Me and ada have sleepovers all the time.  But tonight is a special night because we are sleeping in the tent with eli and lea. I love lea she is 3 and sooooooooooooooooo cute.  anyways when we are in the tent we are going to read books and maybe play some games.  we are excited to sleep in the tent because me and ada get to sorta babysit.  Also it is eli and leas first time– sorta. well any ways bye


mad libs

Say ‘Cake,’ the photographer said as the camera flashed! Elsie and I had gone to Brooklyn to get our photos taken today. The first photo we really wanted was a picture of us dressed as Horses pretending to be a Vet. When we saw the proofs of it, I was a bit Happy because it looked different than in my head. (I hadn’t imagined so many Ballerinas behind us.) However, the second photo was exactly what I wanted. We both looked like Party’s wearing Underwear and Dancing –exactly what I had in mind!  This is my mad libs.

Corbyn Smith

Corbyn Smith is a Canadian sledge hockey player he is also my teachers nephew.  He is coming in to our school today.  I am very very very excited.  I hope to get my Olympic Canadian jersey signed. It is amazing because he is only 18 isn’t that amazing!  Corbyn is such an inspiration to everybody.

Corbyn Smith was here

Yesterday Corbyn Smith came to our school. Corbyn is a sledge hockey player he was born with cancer so he can’t feel his right leg.  He has made it to team… CANADA.  Cobyn is such an inspiration to me he proves you can do anything.Corbyn is the one on the left with the black shirt.  It must have been hard for Corbyn because he loved hockey and he was unable to do hockey until he found sledge hockey his dream came true.  That’s a little bit about Corbyns life.

Spelling words

These are my spelling words for this week.

  1. beach
  2. brush
  3. chapter
  4. check
  5. checkers
  6. chickens
  7. chin
  8. crush
  9. fashion
  10. finish
  11. machine
  12. march
  13.  reach
  14. shine
  15. shape
  16. shark
  17. shy
  18. teacher.  Those were all in alphabetical order.

Dance costumes

At dance we get costumes for our competitions.  The costumes are always so cute and pretty.  Our dance teach always rhinestones them till there is almost no room left.  Dance competitions are always so much fun.  This year my mom has to do two buch drains into a bun even though she has almost no experience braiding at all.  Our studio is named The Listowel school of dance.  This is my jacket.  I love my dance jacket this is the first year I have had one and I love it.  I LOVE DANCE FOREVER BECAUSE IT IT AWESOME AND FISCALLY GOOD FOR YOUR BODY ILOVE IT I LOVE IT!