!

  3. That sounds really fun I did a sound project if you got to chose witch project you would do would you pick sound or light? I think I would pick sound because it was really cool to learn how sound works.

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