Monthly Archives: June 2016

Meeting my pen pal!

imageย Meeting my ๐Ÿ–Špal was ok. It was good because it was really fun to go to the park and be outside and stuff but, it was bad because all she wanted to do was hang out with Bella and I don’t like hanging out with Bella. She even said to me that her plain was to hang out with Bella the hole time. So that was how the day went.

Daisy :D!

tabby-cat-1024x768Daisy is my cat! she is 1 year old and I adopted her from theย OSPCA. before I got her she

was a stray cat and the OSPCA found her and then we adopted her. her full name is Daisy

Mayย Lindsay. she has black and brown stripes. she is very playful. her favourite spot to sleep

is on my bed and on the window sill. she is ok with my dogs but if they get to close she will

hiss. I love my cat Daisy so much!