Captain day and jump prizes!

i got a hover  air soccer to! we diliverd the prizes to each class room at math time we also got our prizes and we added and  subtracting so we could diliver the prizes and the right amount to!

this is my animal habitat i made the backrond  with ribon and marker i also made the grond with pipe cleaners andfake leavs to i  used spungs and green streamers to and it is all green

Good bye may 2019

This may we had are captain simple machine projects and we are starting a Animal habitat to and I cannot wait  it is going to be the best captain day of the year and my animal is a sloth.

we did a bunch of different things to. Like today’s captains are Lila & Ethan and they did a great gob and they got the last day of May and tomorrow is katelyns birthday and it is in June to and it is going to feel like May and every one deserves a break from all the hard work that everyone has done


The Best part About a rainy day

Is Jumping into the puddles and seeing the puddles  splash and seeing your reflection

Also  feeling The water fall  on my hands

It feels nice and coolinG

in Big puddles you can  skip rocks in the puddles. What  do you like to do on a rainy day