Leafy Sea Dragon

I did a leafy sea dragon for my animal captain day.

How you make a leafy sea dragon habitat:

1 colour leafy sea dragon

2 use a box and paint it blue

3 wait for paint to dry

4 put glue at bottom, green and brown paper at bottom with shells

5 get a pin to make hole in box

6 put pipe cleaners in hole

7 put tape where pipe cleaners are

8 you are done



Goodbye April

My best memory is doing my poem in April.my pome is called Flanders fields(in Flanders fields the poppies grow between the crosses row on row they mark are place and in the sky the larks still bravely singing fly scares amid the guns below we are the dead short days ago we lived felt dawn saw sunset glow love and were loved and now we lie in Flanders fields take up the coral with the foe from you from falling hand we throw the torch be yours to hold it hie if ye break faith with us how die we shale not sleep fro poppies grow in Flanders fields.) chip chop choose challenge children check change chore. We did in science and in science we did flages 🇺🇸. We went to the book sale to by books for are class room some people bought books but I did not. We Listened to the garage song. We listened to the cat song.