Survey time!

Ok so I need to know what’s better, what do u like better so I did a survey here’s the results.

so out of the 10 7 voted for……. Nike and only 3 for Adidas so I guess people like Nike more or what tell me in the comments below!

What do You prefer?

What do you prefer? I really like Nike I think it is the best clothing brand from sports clothing to sports gear to shoes. I would love to wear all Nike but I think I’m starting to like Adidas a little I think is comfy and good for running and sports what do I like better.








What’s better Nike or Adidas?

What’s better? Nike or Adidas? I like Nike, but I would like to know your opinion on what’s better quality ┬ádo u think Adidas is better than Nike? I have had Nike clothing for a long time and I am really starting to love it but there’s some things about Adidas that is really making me think is it better.