Father’s Day Check Out


I did something for my dad . To celebrate Father’s Day. I am going to the trailer this weekend. We are going to see baby  Logan there. Today is fun  fair and it is jump to day. I am going to bring my habitat home tonight. My habitat is a narwhal habitat. We did check out today. We did  helpful or harmful. We had cupcakes for Alyssa’s birthday.

Goodbye May

Today we did a mammal scavenger hunt.It is almost the schools fun fair and jump rope for heart ❤️.We got more money than are goal.



Simple machines

we can use a pulley to lift a flag. Also it is used for a wishing well. My pulley is  kind of  like a wishing  well. The cop had fake  Jams. My dad helped me. I used a  Metal shtow to  attach the  pulley.i put glitter glue on it.we hade to  get elastics on it so the pulley  wouldn’t go  Side to side.we put tape on the straw so it didn’t  go side to side. I used a box.