we did this because we did not want to do a test so we did the video to show or nolgig

we are doing text features in class. Me and Ryan did a pic collage. leave me a comment if so.

We where learning about the main Ideas in class.
The main Idea is the topic.
Can you guess the main idea?

My awesome toy review

My post is telling you about my I pad mini you might want it but it is ok if you have a different ideas that is ok but awnser these three questions .
if you like it why would you buy it?
did you like my toy review and why did you like it?
What should you recommend for next time?
I would give my self a 4- because I gave lots of detail but maybe I could of added more detail.
Do you like it

why i like story creator

I like story creator because you can text to speak and it makes your job easier to do and a lot faster. the reason i think that is because my ideas come faster then  i type and i will forget them and the it wont make sense.

The White Giraffe

The wight griffe is amazing because, Martin The white Giraffe to his special place everything except company and love.

Martin went into the game reserve to go see the white giraffe when she was in the game reserve there is poachers trying to find The white giraffe.

Book the white giraffe is interesting because it just keeps on getting better and better because before she could only see The white Giraffe but now she can ride the White giraffe.