Information you might need to know…       – Claire is Natalie and Skyler is Carly and Katlyn is Addison.




Once upon a time a girl name Claire was having a party. She got to invite 2 girls. she picked her 2 favorite friends and there names are Skyler and Katlyn. The girls went to her party that day but, Claire was not there! Why is Claire  not here? Asked Katlyn. Well she came in a different car and she might still be at home getting ready. Okay. Said Skyler. We will wait. (One hour later.) CLAIRE!!! Katlyn and Skyler yelled we can finally start the party! But the mom said its time to go. What. Yelled Claire sadly. I just got here. You took to long. We were stuck in a snow storm. Oh said the mother. Well we will have to plan a party a different time. Fine. And they all ended up planing a different party! The end.

Have you ever had this happen to you?


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