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My rating for the lion the witch and the Wordrode.


I give the lion the witch and the Wordrode a 4 out of 5 rating. I gave it that rating because it was a very good book but, it wasn’t really my kind of book. I thought I wouldn’t like it ? Because it had a lot of action in it and, I am usually not a huge fan of action books or movies. But I loved this one!?? my favourite part is when Asian dies than comes back to life! I like that part because I was so happy and relieved when he came back to life! ???!!!!!!?

??My mother??

image image image image imageMy ?? is 1 of the greatest people in my life! She ?S me and every day! She makes me laugh ? and she cheers me up when I feel sad ?. I ❤️ My ?? So much!

M y mom

O utstanding

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