I just did a social studies project on Brazil I did a presentation on Brazil because I really want to go to Brazil when I’m older here is my presentation.


I love soccer i have been playing soccer for a long time. I have gotten really good at it. i am the best at midfield and defence. I just had my Jr.mixed soccer tournament and when I was playing midfield I got a goal the soccer team did very good we almost made it to semi finals! I love soccer!



Hi I’m Hailey and I have been a dancer for 8 years. Throughout those years I have had An amazing adventure with all my dance friends. I dance at dance arts academy and I love it there I have been doing ballet since I was 3 years old.





During my summer I had so much fun and did lots of fun activities. One of them is I got a trampoline. Most of my time I was outside playing on my iPad my favourite thing about summer is being able to sleep in. During the summer I practiced lots of dance and got stronger as a dancer. At the beginning of summer me and one of my best friends went to a tent camping place called temagami. It was so fun my favourite part would have to be either swimming or fishing. Every morning we picked our very own fresh blue berries. In temagami there are huge spiders called fish spiders something that is funny is that once when I was getting out of the water I almost put my hand on one and screamed and fell in the water. And when I was fishing I caught a pickerel which is a really big fish that you can eat but that was in the second day and we just let it go cause we thought we could catch a bigger fish but we didn’t. The only thing I didn’t like about camping is that it was a 7 hour drive there. Camping wAs so fun I hope I can go to temagami again next year!



My genius hour project

Hi I’m back.this year I’m in grade 6 and my class has started a genius hour project. I decided to do a project on stage makeup I chose this topic because I have always been interested in makeup and I love doing my own. I have been researching a lot and found out so much can’t wait for my next blog!



Hi everyone I’m back! Today we are talking about math well if symmetry is math, I’m just joking. Today I made a big shape out of geometry blocks. First I made a big rhombus, second I added lots of shapes and made sure they were equal. The third part was making the lines and to do that is to go onto pic collage and draw a straight line through the spots that have a line of symmetry. Then last but not least, I saved my creation and wrote my blog. I had two lines of symmetry on my shape I really hope you like my blog bye!

Fall Trees

Can I dab? yes I can! but today I’m starting with a much more beautiful thing to talk about art!!!Art is truly beautiful in its own little way. So I’m going to talk about my fall tree for art we used pastels in many different ways it is also fun. We mixed some of our colours to make new ones. I mixed gray and yellow to make gold for the branches and I also took pink and red to make the leaves. Then all the other colours were straight. That is how I made my fall art!!!

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