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one day jake the smart one and his dog were running in the forest
then they tripped over something and fell. when jake looked back he noticed that what he tripped on was a chain.

Jake decided to follow the chain and he fell into a cave. He saw a castle. He quickly hid behind a rock because their was a dragon guarding the gate. Jake quietly sneaks past the dragon as the dragon was sleeping.

Next, when he got into the castle there were tons of knights. The knights were not alive, they were all skeletons. Then, all of the sudden, the knights all got up and started to head to the throne room, then they bowed to the king.

Then, Jake was in the throne room he decided to hind behind a rock because he wanted to see what they were doing. The dog started barking and Jake knew his cover had been blown.

Finally, Jake ran for the door ,with the dog following. When he got out of the castle, the dragon was in the way. Jake climbed on top of the dragon and jumped back through the hole. He was home with his dog, and his parents.

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Great story Carter! I think if I were Jake the Smart One, I would have been too afraid of the skeletons to even think straight. Did you enjoy writing this story?

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