Spelling word sentences

There was a NICE two headed giraffe but I ate him TWICE. I was riding my ginnypig like it was a RACE car. I was DANCING with a dress on. I put a pen in the PENCIL sharpener. I ate 1000 ICE cubes. I put my FACE in some dirt. I was surprised the PRICE of a apple was 100 dollars. I SLICED my lunch in half. I found a CITY on the moon.

The Important thing about mr macSorely

The important thing about mr macSorely is that he helps you when your hurt.

It is true that he loves to golf.

And he’s funny to.

It is all so true that he likes coffee.

But the most important thing about mr macSorely is that he helps you when your hurt!

Science Komodo dragon

Reporters name: Jack

animals name: Komodo dragon

scientific classification: varanus komodoensis

Status: endangered

habitat: Komodo dragons live only on five island within Komodo national park)Komodo rinça, Gili montang, gili dasami.

Food/diet: Komodo dragons eat meat. They often eat dead animals. It kills its prey with a toxic saliva. They eat wild pigs and deer. They like dead carcasses to.

komodo dragons have 60 sharp teeth and sharp claws. The teeth look like sharks teeth. They have a fork tug. Long tail.

life cycle: name of young: baby dragon

number of young: 30

care of young: yes

life span: 30 years

behavior: if the Komodo dragon has the chance to go for the kill it will.

Interesting facts: if a Komodo dragon is trying to get its prey he will first go for the neck if that doesn’t work it will go for the legs if that did not work the toxic bite will.

Goodbye May

Monday we started to learn about probability. It is impossible I will be ten feet tall tomorrow. We written unlikely or likely or certain and impossible sentence.  We did carnival of animals. We did the elephants the acareum. I found out when my next captain day is. It is on June 12. I want to do a animal habitat for my Captain day. We learned about mammals. I will tell you a fact about tigers a tigers roar can be heard a mile away. Miss Versteeg checked the jump rope for heart and we all most have 3000 dollars donated. The captains this week have been awesome and passed prefect. My class did a mammal scavenger hunt. I will tell you another fact a polar bears fur is white oh fur is one of my spelling words. I will tell you all of my spelling words

sir dirt girl hurt burn fur over player after and camper. On my spelling words I got 10 out of 10. Today’s captains are Lila and Ethan.