Prodigy math game


Posted by cartheat604 | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on February 12, 2015

Prodigy is a cool fun math game here is a picture of the ice cave

20150212-115846.jpg the ice cave is beside the forest and the Dino dig oasis hers a picture of Dino dig oasis

20150212-120537.jpg Dino dig oasis is besides bonfire spire hers bonfire spire

20150212-121310.jpg bonfire spire is beside skywatch here’s a picture of skywatch is a cool lining training place to fight

20150213-095525.jpg skywatch is beside dark tower here’s a picture of dark tower.

20150213-100006.jpg dark tower is only for members but it costs 500 gold to get in and dark tower. Is beside barnacle cove here’s a picture of it

20150213-101056.jpg barnacle cove is a water training place and it is beside coliseum here’s a picture of coliseum

20150213-101657.jpg coliseum is a cool place that you battle people and get cool stuff. Hers a picture of me battleing a animal

20150213-102034.jpg to battle a animal you tape the guy with a gem and a map will show up and. Then tape yes and then you will be in battle.

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