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At school I am reading a book about Lego Ninjago.

The book is about different Ninjas. The Ninjas try to defeat the snakes of Ninjago. The snakes are evil, they control peoples minds. That is why the good ninjas are trying to defeat the snakes.

If the Ninjas don’t defeat the snakes they will control the whole world.  All the peoples minds will be under control of the snakes powers.

The ninjas are good guys and they have strong powers. Their powers include: Fire, Ice, Earth and Lightening. The Ice ninja is white and his name is Zaine. The fire Ninja is red, his name is Kiy. The earth Ninja is black, his name is Cole. The Lightening Ninja is blue and his name is Jay.

I have not finished the whole book, but I think the Ninjas Power are strong enough to defeat the snakes power!!!!!!


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I like it Carter the book sounds exciting. Next time add a question at the end so people can answer it. Do you like the book?

yes I do you should read it


it is so cool

It sounds scary to think about someone controlling my mind. Do you think the snakes will succeed or will the ninjas stop them? Will you let me know how the book ends?

the ninjas stop them

Our question mark is broken on our Key board at home…just an FYI carter. This is why we never add them in from home!!!

Did the snakes control the peoples mind or where they stopped

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