My Turkish delight!

In my life the Turkish delight is probably the store Justice. I love to shop there?! I almost like all of the clothes there. But it’s hard to say if I would trade all of the clothes there for my brother. Sometimes I would like when he bugges me and stuff but most of the time he’s okay. So that’s my Turkish delight!

The loin, the which, and the wardrobe.

I think that if I was Lucey and if I meet Mr. Tumnus at first I would feel relieved that Mr. Tumnus found me because, I would be scared and lost. And  I would also think that Narnia was a very good and welcoming place. And I would also think that Mr. Tumnus really just wanted to be my friend and that he just wanted to have some tea with me. But when he told me that he was actually on a mission to kidnap me, I would just want to run and scream and freak out. That’s why I would be scared if I was Lucey.