Counting fractions


Reading pomems

My poem is ¬†clod chairs. It is adorable’t chairs and it will tall you about chairs I did not like it because it is wire. Delicious wishes by Douglas florian I like it because I like riming.

Perspective by arjeta

Hir is a fotow of my tree art.


My pinch pot by arjeta

My pinch pot looks like a uonucon. if you are warring wiu I pit a uonucon becos I Thant it wood look cool .and hir is a Fodor uf my pinch pot.






Ski jumping

If you were about to do ski jumping do you think you would jump high? They can jump very high. They get points for who jumps the furthest. If they go very fast they also get a point. I think ski jumping is sometimes scary and fun.

My wad goll honesty


Goodbye grade 2

Tas is gon be a paklog for goodbye grade 2 sow I am gan mas you gas sow har at is.

Panda Habitat Project

Panda Habitat
Play time
Presenting to the class!
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