eating goal

Jun - 03 2015

My eating goal is to not eat so much candy.I will stay a way from the candy in stores. I will eat candy for a treat only.

angles :0>

May - 08 2015

Me, Brody, and Nathaniel made  angles the big blocks are right angles . the big blocks and little blocks are obtuse angles.  little blocks are ob cute angels.

SNOW CASTLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr - 30 2015

I was making snow castle with Nic,Dannika ,Nathan, Emily,and me Dylan. I built the draw bridge, part of the keep, the barbkon (aka BBQ). The collaboration in our group was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.We had to yous 3D shapes.

Pinecone Art

Apr - 23 2015

Me and Preston made pine cone art we made truck at first but then Ms Visser called the Class over and reminded us we had to make a pattern. Our plan went over bord so we went and made a deferent one. We made a wagon wheel with a point in the middle and closed, […]

bucket filling

Apr - 13 2015

Today we talked about bucket filling.Bucket filling is not bulling but it is being kind to everyone. I have filled a bucket when i get stuff for my brother because he broke his foot biking. I have to do his chores and get all the things he needs.It is tiring but I do it any […]


Feb - 13 2015

I am Dylan. This is my first blog. I like cars. Did you know that the fastest car in the world is a bugautti? In my class we have been working on times tables like 96 x 5.  Happy day, World!!

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