Thursday June 20 2019

This is my Spelling word Story.

This is my Rooster painting. I named her Emma. She has two flowers, a rainbow tail🌈, a purple head, blue wings and it is raining outside .🌧

Goodbye Blog Hello, GoogleEd

Today we learned about GoogleEd and pixxi book. On GoogleEd and pixxi book you can turn your blog into a book! We are going to use GoogleEd and pixxi book for our blogs because after grade 2 miss Versteeg will have to pay for them. Pixxi book is Awesome!!!

Tuesday June 18 2019 … and my Captain Day!

This is a Snowy Owl statue. It is my mom’s friends statue. I brought it for my Captain Day! We nicknamed her “Hedwig”.

This is my Captain Day! I am sharing about Snowy Owls. The statue is real!

This is my Snowy Owl habitat. It has a Tiki hut, a perch, a Snowy Owl and a person! It is an Arctic habitat.


These are my spelling words:











Goodbye May

Science: Today we did our Mammal scavenger hunt. There we’re 18 cards in the scavenger hunt.

Math: In math we learned about probability.We learned about: impossible, unlikely, equally likely, likely and certain.


Music🎵:In music yesterday we saw some parts of the carnival of the animals.



Yesterday we learned our June calendar. My captain day is June 18. Today the last May captains were Lila and Ethan. Tomorrow its Katelyn’s birthday !🎁 Happy birthday Katelyn!


Today we learned that in jump rope for heart we raised more than 5,000 dollars!!!!!YAY!😀!